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My Cycling Log

2007-11-05 16:52:20 811

Quote of the day: "We must prove that climate change is human caused. Anything else won't get funding."

2007-11-02 15:51:19 810

I killed Paris Hilton because that hoe stole my taco.

2007-10-31 23:06:23 809

Yay Halloween. Emily and I went to church for the fall festival and ran the "throw the football through a hole" booth. Was loads of fun, got plenty of stretching in chasing and picking up footballs. After that we headed to Walgreens for random stuff and then had the biggest Kroger trip ever since we moved into the house. Turns out they have frozen Kroger brand calamari and it is actually good. Yay for supper!

Seven more business days and I begin my new job! Moving into another part of ITS is not that much of a move to begin with.

2007-10-20 06:34:00 808

Poor Emily. Got off from twelve hours at the ER at 11:00 last night and she just left to go back for another twelve today. Kinda scary when you think about how thinly the nurses get stretched sometimes.

2007-10-15 23:36:16 807

Adult Swim just had a Radiohead bump. Wowee. I paid $10 for the album with a nice "10 dollars in pounds" google search.

2007-10-11 22:49:48 806

These hour long hilarious Office episodes are going to fill up my poor little Tivo.

Tomorrow I am heading out for my first attempt at bike touring. Going all of the way to the county lake. Steve and the boys are going to meet me and we are going to camp right close to the lake.

2007-10-08 21:21:52 805

September was a great month. Ended it by having a fall break trip with the Sesti's and the hopefully soon to be Gray's. I took off early two Friday's ago and Sesti and Kallie came and picked Emily and I up in the mighty Honda with its great new talking GPS system. We drove to H'burg and met up with Jeremy and Cristy. Made it to Dolphin Cove around 11:00. The place was great! It was huge! At 1600 square feet, it is the size of my house. I got up early Saturday morning and went on a run on the nice bike/walk path across from the beach on old HWY 90. It was one of the best runs I have ever had, so so pretty. After a while everyone else got up and we were on the beach by 10:30. Went and did some shopping at the outlet that day. That night we went to McGuire's and had a great time with too much food. Sunday was a great day on the beach too. After a while we went shopping at the outlet again. That night we went to Joe's Crab Shack. Everyone got the Crab Feast except for good ole Sesti who got a generic at best chicken and pasta. In a seafood restaurant, it has to be a sin to get the chicken. Afterward we went to the Track. Met up with Lehman and Inga to do the bumper cars and put-put until late in the night. I think Monday morning is the first Monday I have ever gotten to spend on the beach. Went back to the house and hung out until we ate dinner at La Paz which apparently is a fusion Mexican place. Our waitress could not speak English, but she had more of an eastern European accent than a Mexican one. It was really great food. On Tuesday morning we got everything packed up and got out around 9:00. Ate at Jeremy's favorite place, the Destin IHOP. Afterward we headed west for a ways until the Gray's parted and headed north. Went over to Foley and did some more outlet shopping while Sesti took care of a battery issue for his job. From there we drove back to H'burg and shopping again at the Hudson's. From there we went through Jackson to pick up the Sesti's dogs. Made it home late Tuesday night and it felt really good to be home.

This past Friday night, Kevin and I decided to go on a bike touring experience ride. I loaded up my tent and tool bag on my rear rack and we went for the Montgomery to Old West Point loop. It went pretty well, the only thing that sucks about my fixed is the lack of bottle cages and stopping to get water. Later that night, after cleaning the entire house for guests, I ordered a 17t Shimano freewheel, bottle cages, new wider tires, and a handlebar bag. After the ride Jeremy called and told me that him and Cristy were coming up in the afternoon for a grilling and to stay Saturday night. Early Saturday morning I got up and picked up Kevin to go run the "Run with the Big Dawgs" four mile run. We both did pretty decent. Afterward I got cleaned up and went Krogering for groceries for the weekend. I got home and Emily started studying. Went back over to Kevin's and we headed toward campus. Then good ole Jeremy Gray called to cancel on me after I had completely cleaned out the office, put up blinds and the closet doors, bought an ass ton of food, we had set up a bed in the office, and poor Emily had scrubbed the extra bathroom completely clean. Kevin and I watched all of the first quarter of the game. It was sooo boring and freaking hot so we left. I went home and Emily was still studying. Jeremy's loss on canceling on us because then the fun began. Kevin came over, then Bryan, the Sesti's, then the cool Mossy Oak Jeremy and his wife, Nathan and Allyson, and then Ashley and finally Thomas came over. Had a wonderful time since everyone brought their own steak. I assigned Sesti to cook them all because I was taking care of the Lobster Boursin Mashed Potatoes with a Merlot Reduction, the steamed veggies (asparagus, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and garlic), and the bread. We barely had enough plates for everyone. Anyway yay for the first big dinner party at the house! Our biggest ever serving up ten steaks at once!

2007-09-27 08:16:45 804

Yesterday sucked. I came home for lunch, got off of my bike and leaned it against the truck. Then Mr Snickets, our rabbit, hopped over to me. This might not seem like a bad thing, but I was in the front yard and he should be locked in the back yard. He was free, somehow finding the only hole under the fence that was cut low so water could get out of the back yard. I chased him for 30 minutes. The poor thing could not understand the concept of the "open gate." He would bang his head into the fence trying to get in and then run by the open gates. I did finally get him in. I went inside and noticed that the electricity was off. A "we cut your electricity off because you are a deadbeat" notice was hanging from the front door. That hurt my feelings. A lot because I pay my bills. Since I had no access to the internets at the powerless house, I headed back to work on my bike. Checked my AmSouth statement to make sure I had really scheduled the payment; I had. Called AmSouth up and they told me that Starkville Electric had cashed the payment. So I called good ole Starkville Electric and got no answer. Called back a little later and got a lady that basically told me I was full of crap because I had no payments credited to my account. After a few minutes she transfered me to another lady who started apologizing to me as soon as I got on the line with her. Turns out my payment had cleared SED, it had just been applied to another account one digit off from mine. She told me that a tech was on his way to turn my electricity back on right then. I got home before 5:00 to make sure that it was on and found that it was. Yay for Starkville Electric! They take your money and turn your electricity off! Great service!!

2007-09-19 15:48:59 803

My DNS might be a little happier now and not changing a hundred times a day. Turns out the router had a default DSL idle timeout of a mere three minutes. Set it to the magic zero which means never so it should manage at least a couple days before it pulls a new IP.

2007-09-17 23:51:12 802

Emily made it in around 6:00 PM Thursday night. I am so happy that she had a great time with the girls on the cruise.

We got up and got out of Starkville at 9:00 Friday morning. We made really good time, only stopping a few times. Got lunch at Nick's BBQ not realizing how close we were to Cory and Sarah's house. This was the first time we got to see their house completed after seeing the unfinished version back in March. It is so pretty that it makes me want to build a lake in my back yard too. Cory and I got a nice bike ride in, and then we got cleaned up and headed to dinner and a show. That night Emily and I got to stay in the luxurious north wing of the Waldroup's residence. Cory and I got up and ran his neighborhood loop. Afterward we all enjoyed a humongous breakfast. Poor Emily spent the morning studying for an online test while Cory took me to the local bike store. Looked at a lot of stuff and I purchased another rear rack for my commuter. Went back to the house and spent a while cleaning up bike chains. Emily finished her test and her and Sarah headed to TJ Maxx to celebrate. Cory and I headed watch Sean's oldest son play football in the middle school rec league. It was really entertaining watching them play even though our team got beaten severely. Cory and I headed back to the house to prepare dinner. I helped by chopping up the garlic, onion, and mushrooms while Cory did all of the technical work. Had a great meal of pasta with many sauces and a combination of shrimp and chicken. Perfect triathlon prep food.

Cory and I woke up at 5:00 Sunday morning. I drank a Boost (completely gross and too sweet) and ate a banana and a power bar. Drank some Gatorade to water things down. Cory and I left the house a little before 5:30 and picked Sean up. We made it to the race site around 6:30ish. For once there were a lot of people there before us. We got checked in and got our bikes racked in about the center of the transition area. It turned out that even though we were all racing in different classifications, since we were all male and under 35, we would be in the first wave. So around 8:00 we started. The swim was nuts. I have never been kicked so much and ran into so many people. About halfway in Cory and I realized we were still together and kept together for the rest of the swim. We crossed the mat at exactly the same time so we clocked the exact same swim time. I had gone for the "shoes on the bike" method where Cory went for the "put the shoes on and run" method. I beat Cory out, but I had serious issues getting into my shoes so he passed me in the first quarter mile. What made it even more fun for me is that the sending unit of my speedometer had somehow broken off the fork and was making a nice chiming sound on my spokes. I managed to catch up with Cory around mile 4 or 5 and passed him. After the turn around I almost died on the mountain I had to climb, but I made it up passing a few more people. Made it back to transition and Cory was right behind me. I headed out with my good ole shuffling running pace. Cory caught up with me before mile one and encouraged me to run faster for a little bit. He passed me quickly. I hate running. After mile two I could not see him anymore. Course wise, the run was crazy. The first and last mile of the run shared a single lane of traffic with the bikers headed in! At some points it was severely congested. I got about a hundred yards to the finish I heard a guy coming up behind me. Cory started screaming at me to run, so I ran. Emily says I moved faster than she thought I could move. The guy behind me beat me but I was right behind him. When the results came out, he was the second place Clydesdale under 39 and I was third by less than a second. Turns out that I was 3rd out of 22. Cory ran his best 5k ever, 7:36 miles!!, and I ran my best ever in a triathlon. This was also the first time we both broke 20mph average on the bike. Well this is the end of the 2007 tri season for us. The next race we will do together will be the Saint Jude half marathon. Lots of running coming up for me.

After the race I got my 3rd place medal. The the girls and I headed to downtown Little Rock to Boscos. I started on a beer sampler before Cory and Sean made it. Had the Downtown Brown after with shrimp and grits; it was awesome. Afterward we headed back to the Waldroup palace and I got the lake water showered off of me. Emily and I wished we could have stayed but we finally got on the road a little before 3:00. In Memphis we went to the Wild Oats and bought a bunch of random food stuff. Ate at the Wendy's on Popular which was scary and then headed home. Made it to our lonely house near 9:00.

Half Iron Man next October! Goal time is a mere six hours! Lots of training between here and then....

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