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My Cycling Log

2012-06-26 22:23:15 951

Emily's birthday weekend was great. I got up Saturday morning and cooked breakfast of my normal standbys of eggs, grits, and biscuits. Experimented with filet mignon, red peppers from the garden, and onions to come up with a great meat dish. Shortly afterward, Emily and I got on the road to Columbus. My parents' present to Emily was a mom to be package at Brickerton. I dropped her off and took care of my own important business, like checking out the HUGE Lowe's, getting a current copy of 2600 at the mall, and checking out the guns at the pawn shops. Emily was done around 1 and we headed toward Birmingham. Had a great lunch at Five Guys on the way. Checked out a baby store in Mountain Brook. It was a lot of fun getting there because I was able to drive on some of same roads that the first triathlon bike course that Cory and I participated in. From there we headed downtown to another baby store but it turned out to be just a furniture store. We have plenty of furniture at this point so we did not even go in. Next stop was checking in at the Tutwiler. Awesome old hotel that has been made up as a modern Hampton. Nicest Hampton I have ever stayed in by far. Best part was that I had gotten us a king suite with Hilton points. We had a corner room on the third floor. Was nice to rest for a bit and watch a few episodes of Pawn Stars. Supper was at Metro Prime, the steak place that we ate at for Bryan's bachelor party. It was excellent for the second time too.

Had breakfast at the hotel. The Hampton breakfast was pretty close to what I have grown accustomed to in Slidell on my work trips but seemed better. I guess it tasted better because of the nicer location up on the eighth floor. Then we were out for more baby shopping. We drove all around the Summit looking for the Babies R Us and finally found it at the old Bruno's. It was the motherload of all things baby. I have never seen so many strollers anywhere but Disneyworld. Hit a few more stores at the Summit and then had PF Chang's for lunch. Drove down to the Fresh Market and loaded up on some good groceries before heading home. Had to stop in Columbus to buy some more dog food so that I could pick up the heavy stuff.

2012-06-22 22:40:51 950

What a week. A raise and no cavities on Monday. Had a great supper with Emily at Restaurant Tyler the night before her birthday on Wednesday. I had a two pork chop dish over grits that was covered in popcorn. Seriously. Emily had fish that was breaded in ground popped popcorn. Very interesting dining experience for little ole Starkville. On Thursday I brought home a great supper of McChickens and fries so that we could get on our way to West Point. Our trip to West Point was to the hospital for our first child birth class. I think I am forever scarred from the video. The video. On Friday things seemed to break at will at work early in the morning. Luckily everything was fixed a little after lunch. Tonight Nathan came down and the three of us watched Brave. Tomorrow is the beginning of Emily's birthday trip.

2012-06-18 21:54:48 949

Today has been a great day. Had my annual xray/cleaning dentist visit to Dr Ferguson and had no cavities. Then at work I found out that I did get a raise this year. Yay!

U-verse DNS is horrible. I learned this the hard way now that I am using the U-verse modem to handle DHCP for our network. What makes it worse is that the U-verse modem can not be configured to pass along any other DNS server than the ones they have defined.

The inlaws' Netgear AP died yesterday and I took them my airport. I set up time machine for them too with an old USB Seagate I had. The good news is that I have another airport ordered and on the way here tomorrow. In the meantime I've been setting resolve.conf on our macbooks manually to point to my local DNS server and I found an awesome new email to flush the DNS on Lion: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Blew out another rear wheel bearing on the fixed gear on Friday's ride home for lunch. It was nice and crunchy. Today my new 6901 bearings were in so I put them in the rear hub. Put everything together and it felt really silky. I had noticed a little wobble in my bottom bracket and just happened to have a Tange 115mm in my stash so I replaced it too. During this replacement I noticed that my poor Dura-Ace left crank has a small crack in it right at the bolt engagement area. Years ago I calculated that I had 11k miles on it after buying it used on eBay. Guess I have gotten my money out of it, though I plan to get a few more miles out of it. I also checked on the creaky headset. It is in bad shape and will need to be replaced before too long. The brake cable was in such bad shape that I had to replace it too and the casing. Good news is that a little tune up let me see some larger problems and get a lot of noises taken care of.

2012-06-15 20:03:44 948

Nothing like a buffet Chinese restaurant to make you feel skinny in comparison on a Friday night. Nine years today from our first date and pregnant Emily had a desire for Chinese. Completely out of her normal character.

The biggest part of my porting my number was getting it to google voice. I ported it to google for $20. Once my internet service came back, I set up my google voice account on my newly purchased OBi100. Now I can make calls for free from my home phone base station. The biggest feature is that I can put the OBi anywhere in the house that I have a network drop. So far away from the nursery!

2012-06-15 18:32:03 947

I am now a U-verse customer and has its first new IP in years. This all started from a wish to move the home phone base station from the nursery where the home run phone line comes in from outside. My first step was ordering a go phone from Amazon. That was a whole $15. I added $15 of airtime to the go phone and started the AT&T process to port my home number to it last Wednesday. The rep scheduled the port for Friday and told me to call DSL support to keep my service from lapsing. My phone call on Thursday went well and I was assured that my voice and internet accounts had been broken apart. A little after noon on Friday, an AT&T rep called me and finalized the port to the go phone. We tested calls both ways and everything was good. Twenty minutes later, my DSL was dead. So I called DSL support and entered support HELL. Nothing worked. Eventually I was sent back to account services and found out that I was a U-verse customer and no longer had DSL. Seems like the rep on Thursday lied to me. The saddest part of the story was that I had to wait on equipment and could not install it until Tuesday night. To keep up with our desire for the internet tubes, I added the hotspot feature to my iPhone for a few days. The modem came in and I got it set up Tuesday night. So far it is really nice. It actually seems faster. There is less latency on my ping times to campus so this has to be a little bit better at least.

2012-05-09 23:17:50 946

Spent last Thursday night in a data room. Moving a rack six feet and turning it ninety degrees was a load of fun. The issue was that it was dragging a two inch conduit that the rack could not roll over. It took a lot of moving back and forth on the raised floor to maneuver everything around. Luckily there were five of us there to move it and everyone was a burly dude. My boss showed up when the move was complete to tell us how good it worked. I guess that is his job :)

On Friday I worked until lunch and then headed home. Wrapped up some errands at the house and then got on the road to Madison. I took 12 west until it crosses the Trace and headed south. Pegged my cruise on 50 and cars were still passing me. The best one was a Leake County Sheriff's car passing like I was sitting still. After a while I made it to Kevin's house and hung out with Michelle and Kato for a bit. Kevin rolled up on his motorcycle. We loaded up and headed to packet pickup. Then we explored the bike course. I felt like Cory was with us in spirit because his favorite thing ever is to drive a course the day before. Then we met up with the Sesti's and had some great hibachi. Afterward we headed to bed.

I woke up at 5AM. Kato really wanted some of my fruit cup. His temperament is a lot like Maggie's, wants attention but is very quiet about it. Kevin and I headed out a little after 6AM. Rolled into the course and was really surprised at how many people were already there. This was not a Cory+Jim race where we arrive before anyone else. The bike racks were pretty full but we found a good spot closer to the entry from the water. Because we were not going to wear bike shoes, being close to the water was actually in our favor. After a while the race started. We lined up near the rear because all of our swim times were going to be horrible. The swim course ended up being pretty shallow for the first leg. I was almost able to walk to the first buoy. I got out of the water a little ahead of Kevin and headed into T1. Got my shoes on and headed out right as Kevin got there. I almost ran over some mom wandering around with her kid in the transition area. The bike was AWESOME! By starting on the back of the swim, there was a lot of people to pass in eight miles on a bike. I lost count at 25 of people passed. It ended up that I had the 16th fastest bike in the race. Coming into T2, a guy in front of me nearly crashed in his dismount because of his bike shoes. I ran like crazy through T2 and I am sure I looked like a champ. A quarter mile out though the lack of bricking caught up with me. The first mile of the run was so hard for me. I walked a decent chunk of it. After the turn around I was able to run pretty well. As I got to the finish I was able to get a decent sprint in. Crossed the line and I got a drink and walked back a bit to cheer the rest of the crew in. Screaming at Kevin and Tommy to sprint to the finish was awesome. After I ate pizza and two Krispy Kreme's I found out that I had managed to place third in the Clydesdale division. Then I had to wait around for the rewards to get my nice little 3rd place ribbon. Happy day! From there Kevin and I headed back to his house and we got showered up. We went to Hamils for lunch. I had ribs, chicken, livers, and apparently gizzards as my meats. I did not realize what the gizzards were, I thought they were some kind of country fried steak strips. From there I said good bye to everyone and went to Fresh Market to pick up fish and lobster mac and cheese to feed to my sweet wife. I had a nice drive back up the Trace to cap off a great quick trip to Madison for a triathlon.

2012-05-02 22:18:28 945

I am in the middle of three weekends of fun travel. Two weeks ago I got up and cooked Emily breakfast. Then we headed down to the Sestis'. Met up with Kevin and some of Sesti's coworkers on the way to Warrior Dash. The line for the busses to the Dash was crazy long at the fairgrounds. We spent nearly an hour in it. We ended up missing our 3:00 wave and ran with the 3:30 wave. It was great fun. I think I slipped and slid sideways nearly as far as my forward progress. The scariest obstacle for me was the balance beams because my balance is horrible. The second scariest thing was being at the top of the 16 foot tall wall and trying to start on the way down. Going into this, I did not realize there would be swimming. The water seemed to be about 55 degrees. The horrible thing was that the water cleaned nearly all of the mud off and then the last obstacle was crawling under barb wire in a mudpit to get extra muddy for the finish. It was a blast though. Emily and Kallie were at the finish chute getting pictures of all of us. The "shower" out there was a guy with a firehose. I got rinsed off a the best I could. The smartest decision of the day was that I had a towel and a dry shirt to put on. I donated my shoes and had flip flops to put on. It took us forever to get through the line to leave too. After getting cleaned up at the Sestis' we went with them and ate Mexican with Kevin. From there Emily and I headed home.

This past weekend a group of the guys decided to take a quick trip to celebrate Bryan Ware's upcoming nuptials. Sesti, Kevin, and Josh came up Friday night and we ate some of the spicest pizza ever at Dave's. Everyone stayed at Bryan's except me so I stopped by Hardee's on the way over for a load of sausage biscuits on Saturday morning. After Bryan took care of his domestic chores of watering the plants and cleaning up the house, We drove to the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa. We had to wait a few minutes for a table to clear out for the six of us. After we sat down, the waitress told us that we could take three slabs of ribs and then asked what sides we wanted. We went for all three, beans, potato salad, and cole slaw. Sesti and I ate until we felt sick. Everyone else ate just enough. Dreamland ended up being pretty cheap for the amount of food we consumed. From there we headed to the big city to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. Of course I love old bicycles so it was really cool to see a bunch with motors strapped to them. There was plenty of awesome stuff to look at. All the while, there were a hundred motorcycles running around the track that the museum overlooks. Then we headed on to downtown Birmingham where I had gotten us rooms at the Doubletree. Yay for Hilton points! Bryan's brother in law Philip met us there and we headed out for dinner. It was a few blocks to walk to Metro Prime. This place was a lucky find, I only found it on the Thursday before we left. I wish I had had room for the Bacon Lolipops appetizer but all of us were still pretty full of ribs. I had the bone in filet medium rare with a side of lobster mac and cheese and it was awesome. I cannot wait to be able to take Emily to this place. On Sunday morning, our intention was to check out the Pancake House that was across the street from Metro Prime. The line was out of the door. We headed down to the IHOP on Lakeshore that was right up the road from Emily's old apartment at Wildwood Crossing. Of course the line was out of the door. Then we decided to scrap breakfast and just drive to Tuscaloosa to Five Guys. This was a great decision. Eating Five Guys with a bunch of friends was much more fun than my first time with just Emily. She really did not think it was so great. I am now a fan of the bacon cheese burger with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. For dessert, Bryan and I headed next door to the pay by weight froyo place. We said our goodbyes to the Jackson crew and Bryan, Jason, and I headed back home. It was strange driving through Columbus on a Sunday knowing that Emily was working the clinic at Wal-Mart. Was a great weekend with the guys!

Weekend three is in front of me. The Soak Up the Sun tri is in Madison. My plan is to head down to Kevin's Friday night and we are going to run the race with Tommy. Going to be a new course this year so I am interested in how my no training time from last year will compare to my no training time this year.

2012-04-08 22:04:45 944

Great weekend! Started off on Good Friday by cooking breakfast for Emily. Then I reinstalled the master bath's shower rod with better anchors and put up a ton of laundry. Then that night we had the youth Easter egg hunt at church. We hid 180 eggs in the main building and then let the kids go in the dark with flashlights. It was a blast.

On Saturday morning Tommy and I made a nice ride on the 389/County Lake/Old 12 loop. Emily spent the day shopping for baby stuff with her mom. When I got home, I got a leftover can of paint and went to town on the eaves on the back of the house. After that I built an 8x4 raised bed box for Emily out of decking boards from Lowe's. Then I worked on supper prepwork. I made bacon/scallop/mushroom kabobs for me and bacon/scallop/pineapple kabobs for Emily. I also cut up squid that I Kroger had last week into rings. We went to the Garraway's and grilled the kabobs and I carried a fryer to make calamari. My kabobs were great. We learned a lesson that pineapple + scallops makes a gross combination. The calamari turned out pretty good. Next time I plan to use a finer grained breading than panko though.

This morning was better than a usual Sunday because Emily did not have to be at choir until 9. I helped out with media in the booth and had my first experience with MediaShout 4.5. Service went smoothly. While it was still going I got to go outside and help spread out 1000 eggs across the front lawn. The kids came out and had a blast. Afterward we had Mexican for lunch with the Smith's. Got back to the house and had the best Easter afternoon nap ever. Emily and I went to Lowe's for plants and dirt to fill the box. We planted banana peppers, jalapenos, watermelon, and okra. I had to go back and buy more dirt to finish filling the box. Right now I am about $40 in wood building the box and $30 in filling it with dirt. Let us see if we ever make this much out of it in food :) We capped the weekend off by eating China Garden with Nathan. Great times!

2012-04-06 10:30:38 943

The Columbus Dispatch has an article about local universities and their emergency notification systems. Neat because I configured the backend for Maroon Alert emails in '08 or so when I worked for Network Services at ITS. I also wrote a little translating script so that from inside banner, a person could confirm that alerts via text to their phone will work.

2012-03-31 16:18:38 942

May have been my longest point to point solo ride since I almost made it to Jackson in '08.

Emily has a cardiology thing all day in Tupelo today so she suggested I bring my bike and ride home :) I have complained that I never have time on Saturday to get a good ride in so look at her being supportive of my filthy habit. One mile from the hotel I flatted. I blame the rail road tracks, the gap was huge. I found a nice spot on the edge of the Kroger parking lot to work on the tire. Was a double puncture pinch flat. Of course at first I blamed an old patch and replaced it. So then two more patches to fix the pinch. Three miles in, I was on the Trace. Everything was great. Then one of my new patches let go 21 miles in. I replaced the tube on a muddy bank where the mosquitos were horrible. My intended water stop was Witch Dance on the Trace but the water fountain was not functional. I was not sure if the bathroom water was potable so I did not bother to fill up my bottles. I knew the gas station at Montpelier was not too far away. Somewhere on 389 I came across Murray's Grocery, a small beer shack / snack store out in the county. Got a Gatorade and a water for a whole $1.75. The ride the rest of the way in was pretty much uneventful. I was starting to really hurt after passing Pheba and was psyching myself out over the last 389 hill climb into Starkville. I took a good long rest on a bridge guardrail in sight of the climb and it ended up not being bad at all. The only casualties of this ride are three Park Tool tube patches, one tube, and a sunburned left elbow. Also I plan to be asleep around 7:00 tonight. I need to get a more comfortable saddle for long rides. Maybe need a Brooks on my racing bike that I can always change out for a plastic saddle for triathlons.

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