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My Cycling Log

2009-04-26 19:13:23 901

All of these swine flu headlines just make me want to go buy more ammo. And some tamiflu.

2009-04-22 20:42:42 900

Why would you let Perez Hilton judge a female beauty contest? Isn't that like letting the president of PETA judge the taste of a Big Mac vs a Whopper?

2009-04-16 22:12:39 899

It sure is scary for a second when a deputy knocks on your door even though it is because he is having problems locating an address. Apparently he was looking to serve papers on someone who I have never heard of whose reported address was 1901 Patton. We are 1925 Patton which is nuts because 1900 is next door to me and 1901 is across the street. Apparently we got a number that fits in with the scheme on Henry since we are on the corner. I should put up a mailbox on my side yard and be 1925 Henry too.

2009-03-28 19:35:54 898

candles != "sustainable"
Haha @ libtards celebrating earth hour. Douche bag wiccans.

2009-03-25 21:11:41 897

Obama-flation is my new word of the day. I just came up with it so hopefully it is truly original. In looking for finance options for us to buy Accord 2.0 I have to weigh super inflation into the total cost.

2009-03-21 16:01:18 896

I ran a half marathon last Sunday. It was somewhat of an accomplishment being that I had only less than two miles of running in 2009. I am paying for that today of course with shot muscles.

So I got off work a little early on Friday. I was driving (oh the horror!!!) so I didn't have to shower before we left. The Garmin led us on a new route, 82 to Winona, 55 to Batesville, then a myriad of highways over to Brinkley, and finally on to 40 west for the home stretch. The route strangely paralleled Cory and my bike tour from last year. We got into Cabot late and hung out with Sarah for a while. Got up late on Saturday and got lunch downtown. We picked up our race stuff and went to the expo where I picked up Green Running Shirt 3.0 and Emily bought enough stuff to make you think she ran marathons every other weekend. Sarah cooked an awesome pasta spectacular for the three of us that night. We all went to bed pretty early.

5:30 AM came super quick. I got up, showered, and downed two bananas. The girls got ready way faster than they usually do and we got on the road, got downtown, and found a parking spot. Almost as soon as we got out of the car Ada's cuteness was attracting people. Emily walked with us to the start where Sarah and I finally made it into our stall with all of the slow people. At the start, it took us a few minutes to make it to the start line. Our first mile was the slowest, a smoking 12 minute, because we had to zig zag around so many people. We clocked around 11 on the second mile and then kept it in the 10's every mile past that. Mile two was tough for me but I hung on. After that it was way easier than it should have been. I kept up with Sarah the whole time. Emily managed to see us a few times and did a great job getting pics. This makes the first running race that I have ever stopped to pee. After mile 6, Sarah spotted a port-o-potty with no line that I managed to make it to. After that, Sarah and I quickly caught up to the 4:45 marathon pace group and hung with them until they peeled off. I did my typical sprint at the end and beat Sarah by a few seconds to the finish. I passed like a dozen girls there at the end too. We managed to find Emily quickly at the finish which was awesome. Had our traditional after race brunch at Bosco's and soon afterward Emily headed back to Starkvegas the normal route through Memphis.

2009-03-12 22:17:07 895

Newest Obama appointee's office raided by FBI. Left finally comes to terms that Obama is not Jesus. Jesus could actually build a cabinet

Fark is funny sometimes even when it is super serious.

2009-02-28 19:06:20 894

$50 free from ING just hit my ING Orange account. Of course free is really "free" with Obama taximania going on this year. So maybe I should really record this transaction as a net negative :(

2009-02-17 20:31:57 893

Is it really a surprise that the US's most liberal state, California, is bankrupt? We're all screwed.

2009-02-08 19:54:19 892

Swimming and hot-tubbing while watching people ski outside is awesome!

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