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My Cycling Log

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  • I had fun tonight. Berryhill made a pot of *really* strong coffee around 10 and we drank the whole thing. Then we went riding around and eventually made it to walmart. I bought a bunch of neat stuff, the most important thing was a roll of 16 guage automotive wire. When we got back around 11:30 I went out to my wonderful Camry with a flashlight and I rewired the speaker that used to be part of the alarm system. I grounded it to the firewall where the speaker is attached and I ran a wire into the car. I connected a hot wire to the lighter and put a push button switch between the two. Now whenever the ignition is turned on and I push the switch, it makes a really loud wailing noise. It's really great. Now I just hope that a cop neverp never sees me do it and gets me for my bluish headlights and siren for impersonating a police person. Anyway I bet I can scare the crap out of people once I get the switch hidden.
  • Last week sucked. It was way too busy and I did not feel like I got very much done at all. Maybe I can be a lot more productive this week.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 80

  • I got to see the Boston Brass Thursday night. The trumpet players are just insane. The band is going to play Caravan with them today at pregame.
  • I am now running the 2.4.13-ac6 kernel. This is the first time I have ever tried a patched version and not a main number version. Also this is the first time I have tried Alan Cox's source tree.
  • My 256MB Micron RAM came in yesterday. That gives me a total of 512 MB of main memory. hehehe

0000-00-00 00:00:00 79

  • I had to make 100 four page double sided stapled brochures for ISIP today. Luckily after a few tries, I figured out how to make the almighty ECE copy machine do all of the hard work for me.
  • I have the 2.4.13 kernel running now. I compiled my SCSI driver into the kernel so maybe it will get better performance whenever my hard drive comes in.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 78

  • This weekend was great. Brumfield, Berryhill and I rode to Natchez in Brumfield's Bravada. We left around 3 even though we were supposed to leave at 2. We stopped in a neat 50ish burger place in Jackson off of Lakeland and it was really neat. Then we drove to Monticello and went to the Boy Scout camporee so that Brumfield could see his dad. I got to see my troop for the first time in a year. We left and made it to Natchez around 10, so it took us almost 7 hours to make the trip. Saturday Berryhill and I went to Louisiana so that I could get a haircut at the place where I have gotten my hair cut since like the seventh grade. I rode around Natchez some and showed Berryhill some of the neat buildings. Brumfield had to take some stuff to his dad at the camporee so we met David when he got out of the ACT. My mom cooked for Berryhill and I so we had a really nice lunch. Then we went out in the almighty Jeep and drove around Kingston. After a while we went back to town and met Brumfield and David at Fat Mama's because Berryhill really wanted some tamales and a tshirt. Brumfield's mom had gotten us tickets to go to the Angels on the Bluff so we went to it. It was really neat because everything was done in candlelight and there were a bunch of people acting out dead people from Natchez's history. After that Burmfield took us on the grand tour of the roof of the Eola. Then we went bowling with Trae and Lisa. Trae beat me on the first game but I kicked his ass on the second. Lisa was pissed everytime I got a strike because she bowls with the league now. On the first game Trae had a turkey. After the bowling alley closed Brumfield, Berryhill, and I went riding around until about 2. Then today we left my house around 1, picked up Jaime in Brookhaven, and made it up here before 7.
  • A song I have liked for a long time (cira 1998) turns out to be Way be Way Down by Catherine Wheel.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 77

  • I have a new chair and it is really bad ass. I had to get a new chair so that I could rearrange my computer. It is really organized now, the first time in a year or so. This is an "Executive" chair normally $212 but was on sale at Office Depot for $99.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 76

  • Chris and I drove to Jackson to pick up Jaime. I got to see Erin for the first time in a year because Chris called her and got her to meet us at Northpark. She seems so different now. I guess mostly because I haven't seen her in a year. Crazy but I guess I'm a lot different too. Just as long as Trae and Lisa stay the same, the world will still be a good place.

2009-04-12 10:21:01 75

  • We suck again. LSU played football and State's team watched, just like at Florida. I think the only game we have a chance of winning will be against Kentucky next week. At least for next year, Mrs Lance told the band that the LSU game will be a full band trip and we will stay in New Orleans.
  • The Davis's made it up ok and I got to see them for a while. Richelle went home this weekend and Angela really wanted to meet her. Oh well, I guess we will just have to go down to Baton Rouge sometime.
  • This weekend, Sesti and I were industrious and built a really nice shelf for our apartment :)

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  • This week was pretty good. It will be better if we kick LSU's ass. The Davis's are supposed to be coming up tomorrow so that should be interesting.
  • My favorite emacs command right now is spook. It is a great command that inserts about three lines of random words meant to spark the interest of groups like the NSA and CIA. Here is some sample output: "plutonium Khaddafi terrorist Albanian Ft. Meade Uzi Legion of Doom security NORAD cracking supercomputer Mossad assassination munitions radar"

0000-00-00 00:00:00 73

  • Bill is happy again. I figured out that my moniter supports even higher resolutions so I am happier now too.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 72

  • I went with the pep band to Auburn Saturday. It was a really good game except for about the last minute. The officials made some REALLY bad calls against State. Probabally set a record in penalty yardage in the first two minutes of a game.
  • I totally broke Bill this weekend. Running 'hdparm' and playing and playing around with stuff can break stuff really bad. I essentially nuked my entire filesystem. No mp3's no homework, no nothing is left. I made a new install of Redhat 7.1 and everything is running fairly well now.

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