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My Cycling Log

2007-07-03 23:18:00 791

I got a 100 because I am an American.

2007-06-20 22:59:45 790

Goooooooooo Fred Thompson!!! Do not want Giuliani the abortionist and gun controller. Do not want Romney, a flip flopper on abortion. Do not want McCain, a little too anti-gun. Fred Thompson, the presidential actor who could be a real president! Reagan 2.0!

2007-06-17 00:26:28 789

Yet another 20 year old girl in a SUV that cannot drive. Well she was allegedly drunk and texting at the time, but the most important impairment to her driving of course was her age and sex.

2007-06-15 05:23:31 788

Fast Food Nation rocks. Bruce Willis acts the great one once again. "The truth is, we all have to eat a little shit from time to time." This movie is so making me want to butcher my own cows.

2007-06-15 03:46:31 787

Emily and I will be homeowners. Monday. Biggest check I will have ever written by a bit. The trusty Camry was a mighty $3k back in good ole 2000 and that has stood as my largest check since then.

Poor Emily is at the ER until 11:00 tonight. We will get up early in the morning to head to Birmingham to un shop some things her mother bought. Not sure what else we are going to do. Just noticed that there is a freaking Apple store at the Summit now. Not that I need anything but we can look. Then Sunday she gets to work again. Boo.

2007-06-06 20:52:31 786

Yep, I am officially one of those Mac people now. Started out with my G3 desktop on campus as a student worker. From there as an ITS employee, I got a G4 Cube for a while. Then I was awarded with Dean's G5 iMac for a short period of time until my Intel iMac came in. That was sometime in the fall of '05. In the spring of '06 I bought Emily's iPod Nano that helped me in the proposal. Also sometime around then I bought a G3 iMac from ebay for cheap. Of course it showed up not booting, but a battery fixed that. Soon after Emily and I got married, I got a 2nd generation Shuffle. The one with the clip, but I bought it before they came out with colors. Then there was the terrible day that Emily's trusty Thinkpad died. We immediately replaced it with a white 2GHz MacBook. Then this past weekend I tried so hard to spend money on Mac accessories and could not manage to do it at a store. So I purchased a refurbished AirPort Express, a MacBook keyboard protector, and a mini-DVI to RCA adapter from Apple themselves. It just works. Pretty well. crazy crazy. Of course my good ole trusty server Allard is running Gentoo. Other than my work laptop, there is no Windows running in my home at all. Yay!

2007-06-03 05:34:45 785

Yay, had great fun this weekend. Met up with Josh, Kevin, and Michelle Friday night for dinner at Tipico. Emily got finally got off at 11 but I was already asleep. We got up Saturday morning and headed down to Jackson. Went to Petsmart on Lakeland and bought a "rabbit starter kit" with a cage and a bunch of accessories. Went to Best Buy next door to look for a few things. They had no under counter iHome, no MacBook keyboard protector, no Airport Express, and no Canon SD1000 in stock. Spent $0 there. Went next door to Target and found the Canon for the same price and went for it. Turns out Target had a bunch of the cameras in stock. We headed to North Park so Emily could shop a bit. I entertained myself making circuits around the mall. GameStop had no Wii's. Boo. Bought a coarse Microplane grater and a ceramic bladed vegetable peeler at Williams Sonoma. Met up with Emily and we headed to Madison. Found the clubhouse where the shower was to be just as Sesti and Kallie were getting there. The shower was great, had so much good food to eat, and the soon to be married couple got lots of good stuff. We hung out until late with the Sesti's and the quadruple Gray's. Emily and I got to crash at Kallie's parent's house which was only a few hundred yards from the clubhouse.

Got up this morning and had a good chat with Sesti, Kallie, and her parents. After a while we left and went with Sesti to Home Depot to negotiate a return. It went well and he ended up with a better drill than he was gifted, with the hard case. We parted ways at that point and Emily and I headed towards Lakeland. We were starving and randomly picked a place to eat on the way, turned out to be an Italian place called Amerigo. It was so great. Super service, best Italian place we have ever been. Ever. Emily agrees. After lunch we stopped at Target again and then headed back to sweet Starkvegas. I put the new rabbit cage together and got Oreo in it. He seems to be really really happy right now.

2007-05-27 23:45:06 784

Yay a holiday! I love not going to work. Shirking the wage slave duties is the best.

A week ago from Saturday, Emily and I put an offer in on this house. We offered $109k on the $117.5k asking. Surprisingly, our realtor Jay got up with the owner in less than 30 minutes and he countered $115k. We went up to $112.5k and waited. A few minutes later his offer was $113.5 and we said yes. Our closing date is June 21. The home inspection was Thursday morning though, and we got really good financial news at BancorSouth so we are going with them for the mortgage. It looks like we may be able to close early! That will be wonderful because we want to get some painting done before we get furniture in there...

Last night I went over to Steve's. He was grilling out and I had the most spicy bratwurst ever. Turns out that Steve and Kim's rabbit had seven babies. Kim gave me a boy that is mostly black except for white front legs, a band over his back, and a line down his nose. He had an almost identical sister but she was not nearly as nice. They set me up with a cage and some feed for now. I went to the co-op today to see if they were open to get a bigger cage and of course they were closed. I have been reading and have learned that rabbits can be house trained. Also grass is good for them. Luckily Lowe's was open today so I bought a shallow planter, some potting soil, and a ton of grass seed. Maybe tomorrow the co-op will be open and I can get a bigger cage.

2007-05-21 22:54:21 783

Woot! I rode the Raleigh to work and therapy today! Of course this past week I ran a new front brake cable and greased the front bearings. So grease is squeezing out everywhere of my antique bearings. Anyway as of yet, good ole Farm Bureau has not even offered me a settlement. At least I have bills for fixing my bike and a new helmet in excess of $100. I have paid a bit on my surgery and taken lots and lots of hours of leave from work. Expensive for someone, better not be me.

Heros and 24 tonight. Wheeeeeee.

2007-05-15 17:11:00 782

Today is four weeks from the accident and three of physical therapy. At least therapy is getting better even though now a two pound weight for three minutes is agony. I've got enough pinch strength in my left hand to use fingernail clippers now at least. Still hurts to pick much weight up. Dr Thomas cleared me for activities such as bike riding yesterday morning so I went on the Monday slow ride. It wasn't too bad but I kept a lot of weight off of my left hand.

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