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My Cycling Log

2009-01-13 21:27:29 888

It is not fair. Wah wah wah. Emily's mom is getting a new macbook (it got shipped here to me) and I am not. Boo. At least I got to touch it and run it through all of its updates. I hope she loves it, especially since it cannot catch Antivirus 2009 like her Dell.

2009-01-06 20:32:39 887

Tivo outdid itself recording the best movie ever. It recorded Hard Target for us this afternoon. Nothing can beat a Van Damme action flick set in New Orleans with his good ole Creole uncle played by none other than Wilford Brimley of Quaker Oats and diabeetus fame. Of course the final thirty minute gun battle takes place in a Mardi Gras float warehouse. Completely logical since the middle third of the movie is of Van Damme running through the woods (not bayous!) away from New Orleans. Oh and "hunting season, is over" is like the best line ever to tell the bad guy as you drop a grenade down his pants.

2009-01-06 18:33:56 886

Diet Coke Plus: It's like riding a pony, except the pony is 300 FEET TALL and COVERED IN CHAINSAWS.

2009-01-05 22:13:19 885

Back to the real world of work today after a long long Christmas break. Boo for work.

2008-12-29 21:48:39 884

Best fark quote ever:

Do vegans breast feed?

If so, FAIL

2008-12-20 14:50:12 883

Working from 8 to 5 sucks. Doing it twice in one day is even worse. Last night I shadowed Gerhard through some server upgrades, a few Solaris 9's up to 10, patches on a bunch, and moving several to the new SAN. Everything was going well until we wasted several hours on a box just to have its primary drive die as the final data copy was going. We finally got it installed after borrowing a hard drive from another box. Everything was done around 5 this morning. I stopped by McDonalds and got Emily breakfast on the way home. She was just starting to get up for work so at least I had a nice warm bed to get into.

2008-12-18 22:30:44 882

Dick Rice is hard at work. I love WTVA.

2008-12-18 20:47:26 881

Emily took me to Restaurant Tyler for my birthday and it was pretty good. I had a ribeye covered in some kind of cheese ragù (which in itself is a conundrum since a ragù is a meat based sauce according to wikipedia and unless you are a vegan, cheese is not considered a meat.) For the first time Emily was not happy with her meal there, a red fish dish that was pretty tough. On Friday we made another trip to Jackson where Emily aced her last final. While she was taking it, Ben picked me up and we had wholesome guy time hanging out at Best Buy. Emily did some post exam shopping and then met us back at the Garrett's. We went to Bonefish in Madison and it was awesome. Stuff anything with shrimp and scallops and I will rate it as awesome. Afterward we had a nice Christmas light viewing and then headed back to the Garrett's place for some Rock Band. On Saturday morning Brandi cooked us a rocking quiche. After that Emily trapped me in a TJ Maxx trip down to County Line that took hours. When we decided to leave and meet Emily's parents at the scrubs shop near the hospital we nearly got stuck in the parking lot because the traffic had picked up a lot. Luckily I knew how to get on Ridgewood and head south and miss County Line / I 55. We met up with the parents and I hung out with Mr Joe while the girls shopped for work attire. Once they got done, I headed back to Starkvegas and met up with the Garraway. Bryan came over and we made our version of "Mugshot's Gambles" part two. Emily made in in pretty late with her parents from a long day of shopping. Poor Mr Joe.

2008-12-09 18:12:20 880

Made a flying trip to Jackson yesterday. Emily had final #1 in some kind of assessment for which which I participated as the guinea pig. Of course her studying over the weekend had consisted mostly of beating me with a reflex hammer. It was a horrible experience for me, but she passed so it is worth it. Afterward we hit the scrub shop next to the university like we always do and then headed to the new mall. Ate lunch at PF Chang's and it was awesome. Drove around the mall forever looking for the Apple store and finally found it. There is no sign! Just the big apple in the "stainless steel" facade so we had issues. I was determined to buy Emily an iPhone; 8gig for $199 definitely seems reasonable. However that only actually works if your ATT account is eligible for an upgrade. Neither of ours is and we will not pay $399 for a telephoning device. So we headed back to Starkvegas on a wonderful scenic route only somebody like me could come up with. We went up 55 and exited through Canton on 16. It was nice and Christmased up downtown. Got over to the Trace and went up it admiring the sunset and all of the nice fall Mississippi trees. I should have gotten on 12 in Kosciusko but I went up to French Camp and took whatever crazy road there is there back to 12. From there we came on in back to the house. Was a decent enough trip and we get to do it again this next weekend but at least we get to stay with the Garrett's!

2008-12-05 18:04:40 879

Santa came early. Brought the Sesser's a Xerox Phaser 6130N. I've been playing with Cacti on getting some graphs in order so I can monitor all kinds of fun stuff.

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