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My Cycling Log

2008-01-05 22:09:37 826

Thank you David Garraway, 3 or so years since you made this for me and now I will post it:

2007-12-30 23:31:30 825

Yay Christmas! It was good even though Emily worked until 11 Christmas Eve and had to work a little on Christmas Day.

Kevin Smith is awesome! So we went to the 2007 Liberty Bowl. Left Starkville around 8AM and got to the Sesti's right around 11. Went from there to Bryan's sister's to get Bryan. On the way to the game we stopped at a gas station for cokes and gas and randomly ran into the Berryhills. Kevin Smith is going to run 300 yards against MSU! The traffic was thick getting close to the stadium but not too bad. Loaded up on food at the tailgate and got our first look at UCF fans. Definitely just a bunch of wannabe Guidos. Headed into the stadium around 2:30ish and Emily and I ran into John Kennedy, Omid, and Paco. It took Emily and I forever to get to our seats. Apparently there were a bunch of idiots who could not figure out how to find their seats. We missed the entire pregame trying to get through the portal. The game was sweet. There were so many cowbells. I can hear them on the ESPN replay between all the talk about Kevin Smith. I swear it is like a mini series on the life and times of Kevin Smith. Anyway we won the game by playing the fourth quarter. Nice to know that a mediocre SEC team can beat a CUSA champion team in a terribly boring contest. After the game we assembled at Sesti's truck and got out of dodge at a blazing 2MPH. Went to the Fox and Hound and had food before we called it a night. I am watching my Tivo'ed game right now, skipped the first half to get to the good parts. The Maroon-White cheer is awesome at 2:24 and the bells are wonderful throughout.

2007-12-20 21:58:57 824

Watched tonight with Emily. A bit more suspenseful than I expected.

Lots of meat!

2007-12-16 21:29:01 823

The house is moving on up. Emily and I finished the baseboards in the back left hand bedroom late last week. Emily picked up blinds Friday (I tried Thursday night to buy blinds from Lowe's but there was no one to cut them because everyone was sick). I put up Emily's blinds Friday night right as my parents made it here. Yay for my directions working! On Saturday morning Dad and I worked on the two doors that open to the carport. He bought a hammer drill so that we could secure the threshold I got for the door opening into the living room. We did have to cut the door a little for clearance. Then we did a small cut job on the utility room door and was able to put a door sweep on it. Way more airtight on those doors now. Dad changed the oil in the old Toyota too. Then today I fixed up that bedroom's closet so now it is finished! So now we have a two bedroom, two bathrooms that need work, one office house with one more bedroom to finish.

2007-12-10 22:34:17 822

Yay this random collection of my thoughts is more than nine years old. Nine years!

ATT / Bellsouth / Cingular? is an interesting company. So I ordered Emily a phone back in November through Bellsouth's website so it would be bundled with our home phone and DSL. At some point I responded to my order confirmation to find shipment status and got a "you need to call the warehouse because we don't know" response. Fast forward a few weeks and the cell phone is still not here. Friday I got a nice letter from ATT basically asking why I had not activated the phone and that I should send it back. So Saturday I got on the phone with ATT. After talking to three people I finally got transfered to Bellsouth sales which is apparently different from ATT's. Somewhere in the middle I managed to make it to a voice prompt that told the the DHL tracking number for the phone. Turns out they shipped it to me in Starkville, but without a street address. So it made it all of the way to Memphis and was returned. So according to Bellsouth, the phone was canceled at the request of the consumer. That's right, I never knew where the phone was, but since DHL returned it, I "canceled" the order. Thank you for the timely notification ATT/Bellsouth.

2007-12-10 22:08:08 821

Yay 26. I am old now. But not nearly as old as Cory will be tomorrow. He is going to win that race :) At least I get to race in the same age group as him in running races in '08. Triathlons not so much. Anyway this was most likely the most productive year of my life. 90ish percent of my first year of marriage was this past year. Emily and I bought a house. I mowed grass for the first time since leaving home in 2000. I got a new job where I get to work on Unix boxes with the most terrible text editor in the world, vi. Ran three half marathons, all under two hours. Actually got medals in two triathlons (ok racing clydesdale instead of age group, being young, and tall has its advantages). I learned how to put down laminate flooring, install faucets, replace tub/shower valves, paint closets, and do sheetrock repair. It has been a wonderful year and I would not be in this position without sweet Emily. Yay for my work-o-holic school-o-holic wife!

2007-12-06 23:32:05 820

So I tried out a new training method for the Memphis Marathon, no running at all since October 10th. So three half marathons down and this one went extremely well despite my lack of preparation. I trained a bit (not nearly as well as I should have) with Kevin for the Mercedes and Little Rock halfs in February and March of this year and ran them in 1:59:55 and 1:55:52 respectively. After my broken arm induced short triathlon season, I did not feel like doing anything but riding my bikes this fall. Somehow I managed to run Memphis in 1:57:21. Now this makes me want to train and do even better at Mercedes '08 to break 1:50:00.

This week was a good one. Poor Emily had to leave for Jackson on Thursday night for exams on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I rode the Raleigh to work, then after lunch rode it home to pick up the truck. Makes the first time I have driven to the new job. After work I left for Memphis, stopping only once in Grenada to get gas. Found the civic center and a parking spot and made it in to pick up my race packet. Cory and Sarah had made it in the area so Cory was able to pick his stuff up right before 8:00. We left to find the Hampton Inn in West Memphis and had some issues finding it due to confusing interstate signs. I headed towards it and ended up at the "New Hampshire Inn." Found the Hampton finally and then we went on a search for food. Cory scouted out an Italian place called Sicily's. Called for directions twice on the way but we finally made it. Looked kinda shady when we pulled up but we went for it. It ended up being a nice small family place and the food was wonderful. On Saturday morning, we got up at 6:00. Ate a Slimfast Optima and a Snickers Marathon. We were in the car leaving by 6:45 and got a great parking spot a few blocks from the start. It was cool and windy, but I only had on my shorts and a shirt since I knew it was going to warm up. This race was crazy big, the starting corals stretched at least a quarter mile. Nearer the start Cory and I got into the third coral. There were so many people. It was announced that there were over 10,000 runners in the three races. The elites started at 8:00 and we got to start at 8:03. Cory was fast. I felt like giving up at mile one and I was not able to keep up with Cory after mile two or so. I just plugged along and suddenly I was at the 10k mark and realized I was keeping a decent pace. My left foot started to hurt, turns out I managed to rub a good blister on the side of it by mile seven or so. Running near the zoo and seeing the guy dressed as a monkey giving out bananas was awesome. Soon afterward I got confused because I never saw the 8 mile marker. I thought I was making horrible time and then I passed the 9 mile marker. Things were a bit easier after that because I was so happy that I had managed to make it that far. I walked though the rest of the water stops because my legs were so tight. I even walked a little after mile 12 so I could be sure to be running across the finish line. I finally got there, the clock time was right over 2 hours, but I knew my chip time would be less, ended up being 1:57:21. I looked for the Waldroup's but had no success in finding them. So I worked my way through the stadium to the entrance where our arranged meeting place was. I was lonely for a bit nursing my bottle of water and I finally saw Sarah walking out. Caught her and we waited for Cory. Took a while but he finally came out, even though he had beat me in the race by four minutes. Yay for Cory's first half. I am so going to beat him at Mercedes, or at least hurt myself trying. We went back to the Hampton in West Memphis and got showered up. Headed back to Memphis and parked in the garage next to the Holiday Inn downtown. We went to Peabody Place and watched a movie. Afterward we checked into the hotel. The room they gave us had a really squeaky fan. Cory got that sorted out and we got a new room. We took a nap waiting on Emily to make it up from Jackson. Emily made it up and we headed to Texas de Brazil. Took a while to get in even though we had reservations. Greatest place to eat ever. I had so much steak. Even ate some chicken and some pork. I was too full when the lamb came around but Cory did get to take advantage of it due to his stomach that can hold an amazing eight gallons of food. We wandered around Beale Street for a while afterward marveling at all of the guys dressed as Santa and the girls dressed as skanky Elves. The non squeaky fan room slept very well. Got up Sunday morning, walked back to Beale, and ate breakfast at the King's Palace. Was pretty good being the only place we found serving breakfast beside Denny's. Afterward we said our good byes and headed home. Emily took the 55 to Winona then 82 east route. I took a more scenic route, getting off of 55 at Batesville, going through Water Valley, to Calhoun City, to Houston, to Pheba, and on in to Starkvegas. It was a wonderful trip. I survived. Yay!

2007-11-24 19:27:10 819

Married for a year as of last Sunday. On Saturday, we drove to Columbus and watched Beowulf. Afterward we went to J. Broussard's to give it a try. It is a nice place, but fine dining it is not. We had the special crab au gratin appetizer, Emily got the veal medallions, and I got the shrimp bourguignon.

Emily had to work until 11 the night before Thanksgiving and then from 7a to 3p on Thanksgiving Day. I went to Kroger at about 11a to pick up things for lunch. Kroger on Thanksgiving Day is a surreal experience. Best time ever to shop because it is almost completely deserted. I made my usual stuffing and stuffed a roasting chicken. I ran some garlic through the press, mixed it with olive oil and put it under the skin of the chicken. I also cooked a boneless ham that I glazed with a habanero honey sauce, mashed bourbon maple sweet potatoes, improvised herbed Feta mashed potatoes (Kroger had no Boursin), crescent rolls, and steamed broccoli, carrots, and garlic.

Late Thursday night, I cooked up some sausage balls and Emily made some iced pumpkin bars and her tasty BLT cheese ball. Early on Friday, Tommy called to tell me to be sure to bring some fire to light the grill because he was cold. Emily and I got the car packed up and headed toward campus. My original plan was to drop her off in the Junction with the cooler, park, and walk back. We decided mid journey to park near Papa John's and walk. This was the better decision because of the backup of traffic. We made it to the tents and found Mary Beth guarding the tent. I got the charcoal lit in the chimney with shredded paper plates. After a bit Emily and I went into the game. We sat with TJ behind the band, and eventually Lehman came up too. Being the terrible fans we are, Emily and I left at half time to get back to the tent and hang out with Tommy and Steffan. Listening to the game from the tent was rather enjoyable. Tommy channeling the game was the best part. The Junction went nuts with our final field goal and Steffan and I rang our cowbells constantly until the band people made it to the tent. Was the best game day experience of the season by far.

Last week Sesti pointed me toward Woot's Roomba sale. Got a Scheduler with two virtual walls for what seemed really cheap. Well Romba made it here on the FedEx today and I was excited. Pulled everything out and noticed that something was off on the main unit since there were little pieces of plastic falling around. Turns out the brush guard that hold the brushes in is broken in three places. I put in a ticket with iRobot since they are apparently not answering the phone today.

2007-11-15 19:56:07 818

My new job is sweet. There is not a PC to be found on my desk. I have an older, yet freakishly fast dual 2.5 G5 tower with 2.5 gigs of RAM displaying on two 20" LCD's fo all of my terminals. Also have a SunBlade that has not been set up yet to run Solaris and Windows on the blade.

2007-11-13 20:31:07 817

Great Fark headline: "Four charged in auto parts theft. Reportedly building a '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56, '57, '58, '59 automobile" Well it is great if you catch the reference. Johnny Cash for those of you who did not get it.

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