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My Cycling Log

2008-02-10 23:05:22 836

Was a great weekend. Cory and Sarah made it here right after Emily got off work. After a tour of the house we went to Mugshot's for old times sake. Then we took a tour of campus to show them my new office and the Union and then headed back home to get our Wii on. Got up Saturday morning to cook bacon and egg quesadillas with a side of garlic parmesan grits that turned out great. After some more Wii time we got the car packed and got on the road to Birmingham. Check in at the Sheraton was ridiculously quick; Cory told her who we were, I handed her my card, and she handed it back with the keys. Checked out the room and then did the normal expo thing and looked at all of the stuff. Later on we went to Bongiorno in Mountain Brook to eat. It is a tiny restaurant and was completely packed. Great thing that we had reservations unlike last year's adventure. The food and atmosphere were great and I would definitely go again, with reservations of course.

For race day the weather was great. Somewhere around 50F. Got up around 6:00 and got breakfast down. Left the room at about a quarter till and made it to the start with time to spare. Cory and I started together in the 9 minute coral and Sarah went a little ways behind us. The race started and we had a nice leisurely stroll to the start line to take off. Emily got a few pics of us after we ran for about a block. I was slow and I finally talked Cory into leaving me somewhere after mile 4. Somewhere around then I decided to scrap my under 2:00 goal and go with a under 2:10 instead. So I managed to finish in an official chip time of 2:09:50 which makes my slowest half marathon ever out of four. Crazy thing is that I managed to run the first 10K a whole 19 seconds faster than last year. But unlike last year, I slowed down a lot for the second 10K instead of speeding up. Wah wah I'll train some for the next one. Cory and Sarah did great! Cory managed to speed up for the second half and Sarah was really close to maintaining the same speed.

After cleaning up after the race we did our traditional Cheesecake Factory lunch and it was great. I had the chicken madeira and it was excellent. Ate every bit of it. The waiter said people seldom finish the mashed potatoes. Took out most of a piece of turtle cheesecake too. Turns out Birmingham has a Whole Foods on 280 now so we checked it out after lunch. Coolest grocery store ever. It was so busy that it was hard to find a parking spot. Got out of there and headed home. The trip home went really fast compared to the way out with no stops. I felt sorry for Cory and Sarah who had to drive way back to Arkansas.

Poor Emily didn't feel 100% most of the weekend and by last night she was not feeling very well at all. I was not feeling my best either and we went to sleep around 7:30. We both slept horribly last night and now we're both super sick. Boo on the flu.

The power blinked in Starkville. Boo because Allard had been up since October 3rd.

2008-02-04 21:53:05 835

Sheldon Brown died today. If there ever was a man who knew all of the intricacies of near any bicycle ever, it was him. Over the past few years I have scoured his website to help put my fixed gear bikes together and to research old bike parts. He was even a frequent poster on bikeforums and always had great advice. He is certainly going to be missed.

2008-02-02 21:03:12 834

Done with the floor! Started about 10 this morning in bedroom #3 moving the last of the stuff out. Got the pad down and then started putting down floor. Most of the pieces went down easily. Had fun getting around the closet doors bit I got it to work out. Seemed like I made it to the eastern side of the room in near record time. Took me forever to get the shaved down boards against the wall. Took me a dozen forevers to get the two pieces in the hall to fit around all three doors. All of a sudden it was 7:00 tonight and I am done!

2008-01-30 21:50:10 833

Riding home after work today I had a nice blowout right after turning by the Bike Shop. I turned into the Palmer Home store lot and started patching the tire. An older gentleman witnessed my blowout and came over and talked to me as I patched it. He was amazed that the hole was so small for as much noise as it made. I got it patched and pumped back up and headed on my way. After crossing Jackson it blew out again. I realized then the problem was that the rear brake shoes had drug enough on the rear tire to wear through it. Pumped it up while massaging the patch and it seemed to hold. 200 yards later not so much. Locked the bike and my helmet to a pole and walked about 1.5 miles home to get the truck and go back and pick it up. So tonight I threw away one of my ProRace2 Michelin tires. Kinda sad since it was one that I have ridden every single bike race on. I'm going to save the other one as an emergency touring tire backup.

2008-01-28 21:25:44 832

WTF AP top 25 poll? Ole Miss still #24 and we are not ranked? Maybe next week...

2008-01-24 23:30:17 831

Yay. I am typing this from the Wii. It works.

2008-01-19 20:50:20 830

So the goal for 2008 is 10 miles a day or a whole 3660 miles. A little lofty compared to my 2017 logged miles from last year. But of course I didn't start logging until mid March '07, had that incident with the broken wrist after being run down in the "bike lane," and the whole of July known as the "moving stuff to the house" month. With my miles so far in January, 253, this already the 3rd most miles I have done in a month. Of course Ryan's goal is 6000 this year and that is just nuts.

Tonight's ride was awesome. Kevin came over we watched us beat Alabama again. Afterward I dressed up for the cold, hat, gloves, tights (Emily loves them), and four layers on top. Rode to Kevin's so he could get more clothes. Left there and headed to campus to meet up with Ryan. Ryan was riding geared tonight but was pulling a trailer. From there we headed out to Forest Creek so I could get rid of the bat phone. Came back by the house so that Ryan could drop his trailer, and I could load up a pannier with ice cream and peaches to take to Emily to go with her lightning cake for the emergency room to enjoy tonight. Came back by the house so I could drop the pannier and Ryan could get his trailer before heading to Lowe's. I bought a cheapo set of yellow safety glasses so that I can protect my eyes in the dark. From there we went to Piggly Wiggly so that they could buy some firewood for their fireplaces. Afterward I headed home. Makes a whole 20.2 miles for me today and means I only have to average 9.79 miles a day now to meet my goal.

2008-01-14 20:36:22 829

The Mississppi leg of the Cory and my bike tour is here. Super super long URL :)

2008-01-14 20:20:10 828

Made my own version of Yin Yang Salmon tonight. My version is:
  • 1.5 tablespoon Scotch Bonnet hot sauce from Jamaica
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • splash honey
  • splash red pepper

Oven to 425. Put mixture in a sauce pan and heat to a boil. Pour it over two pieces of salmon and bake for 25. Yay food is good.

2008-01-07 22:49:46 827

I cheered for LSU. Yes I did. What was heard on the TV at the end of the national championship game? Chants of "SEC". Hmmmm same thing I heard when the Bulldogs beat the CUSA champs in the Liberty Bowl, otherwise known as the '07 Bowl of Cowbells. So now how many teams can I name in the ACC? I think Louisville plays for them, but who cares because Kentucky (the typical gimmme team of the SEC) beat them this year. Kentucky also beat LSU. MSU beat Kentucky. So where is MSU's 10% BCS trophy? Anyway are there any schools outside of the SEC who play football or baseball?

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