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My Cycling Log

2008-06-11 06:34:33 851

A schism in the universe has occurred. The Abbey, which I declared the worst restaurant in Starkville, has closed. Rosey Baby is apparently open again! I have yet to try Rosey Baby 2.0 but let's just say I do not expect much in the way of service. Also the Abbey's replacement is restaurant Tyler. I already have one strike against it; Emily and I were excited to try it out last Friday and walked up to the door to find that it was closed because their A/C was knocked out by lightning. Nice way to start out! Already I cannot wait to see what that location will bring next.

2008-06-11 00:43:15 850

Kevin is a tool. This is an update.

2008-05-22 05:23:59 849

Got to talk to Cory the other day! He called me from somewhere on the other side of the globe. Since it was 4:30PM here, I have no idea how late it was there. He is doing much better than me on triathlon training, actually taking care of the swimming/running part of the deal.

The final bedroom is finished! Emily and I painted it last week. On Saturday I got the baseboards down and caulked them on Sunday. This week I changed out all of the outlets to white ones and put up new cover plates. I messed up the threads in one outlet box, but I got Steve to help me get it back together. Next home improvement project is the hallway bathroom....

2008-05-15 06:23:43 848

So I have been riding some ancient Look Pedals from the early 90's since I picked them up used in freaking 2005. I got a set of Look 3.1's from Nashbar. Nice heavy Al body but they sure feel sturdy. I feel like I am putting so much more force down on the pedals since they have a nice footbed that is right under the cleat that the old ones lacked. I think I am going to move my cleats just a little forward because it seems that the axle is in a different place.

2008-04-30 22:55:13 847

So the ancient mower made me angry. I went to cut the grass and there was no start. Went through cleaning the carb and checking everything and still no go. Sprayed a ton of carb cleaner in and around the carb and let it sit overnight. Yesterday it cranked like a champ. I got the yard mowed next to the driveway and made one loop around the front before it died. At that point it did not take too much convincing for Emily to see that the rate of return on continually working on it vs. buying a new one was not favorable. So I had in mind the specs of all of the <$200 mowers from Lowe's from their website with a good idea to buy the $199 Troy-Bilt. We headed to the evil Wal-Mart so I could compare. Inside I found a Yardman for $209 that would compare to the one I had in mind from Lowe's; but this one had a Honda engine. I like Honda's, so I bought it. After getting it home I did find several glowing reviews of this particular mower. Turns out that Lowe's carries a Troy-Bilt with a Honda engine for $20 more than this one. They are the same exact mower made by the same manufacturing company! Anyway I cannot wait to try it out on the front yard. After the many inches of rain from this past weekend it is getting pretty thick out there.

2008-04-23 22:05:03 846

So sometimes I fail at the internet. I have been pissed at the Netgear for failing to port forward when the real issue was that I had Allard's gateway set wrong. Wah.

2008-04-22 21:08:57 845

So my netgear router is broken. Updated the firmware and now I cannot change the channel, SSID, or region on it. Also port forwarding does not work. So in the meantime I pointed the DNS of to my webspace on Ra. So I do not feel like putting my fast 10mb hub back into place as the backbone of my network. I am in the market for a pre-N router with a Gigabit rear end. Soon afterward I'll be shopping for a gig card for Allard. Yay for faster backups.

Had a great weekend with the Garraway. He picked my up Friday morning and we headed up to Oxford to do Lambda Xi's chapter inspection. Everything went well and we spent the night at the luxurious Comfort Inn. Wandered around Oxford's holy square on Saturday morning and got lunch at Proud Larry's. A decent place but way expensive. Have to pay for the Oxford rent somehow I guess. Headed back to Starkvegas and out to Clytee's to pick up some nice pieces of cow. Got the great news from the man himself that he is moving across from Kroger in the next month and will be mere yards away from my house. Cannot remember what the name of the store is going to be. He will also be carrying more stuff like sushi grade tuna and salmon. I am just going to have to earmark 5% of my income for meat. After Emily got off we had a good "bring your own steak" get together and had some hilarious Wii time. I got up Sunday and headed to Kidz Church to run the lights and sound. Garraway headed to the inlaws' church and Mark hung out with Emily. Had several meetings with my Lambda Phi chapter that afternoon and everything went well. On Monday I got to show Garraway my vast expanse of LCD monitors hooked up to my Mac and got to eat lunch in the Union with him and the chapter before he had to head back to H'burg.

Yesterday I was nearly finished mowing the front yard and the mower died. Now it is not the best mower to start with, an old Murray or something, but it was free to me from the father-in-law. It would crank and run strong for two seconds and die. The Internets told me to suspect a dirty carburetor. So last night I figured out what it was and pulled it off the mower. Today I rode the bike to Autozone and picked up some carb cleaner. Cleaned it out and put it back on. Got the mower to start and it ran full throttle and I could not cut it back. So fast it was scary. Then I could not kill it so I had to pull the ignition wire. After a few tries fixing things, I pulled the entire cowling off of the engine. Turns out there are two holes in the throttle assembly that the governor can fit into and I had put it in the wrong one. Fixed that, put everything together, and filled it up with gas fetched from the Exxon on my bike. It runs! I finished the yard so now it all looks rather well and green.

2008-04-12 20:06:08 844

The Columbus Dispatch had an article on Molly's accident. Ryan's quotes were apparently butchered but at least the "anti bike lane" comes through. I wrote a comment with the grammatical help of Kevin and submitted it. Days later and they still have not posted it. Maybe I was a little too anti bike lane.

Emily is triaging the poor and seriously injured of Oktibbehea County today at the hospital. She had a craving for a David roll so she called it in along with a Philadelphia roll and the ginormous specialty roll for me to Sushi on Main. Apparently picking up call in orders is pretty interesting. I walked into the main place and told a waitress that I was picking up a called in order. She directed me to go to the Chester's main desk. There was no one there but after a minute the little Asian lady (she must be the manager or something) met me and I told her what I was there for. She told me it would be a minute and headed back toward the restaurant. She came back in a couple minutes with the styrofoam containers and headed behind the counter, I thought to ring up my order. I was wrong. She looked up the ticket number and then went to head back toward the restaurant. There was a waitress passing by so the lady tasked her to run my card. I decided to follow the waitress back so I would not have to wait on her to come back to me. So back in the restaurant she ran my Amex and no receipt printed. It was out of paper. So she replaced the paper. Ran the card again. No go. The POS system then prompted for a manager login. Original lady had to type in her access code. Finally it went though. Yay for a place that is having an identity crisis and cannot decide if it is a hotel or restaurant.

This morning I rode over to Kevin's and we headed to campus for the Bulldogs in Motion 5k. The route was a bit different than last weeks 5k I ran with Emily which was a plus. It was way more flat overall. Kevin and I ran together near the end where he lead out. He crossed near 24:08 and I was somewhere near 24:23. Makes my fastest 5k ever since my standing PR was Running with the King in Tupelo in 2006 at 25:05.

2008-04-11 00:34:48 843

Good week for me. Worst week ever for poor Molly Hartzog. So for me I finally got Farm Bureau to settle my claim against the girl who ran me down in the horrible bike path on Monday. On the same day I got my check, poor Molly stuck by a car. Rumor is it was by a female on a cellular phone. Not so surprising. From what I have read, Molly is progressing rather well considering the injury she has been put through. I know she is strong. She is the only girl who has ever rode over 50 miles with me and a good bit of those were in the rain. She never gives up!

2008-04-04 05:50:29 842

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