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My Cycling Log

2012-03-24 19:16:14 941

Awesome day today! Started off early with Emily and I running the Historic Starkvegas 5k. I never imagined there would ever be a road race starting a mile from my house with chip timing. Afterward we met up with the Sesti's and headed out for breakfast. We were sure that Little Dooey's would be open but it was not. We had to settle for Starkville Cafe and it was still pretty good. Starkville needs a good Saturday brunch location. Then we helped the Sesti's clean out their storage unit and load it into a Uhaul truck. Ended up with a full load of stuff in my truck to donate to our youth group's rummage sale. Then we headed to Maben and picked up another load of donations plus a ton of stuff Emily's parents had for us. The main attraction is an antique door that we are going to turn into a mirror frame. Came back home and spent the afternoon doing more yard work in this beautiful weather. Awesome day complete and now my feet are up on the recliner.

2011-12-28 16:36:22 940

I feel like a housewife today. I woke up and took care of the dogs this morning while Emily got ready for work. I worked out on my bike by making a run to the bank. Then I went to Kroger to prepare for bringing lunch to Emily's work tomorrow and got an awesome deal on skinless boneless chicken breasts. Came home and vacuum sealed the excess chicken to freeze. Then I planned a dinner get together with the Garraway's.

2011-05-31 21:53:31 939

I bought a smoker last Thursday. Best Memorial Day weekend food ever. Smoked ribs on Saturday and two pork loins on Sunday. So many leftovers to take care of this week.

2011-02-14 20:56:58 938

Emily brought 1.23lbs of filet home tonight in two pieces. I took the biggest one and cut it in half. Took Emily's half and butterflied it. Coated with really coarse black pepper freshly ground in our magic bullet knock off and a little salt. Got my 10 inch dutch oven hot with about a tablespoon each of olive oil and butter. Did four minutes on one side and three on the other. Transferred mine to a place and put Emily's in the already heated oven at 400 in another warm cast iron skillet for roughly five more minutes. In the meantime I took the dutch oven outside and poured 50ml of Bacardi gold rum into it that I had already transferred from the little bottle to a measuring cup to pour faster. Added a match and had pretty fire. After the fire was out, came back inside and scraped the pan and added 1/3 cup 2% milk because I had no whole cream. Made up for the lack of cream by adding a little butter. Cooked it until it was getting thick and served the meat covered in the sauce. For once I managed to get Emily's to medium+ on the first go without a second trip to the heat! Mine came out nice and red in the middle at a maybe little under medium rare. Both had pretty good pepper crusts on them.

2011-01-24 21:20:47 937

Wowee, been a while since I've updated this old place.

2010-07-25 21:43:59 936

Had a great time with the Garraways last night. Capped off a wonderful Saturday.

Woke up this morning and remembered that we were going to eat lunch after church today. So I made a 8AM Kroger run while Emily got ready to leave early for choir practice. We decided on two dishes that I am good at churning out: mashed potatoes and baked beans. I made the potatoes from a mixture of a couple large russets and about three pounds of red potatoes. Seems like mixing types makes the texture better. Afterward I mashed them with my hand mixer with a stick of butter, two packages of herbed goat cheese, costs half as much as Boursin so more bang for the buck to get two, and a good splash of organic Kroger whole milk. I dosed it up with a good helping of chives to give it some more green flecks. After I put the potatoes in the serving dish, I shook some paprika over the top for color. Apparently the potatoes were well liked because the dish was almost licked clean. The baked beans were my usual; heavy on the onion and bacon. I made them a little spicy this time with a dash of my homemade dried habanero powder. They were mostly gone too so must have been at least decent.

2010-07-24 15:27:42 935

Awesome Saturday. Got up at 6AM and road the geared bike to the office in right under 15 minutes. Running stop signs really helps increase my average speed. I got the truck and came back home. After a bit I went over to Wilson's and helped him, his family, and Tommy get his stuff packed up to move. Then we all went to the Grill for lunch. Emily and I got home and let the puppies play in the backyard for a while. Turns out that a laundry basket makes a good shelter for Mr Snickets to keep him safe from the puppies.Now after getting a bath both puppies are on the couch sleeping with me playing on the internets.

2010-07-24 15:05:12 934

Now I need to be a better programmer and fix my own code so that I actually have a nice easy way to put new posts into the database. I am doing these from the mysql command line. Seriously. Gets into crazy "quote escape HELL" trying to do things this way if I ever want to insert any HTML or links or such.

2010-07-24 15:04:49 933

The new job is awesome! In 1998 I took a Saturday Java class at the ERC. I never dreamed that in a million years I would be working there.

2010-07-15 20:53:03 932

this is my testy test.

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