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My Cycling Log

2010-06-18 13:51:02 931

At some point I am working on making a new CMS for that can handle my ordinary posts and also incorporate my tweets since I make them so much more often. My biggest roadblock right now is that I have not finished fixing the date formats of all of my posts so that all of them are in sync.

Just got back from backpacking into the Walls of Jericho in Alabama. It was awesome!

2010-02-11 19:21:13 930

Being a good husband and I've got supper in the stove. Sad thing though that Emily will be here a while before it is done. I googled up a recipe for Spinach Chicken Parmesan which is perfect because we already had all of the ingredients. In fact already had green onion chopped up waiting to go into something! Also got some cornbread and black eyed peas cooking.

On the subject of food, I came up with something awesome the other day. Filet mignon pinwheels with Boursin and spinach (see this is why I had spinach already!). This turned out to be an incredibly tender way to cook a piece of filet and with these instructions seems to put it a little over medium well done.

  • 1 filet (works for two people)
  • Boursin cheese
  • baby spinach
  • toothpicks
  • 3tbs butter, nuked until melted
  • salt/pepper
  • 8" cast iron skillet

Heat oven to 425F. Butterfly the filet, getting it as thin as reasonably possible. Separate the small piece of meat connected by fat if there is one and flatten it out. Just end up with a few pieces of ~3/8" meat. Put a thick layer of Boursin on the top of each piece of meat and then add a blanket of spinach. Roll each piece up as well as you can and pin with a toothpick or three and place into the skillet. Stand up the short pieces of meat and lay down the long ones. Drizzle the melted butter over the meat and the salt and pepper a bit. 20 minutes in the oven and you are done!

2010-02-05 15:34:19 929

SQL of the day: SELECT vlan as vlan2, max(total) as total2, (select max(up) FROM `vlan_usage` where vlan = `vlan2`) as up2 , (select (`up2` / max(total)) * 100) as per, (select max(updated) FROM `vlan_usage` where up = `up2` and vlan = `vlan2`) as last FROM `vlan_usage` group by vlan2 order by per desc;

2010-01-12 21:45:17 928

So now Emily is on semi veggie kick for food and found a recipe for Lentil Stew that I bastardized into something maybe even better. The original called for mint! Emily gets credit on keeping the mint out and mixing up a few of the other ingredients. It turned out great and was so thick it seemed kinda meaty even though it wasn't.

  • olive oil
  • garlic cloves, chopped
  • 2 cups brown lentils
  • 1.5 quarts chicken stock
  • 1 can fire roasted tomatoes
  • ~1 lb potatoes diced
  • 1 lemon, zested and squeezed
  • fresh parsley, chopped
  • spinach leaves, a few handfulls
  • feta cheese

Heat up a splash of olive oil in a heavy pot. Throw in the garlic and let it cook until it is just starting to brown on the edges. Add the lentils, chicken stock, and tomatoes. Let boil for a bit, covered. (at this point I actually turned the stove off and let everything sit so that we could go to church and work out and had to bring it back to a boil) Then add the potatoes and boil until they are done. Chop up the lemon zest, add it, the lemon juice, and the chopped parsley. Stir a bit and add the handfulls of spinach. Keep cooking until the spinach wilts. Serve hot, garnishing with the feta cheese and fresh cornbread.

2010-01-07 16:02:36 927

Steak au poivre for a late lunch today with a side of Emily's "mexican" mac and cheese and some toasted rye bread. I took two pieces of filet and got them near room temp on the counter. Roughly cracked some peppercorns in the magic bullet and rubbed them into the meat and then sprinkled a bit of kosher salt on both sides. Heated my big cast iron pan with a bit of grape seed oil. Once it was hot, threw in a bit of butter and the meat. Cooked four minutes a side and then cooked the edges for a couple minutes too. Moved the meat to the oven on warm and sautéed a finely chopped shallot for a bit. Added a splash of merlot and let it cook down. Carried the pan outside to a sawhorse off the carport and deglazed with a bit of bourbon. The flames were impressive. Put the pan back on the stove on lower heat and brought a cup of heavy cream to a simmer. Added the steaks for a few minutes to soak up some sauce and they were done! Well Emily's needed to be sliced and put into the oven to bring it above medium, but mine was done, somewhere below medium rare.

2009-12-25 20:46:27 926

Merry Christmas!

2009-12-09 21:40:14 925

Emily's new bike came in today via UPS. It is a Motobecane Messenger in pink. It took me a little while to put together even though it came half assembled. It is amazing that it was only $299 for the apparent quality of the components. The fit is still a little long for Emily so I am going to replace the stem with a shorter one and move the seat forward a little. For a bike this small, 49cm, it is strange that it came with such a long stem and bars that seem to be pretty wide.

2009-11-20 22:26:15 924

“The governor’s plan is absolutely racist,” said Charles Chiplin, adviser of JSU’s NAACP chapter. “We resent the notion of our three black schools being asked to merge when cuts aren’t affecting the major white universities.” - from the Clarion Ledger.

Crazy that MSU has more black students, 3,622, according to the IR report than Alcorn State has students total, a mere 3,250!

2009-10-20 20:04:31 923

It has been a couple years since Emily and I have been to Hot Springs so we decided to try it out again with the Waldroups. Friday started with me going to class at 8:00 to catch the test review. Of course Emily wasn't ready when I got home but at least we got on the road a little before 10:00. Had a nutritious breakfast of chicken strips and potato wedges at Smokey's, the gas station that sprung up in the middle of nowhere between here and Tupelo. Memphis sucked because of the traffic due to construction and wrecks on 55 but we finally made it to Texas de Brazil. It was awesome as usual. Double awesome because we got it at the lunch price! After that Emily killed some time going to two of the stores left at Peabody Place. That "mall" is totally going to be completely dead soon. Maybe they just need some stimulus cash. From there we headed on over to Cabot and made pretty good time on 40 with all of the big trucks. I started using the GPS to set my cruise because according to it, the Accord's speed is 5mph off at 70. We got there and got a tour of the new Volvo and I got a tour of Cory's sweet new bike parts. After a while, two more couples came over and we had loads of fun eating cheese and olives.

After a wonderful night of sleep with no doggies to wake us up, we got up around 9 and had an awesome breakfast of cheesecake. We watched the episode of Glee Emily and I missed last week, I guess Tivo thinks Mythbusters is more important. After a bit we got on the road to take a detour to Pinnacle Mountain on the way to Hot Springs. Google's Street View makes it look impressive. We were going to take the western trail but there was a festival going on near that side which made the parking be not free. So we drove around to the eastern summit trail and headed up. The sign said it was only a 3/4 mile trail. That is not bad at all until you add in the fact that it ascends nearly 1/4 mile in that distance. The first half of the trail was dirt and rock strewn like I had expected. What I did not expect was to be on all fours climbing up boulders. It was a great adventure and I made it to the top even with my fear of heights. We made an executive decision to descend on the less steep western side to the bottom and then take the base trail around back to the car. It was a blast, most fun I've had hiking in forever. From there we grabbed some food at a burria to place that is a chain around Little Rock and drove on to Hot Springs. Checked into the Arlington and sent the girls on their way to their spa appointments. After a bit Cory and I went to the basement for our haircut appointments. They were slammed busy so I had to wait on Cory to be done before I got my turn. The big news down there was that Bill Clinton had come through a little while before as he was staying there for his class reunion. Walked around bath house row for a little while and ducked inside a bar to watch the end of the Florida / Arkansas game. After the girls were ready, we walked back down the strip to the Porterhouse that Emily and I had found on our last trip. It was a good thing we had a reservation because it was pretty busy. Both couples ordered the porterhouse for two which was a pretty good deal with the amount of food that came with it. We ordered ours medium instead of my usual medium rare for Emily's taste and somehow there was a bit more char on the outside of the steak than there should have been. But it was still good. And the lamb chops were the best I've ever had because they were the first! The service was awesome so I was not disappointed at all. After that we walked back down the strip and went into a few strange shops that were still open. Called it a night and Emily and I slept like logs.

I got up on Sunday morning and had the adventure of an Arlington shower. They are pretty small tiled enclosures with the shower head a whole 5'6" or so off of the ground. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. All in all I thought the Arlington was pretty good, but that was because I was expecting it to be an adventure. David had told me not to expect much out of it as compared to the Eola in Natchez. It definitely could use some work though. The bathroom in the room was interesting. From the pattern of the floor tile you could tell where the original bathroom ended and they tried to tie in more tile when they expanded it. The original bathroom was just the toilet and sink and the shower stall was added later! The "fire escape" map on the door confirmed this as it indicated a much smaller bathroom with the closet in a different location. Kinda makes sense that the rooms did not have showers in them once upon a time since the place was set up for spa bathing. Anyway we checked out and then headed to Granny's Kitchen on bath house row for breakfast. Cory and I found some on street parking that the Volvo used its sweet parking camera to get us in inches from the curb. The food was awesome and fatty, two orders of peanut butter pancakes, one of strawberry pancakes, and an awesome omelet full of meat and cheese with grits for me. The service was so so. From there we crossed the street and checked out the museum bath house for a while and the a few more shops. Got back on the road headed to Cabot and saw signs for the Pharaohs exhibit. So of course Cory called to see that it would be open and we decided to go. It was really neat, the first time I've ever seen a real mummy as far as I know. By then it was getting so late that it was time to eat again so we went to the Flying Saucer and got some good German food. Eventually made it back to the Waldroups' house and got back on the road. Eating before we left really paid off, we did not stop until Holly Springs on the way back for a break and more gas. All in all it was an great trip for us for a somewhat quick weekend getaway!

2009-10-13 20:24:13 922

I feel special, NeweggHotDeals is following me now on the twitter. They have 20k+ followers and are only following 864. So that puts me in an exclusive club right?

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