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My Cycling Log

2009-10-13 19:46:47 921

So today has been a decent day. No rain on the bike in this morning unlike yesterday. The lunch ride was nice and dry too. I did get soaked on the ride home tonight though. Made it fun though.

As my favorite pair of jeans are deteriorating precipitously, I won another pair on eBay and was able to pay for them now that Paypal has reverified my ability to send money. They came in today and are exactly what I expected.

Of course the worst part of today is that the white MacBook's hard drive is failing. It still boots, but very slowly. After it boots I can't run anything but Terminal, everything else bounces in the Dock and never loads. dmesg indicates that there are read errors on the hard drive. So I ordered a new 250 gig to replace this failing 80 from newegg for a sweet $55 with free shipping. And because it will likely ship from Memphis tonight, I should have it at lunch tomorrow and have a functioning laptop pretty soon.

2009-10-04 21:58:01 920

Boo on Paypal. Since I've closed my Regions account I have not attached the new M&F checking account to it. Even though I've got my Amex attached to it I cannot purchase anything because I've spent more then $10k through Paypal. Isn't that backwards logic? Hinder your customers who actually use your service for 9+ years and reward those who have spent very little?

The tailgate was awesome this weekend. Tommy and I got out on Friday afternoon and put up three tents right at 5. There were nine of us who met up for dinner at the Veranda later on. I had the shrimp and grits which were weird. Instead of what I expected of a usual shrimp and grits, the grits were deep fried wedges and everything was in a soupy mess of some sort of butter/broth sauce or something. Got up early on Saturday to run the "Get in the Game" 5K with Tommy, Luke, and Jessica. It was five laps around the horse track at the horse park. I ran a slow 28:00 according to my watch which is a whole 3:05 off of my PR, but this is the first time I think I have actually ran a whole three miles in a long time without any walking breaks. I got back to the house and got cleaned up so that Ben and I could head out around 10AM. The tailgate site was great, and once the Garraway's showed up we had a four tent compound. Of course I had forgotten the Directv receiver at home so I got David to drive me there to pick it up. Back at the tailgate it was an adventure to get the satellite aimed but it worked out. The first round of food was done then, mini burgers and hot dogs, so we had a bit to eat. Around 2PM Bryan and I rode back home on bikes to let all of the dogs out. By the time we got back it was fajita time which was awesome! There was so much food! Eventually we went into the game. Emily sat with us during most of the first half and finally went up to the portal to watch it and not be crowded. It was a decent game even though we fumbled nearly every possession. Bryan and I finally left as the fourth quarter started. All in all it was a great tailgate. And we will always remember the scary old lady who came and saluted our flag. It was creepy.

2009-09-25 18:27:01 919

The Veggie Tales Theme Song as sung by Rebecca St. James is awesome! Also I've been listening to Polite Dance Song by The Bird And The Bee over and over and over.

2009-09-20 23:01:00 918

Is it bad to get excited about the Glad ForceFlex with OdorShield trash bags? I think I am really that domestic now. Well really the cheapo Kroger bags that we just finished up sucked so bad. I've got high hopes for these wonders of technology to cover up the smell of puppy poop.

2009-09-16 18:41:57 917

So I am planning on keeping up with how many hours I park on campus with my 09-10 parking decal. I drove today because I was going to do a presentation at 10AM and being truly "business casual" was part of the grade. Normally I would have just carried nicer clothes in my bike bag, but because of the weather I took the easy way out by driving to Butler. I was parked in the Butler staff lot from 8-11. So considering that my parking pass for the year is going to cost $85, my total cost of parking per hour so far is $28.33. Of course at the first football game I found a way that having a parking pass will make it pay for itself. It costs $12 per game to park on campus if you did not buy a pass with your tickets. However with a valid decal, I can park behind the old Weed Science building for free! At a realized savings of $12 per game, I think the damned thing is going to pay for itself.

2009-09-08 21:57:49 916

Twitter has killed my posting.

Awesome night ride tonight. Seven of us this week. The pace was picked up this week since there were no mtn bikers. Way hotter this week too. I can't wait until it cools down some.

2009-07-26 13:42:24 915

So after the weekend of July the 12th, I went to work that Monday and Tuesday. Emily had taken her car to her dad's where the issue was determined to be that the gear on the rear camshaft had separated from the shaft. That means we made it from Carthage running on only 3 cylinders! In playing musical vehicles with Emily's parents, Mr Joe was borrowing Emily's grandmother's car. The AC belt was busted and he didn't like the way the main belt looked so he got me to go to Autozone and get new belts and bring out to him in Maben. I made it back just in time before dark to get the grass cut.

Aunt Sue's funeral was on Wednesday so I got up early and drove to McComb in the Toyota. David and Deborah were in a hotel down there so I me them and got into my suit. We were way ahead of schedule so the three of us went to the mall to waste some time. Was a productive trip because David found a new jacket and I found a MSU polo on super sale. We met up with Mom and Dad at the church in Summit. There was a ton of food for the family and we all got a little to eat. Afterward we went back into the church. There were so many people and more flowers than I have ever seen at a funeral. Dad said that at least a third of the flowers were missing from the visitation from the night before. It had been a few years since I had seen Aunt Mildred and I sure can't remember the last time I saw her and Granny in the same place at the same time. After the service I got on the road headed home. I got back on 55 in McComb and saw the funeral procession heading south on 55. Filled up with gas in Brookhaven and found that the 20 year old Toyota had made 31 MPG! I finally made it back to Starkville after dark, in all covering 400 miles in a day when the truck had only moved 1000 this year before this trip.

2009-07-12 22:45:49 914

It was a rough weekend. Mom called at 5AM Saturday morning to tell me that they were headed to Jackson because Aunt Sue had been hurt in a robbery. We were already up because Emily to her midterm at 8:30 in Jackson. We made it to the campus a little after 8:00 and Emily went to her class. I navigated the buildings and found my parents and others in the emergency room. My parents had been up since 3AM, had driven to McComb, and then up to Jackson. After a bit Dad and I went to go get him something to eat and to gas up the truck. We got back to the emergency room shortly before the huge group of family and friends were moved up to the 4th floor of the critical care hospital. Aunt Sue was wheeled down that hall shortly after that. All that I could see of her face was swollen, bloody, and bruised. The preacher from her church led us in prayer after that. Then it was just a waiting game. A doctor finally came out and gave some remarks that definitely were not positive. David made it there a little before noon. Mom had told him not to come but I know it really made her feel better for him to show up. Emily had a lunch break around 12:30 so Dad, David, and I met her and eventually worked our way over to Backyard Burgers across State Street for some lunch. Afterward Emily headed back to class with some other classmates who had also eaten at Backyard Burgers. At some point around 3PM they took Aunt Sue down the hall to take her for another CAT scan. She came back through after a short while. After a few minutes a doctor came out looking for Melissa or Casey, but they were gone because they had finally left to get some food. They were summoned back and went back into the back with the doctors. The news was not good. Apparently things had gotten much worse since Aunt Sue's original CAT scan and the second. Emily finally got out of class a little after 4 and came up with us. A little after 5 we decided to head out. We accomplished a few errands that needed to be run in Jackson and headed back home. Poor Ada had been in the kennel forever and had managed to hold her pee which was amazing.

On the way home, I floored the Accord to pass some slowpoke on Hwy 16. After that we could tell that the car was not idling right at all or having much power to get up hills. This morning I drove Emily to work in the trusty Toyota before 7AM. I worked on the car a bit, added Seafoam to the gas and for the first time ever ran a portion through the intake via the brake booster hose. This was scary but we apparently effective in cleaning up whatever has had the "check engine" light on for years. The car still had a rough idle. Then at church the "good" microphone had a fit during Kidz Church and did not cooperate. After church I went to Autozone and got a PCV valve (redundant?) and replaced that. The idle problem appeared to be solved until I put it in gear and it began to idle roughly. That's when I took some Zaxby's out to Emily at work. I called mom while driving and she said that she'd call me back. After I got home she called to let me know that Aunt Sue had passed away. They were on their way to Granny's to tell her. I have not heard anything past that. I got back in touch with Emily at the hospital to let her know. Mr Joe called me a little while later and I let him know too. In the meantime I kept working on the stupid Accord. I removed the throttle body and its myriad of vacuum hoses and electrical connections to get to the IAC valve on the bottom to clean it. After reassembling everything, it still doesn't work right so it is possible that the IAC is broken or about 10 other things could be wrong. Stupid car for working at 1k+ RPM but sucking for anything under. Today has not been the best day every for many people.

I don't know what this week is going to bring. Cory and Sarah will be here Wednesday night. It will be the first time for us to see Cory since last July since he has been overseas a bit in between. I have no idea what the plans will be for Aunt Sue.

2009-07-01 22:45:29 913

Walking Ada at 10PM is awesome through Green Oaks. She has so much energy. Good to have her back after a week long recovery after the spay.

2009-06-30 22:56:43 912

Alt Nation on DirecTV is bad. Making us buy too much music from iTunes. Good ole Ethel on XM was awesome but did not encourage consumerism as much.

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