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My Cycling Log

2002-01-30 18:24:17 91

  • I am sad. I had to turn Bill off to pull a network card that would serve better somewhere else. Right before he went down, this was the return of uptime: "6:24pm up 29 days, 7:51, 3 users, load average: 0.25, 0.12, 0.04"

2002-01-28 23:54:45 90

  • Bill has been up for 27 days, 13:23. Sadly I am going to have to reboot soon because I need to install a ISA/PCMCIA adapter for a wireless card. Hmmmm, I wonder if it would hurt too much to plug in an ISA card without shutting down. Most likely blow something up.
  • I had fun at ISIP today fixing a page because it was actually a challenge. The page is for registration for the summer workshop and is a Perl cgi that generates a html page and validates the input. I had to add a few inputs so that taught me a lot about Perl and HTML forms.
  • I helped Sesti set up the server at Human Sciences yesterday. I learned way too much about sendmail trying to get incoming mail to work. RedHat has one stupid line in the that only lets mail work locally until it is commented out.

2002-01-14 21:33:17 89

  • Richelle and I went out and hiked the Noxubee wilderness trail yesterday. I am working on updating the images section with pictures of the trip.
  • My mighty linux box has been up for 13 days, 11:02 hours. "Uname -a" now reveals "Linux 2.4.16 #6 Mon Dec 10 16:53:13 CST 2001 i686." So apparently I did something good on my birthday by installing a very stable kernel. Bill usually does not stay up much longer than about four days at a time because I'll do something stupid like unplugging him or needing to test out a drive of some sort.
  • I have so busy. ISIP had the SRSDRW'02 this past week and I had to work my ass off. I am just thankful that the week is over.

2001-12-31 18:11:41 88

  • I worked a long time today :) Dr Picone took everyone at the office out to eat at Little Doey's. He was really suprised that I have never been to there before. The barbeque (sp?) was decent but I think that the Pig Out Inn in Natchez is better. Their baked beans sucked compared to mine (my mother's recipe) but the hush puppies were really good.

2001-12-14 19:14:11 87

  • About time for an update. I turned the big 20 last monday. I started the day off right with a Physics final. Wheeee. Definately been a stressful week.
  • Last week I moved my site to a new server and some of my text was corrupted.

2001-12-06 14:45:46 86

  • I changed the way I did dates again. It is now the exact output of the 'date' command.
  • I have moved my site again. It is now on my fightforyourrights server. Even though points here, the "REAL" URL of this site is

0000-00-00 00:00:00 85

  • Berryhill, Chris, Jaime, and I went to Clinton to see Natchez High play soccer. Clinton beat the guys 13-0. That was expected (maybe not that bad) because Clinton is usually in the running for state champ every year. I did get to see Erin, who came over from MC, and Chad Jones, who had came down from DSU, so it was not a total waste :) I even got to see David lay out at least three of the Clinton guys without even getting a yellow card. The fifth is his birtday, so I had bought him a copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall on VHS. After the game the four of us stopped at the Olive Garden off of County Line in Jackson. Olive Garden sucks majorly compared to Old Venice in Starkville, the food was crap. Our waiter sucked too. So I will never go to another Olive Garden if I can help it. Richelle, being the sweet angelic person she is, had let me take her car, because I do not need to stress my car out too much right now. She could not go because she had a class in the late afternoon. I filled up her car, a 95ish Corrola in Starkville and again in Jackson. If my roughish calculations are correct, her car made close to 40 miles a gallon from Starkville to Clinton and back to northish Jackson which is pretty damn good. We made it back to Starkville around 1ish and now I am updating this page. I think I should go to sleep now :)
  • The MSU BYU game was horrible. BYU did not receive nearly enough penalties. On aies. On almost EVERY play, they were guilty of very blantant holding, yet were never flagged. Also they lined up illegally for all of their field goals and extra point attempts and were only penalized the second time they did it; they only got a warning the first time. If there had been decent officials, MSU would have ended BYU's undefeated season.
  • I have been so busy recently. Everything is so hectic, rush, rush, rush, turn stuff in now......

0000-00-00 00:00:00 84

  • Wheeee. State won the Egg Bowl. Looks like we will have a pretty good season next year with Fant. The statistics of the game are here. Basically the stats I like are that Manning passed for only 213 yards by attempting 36 and making only 16, not to mention 3 interceptions. Fant only made 21 attempts, making 14 of them and had NO INTERCEPTIONS. By my math Fant completed 66.7% and Manning completed only 38.8% while throwing interceptions 14% of the time. Maybe this will keep Ole Miss from a bowl game. I cannot wait until next year because without Madkin, State should go nearly undefeated.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 83

  • So now it is Thanksgiving morning. Wheee. Today pretty much felt like a holiday even though I worked at ISIP for a while. I fixed a lot of entries in the bug database. Good thing that we went over SQL in CS just recently :) I think I just might have impressed Dr Picone a little. I hope so. Something I have been wondering is if he ever reads my website. Maybe he will tell me now if he reads this. I have heard that previous web designers for ISIP have written not such good things on their personal websites while they worked at ISIP.
  • Bell South DSL blows! Our upload bandwidth is so chocked that if someone is uploading a file of decent size, our latency to the next server out is 2.3 SECONDS!! That is absolutely horrible. Our latency with no with no uploads hovers around 22 milliseconds. I really bet that the problem lies in the crappy 3Com internal DSL modem we have. Probabally sucks at transmitting and receiving at the same time.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 82

  • Last night we went out close to the winery around 2 AM where there were not too many lights and watched the Leonoids. It was really neat.
  • I have been trying to get a new OS on my laptop for a few days now. I tried Windows XP but the install locked up at detecting hardware. Tried Windows 2K but it locked up too. Then I tried Redhat 6.2, 7.1, and 7.2. Every time the Redhat install would get to the PCMCIA detection (which is at the very beginning of the install) and not do anything else. So I tried Mandrake Linux 7.2, 8.0, and 8.1. Mandrake apparently does not like mys not like my keyboard because it usually takes two presses to get a key to read. So then I tried Solaris 8. It installed perfectly. The only bad thing is PCMCIA support is non existant so no networking at all for me. Then I tried FreeBSD and it works absolutely wonderful, but there is no driver for my network card. NetBSD is supposed to have a driver for my card but it would not install correctly. Now I am downloading QNX which seems like a really neat OS. AND they support my network card. If it doesn't work I am going to be pissed.

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