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My Cycling Log

2007-09-03 15:32:49 798

Best college band halftime show ever!

2007-09-01 22:32:12 797

So for more than a month, Allard has not actually been on the internets. Tonight I got that project taken care of. Still finishing up a script to update my dynamic BellSouth IP address. Thanks for not selling me Extreme with its included static IP. I appreciate it. Really do. That $10 I am not spending will help me change the world.

2007-08-06 20:38:07 796

Emily and I have been sleeping in our bedroom since last week. Yay for progress! In the past week I have ripped up carpet, pad, baseboards, and tack strips in the bedroom known as the "gold room." Done some other important stuff too like cutting the yard, putting up smoke detectors, installing Emily's ebayed kitchen faucet, replacing the washer's hoses and valves, cleaning up the big bedroom closet, building a compost box, and watering and fertilizing the back yard. That is all I can remember. Today I worked on the big bedroom closet. First of all I went though an entire tube of tan caulk sealing up the luxurious "cedar closet." The cedar is really not that great, basically it was paneled with cedar particle board with huge cracks between the seams. I ripped some cedar board to make baseboards for it and that went well. My improvised shoe moulding turned out pretty good as well. Lucky for me, natural cedar gives nice camo to all of the joints. Tonight I did make good progress on the shelves until I ran out of screws. Turns out it is hard to level an 11' board! Lucky me since the wall was made out of the crappy cedar, I was able to screw blocks where ever I wanted to level things out. The scary thing is that my shelves may be level to gravity even though the house isn't.

2007-07-31 21:24:34 795

Sesti and Bryan are the greatest. They came over last night and helped us finish flooring the big bedroom. Emily and I have been sleeping on a bed in the office because it is nearly finished. Only needs the outlet covers to go up. Tomorrow her dad is coming over to hopefully baseboard out the big bedroom and the living room. Then we might be able to spend tomorrow night in our bedroom, even though it has an open window to the street with no blinds as of yet.

2007-07-23 20:42:39 794

I pulled up 400ish square feet of carpet tonight. Started out pulling down the crappy shelves in the master bedroom's closet because they held down the carpet. Then I rolled up the carpet into some ginormous rolls and the pad too. The worst part was pulling up the tack strips. I always use my right hand to hammer so my left ear was always turned toward the noise. Cannot hear so well right now out of it.

2007-07-09 05:44:47 793

Starkville Electric sucks on the north side of town. That is why has been down so much recently. I fear for the life of my 250 GB Maxtor drive as it is around three years old now. My 120 WD died recently taking down my hot backup of all of my data. With all of the investments I have had to make in the house, I have not had the free capital to build my 500 GB SATA RAID array just yet. Backups are a scary subject anyway, I realized just the other day that my backup script was backing up the wrong database. That has been fixed so I do not have to worry nearly as much. Worst case, if a nuclear blast devastates Starkvegas there will be no backup of the last eight years of this wonderful website. Give Sesti and I a few more weeks (after his honeymoon) and we might actually trade DVD's of our important data to our firesafes.

Yesterday I cut my own grass for the first time ever. The luscious Saint Augustine lawn is looking pretty for the most part in the front yard. The back yard needs a little loving in the real shady spots. Of course that could just be an indication of where we should put the deck and not have to worry about the grass.

Oh the house. The wonderful house. As of now all of the walls that we are going to paint are painted. The big bedroom is going to need a wall repainted, because when I was pulling up the baseboards, it turned out that the idiots that put the addition on put a baseboard behind one of the door facings, so I managed to pull a section of paint off. Tomorrow Emily is going shopping for flooring. As of now we legally have to be out of the apartment by the end of July, however the girls after us want to be in a week early. Very iffy on making it out for them. Going to have to ask them for some dollars on the full month of rent I have paid.

Heart 'O Dixie in two weeks!!! Have I trained? No! Have Kevin and Cory trained? A little. Are we going to be in pain? Yes. Stupid girl breaking my arm has thrown off my entire tri schedule this year. Lot of good the two half marathons did me getting ready for a half Iron Man in 2007. Maybe in 2008 with a stress on the maybe.

2007-07-04 18:20:36 792

Having a house is hard work. Painting the ceiling sucks. Stripping a stupid wallpaper border sucks almost as much. I hate sailboats and lighthouses as a result. I spent about four hours bringing that border down. What makes me officially old is shopping for a dishwasher. Emily and I decided to get a Bosch SHE56C05UC. Ordered it from ABT, the same place I got my TV from back in '05 and should be at the house within two weeks.

2007-07-03 23:18:00 791

I got a 100 because I am an American.

2007-06-20 22:59:45 790

Goooooooooo Fred Thompson!!! Do not want Giuliani the abortionist and gun controller. Do not want Romney, a flip flopper on abortion. Do not want McCain, a little too anti-gun. Fred Thompson, the presidential actor who could be a real president! Reagan 2.0!

2007-06-17 00:26:28 789

Yet another 20 year old girl in a SUV that cannot drive. Well she was allegedly drunk and texting at the time, but the most important impairment to her driving of course was her age and sex.

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