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My Cycling Log

2007-05-04 17:31:37 781

Cory came over last night so we could eat one more Gamble at Mugshot's. Poor Emily had to work until 11. Booo.

So this site is now on the box named Allard. Some version of this site started out on For senior year it lived at Geocities until they forced ads on me and then at until I got to MSU where I briefly used my webspace on Ra. After that I figured out how to host it myself on Bill. Bill #1 was the HP with a AMD K6-2 300 and eventually had its guts sold on Ebay. Bill #2 was my first self built computer and ran a AMD Athlon 900 until it died a flaming death. Bill #3 was on an old 466 Celeron that I had gotten from Berryhill and I just retired not too long ago. From the Bill's, I moved the site to Steve, an old Dell box. Only used Steve for a few months and now everything is on Allard.

2007-05-04 02:53:39 780

Physical therapy still sucks. My wrist still hurts all of the time. I have not had a whole night of sleep yet. Wah wah boo boo. At least I talked to the girl's insurance earlier this week. Did an interview about the accident and the insurance agent did his job trying to get me to admit fault. He put forth a theory where the bike path actually ends before the intersection (because the painted line ends) and starts across the intersection. In the words of Steve, cyclists are able to teleport across and have no need for the bike path.

2007-05-01 17:43:47 779

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

It is the magic number!

2007-04-28 06:27:07 778

Physical therapy sucks. A lot. It is a real humbling experience when holding a one pound weight for two minutes is hard to do. Only had one real session last week but have three this week. Get to go see Dr Thomas on Monday and get my stitches out. My wrist hurts so much all of the time, especially when I get up in the morning. I did manage to work a little last week since I had a student worker to order around. I can drive a mouse with no problem! The girl's insurance company has not contacted even though I submitted a claim online last Tuesday. They will be getting a call from me this week.

On Thursday Emily's trusty, almost four year old, ThinkPad developed the click of death in the hard drive. I heard it when I came home for lunch and we immediately ordered a MacBook. Got the white 2GHz with a gig of RAM, 80 gig hard drive, and the double layer superdrive. Splurged on the one day shipping so it will be here Monday. Emily is so excited to get a new laptop. We were planning on getting a MacBook when Leopard came out anyway so this just pushes up the schedule up a good bit.

Sesti gave me an old server he had laying around. I am naming it Allard after Micrsoft's head of Zune department. Yesterday I retired Bill and moved its drives into Allard. Once I get Apache running right, I am going to move this website from Steve so I will have a consolidated file and web server once again.

2007-04-20 15:28:33 777

Cory going to training is a bad thing. Last fall he goes and hurts his back. This week he goes and I break my wrist. The good news is that he survived this time and will not have to go again!

2007-04-19 14:41:58 776

So on Tuesday when I was headed to lunch, I was hit by a car turning into me in the bike path on University. The girl driving admitted to seeing me but "thought I was farther behind" and made a right onto Old West Point. Her SUV's (isn't it always SUV vs car?) rear right fender got me. I was launched up and to the left. I think my helmet glanced off the SUV but I am not sure. My left side took the impact on the pavement; road rash through my pants on the knee, rashed up elbow, and an arm I was sure was not working correctly. I could not stop shaking and I could not get my pack off, so a bystander helped take it off. Took my helmet to prop my arm and I sat down on the side of the road. I think the driver called 911. The fire dept got there first, from the station 100yds away, and checked me out. They were really concerned about head injuries. I was concerned about my arm. The police and ambulance got there so the paramedic assessed me too. He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. With my arm killing me and starting to swell, I wanted to go. My bike and I got a ride in the ambulance. I got a cell phone pic:

I was able to get up with Emily so she knew I was on my way. She came down from the 4th floor and saw me in the ER. I was so thirsty so she got me some water. She rocks as a nurse! I got xrayed and found out I did have a fractured left radius and was told to visit Dr Thomas on Wednesday morning.

After not much good sleep, we got up to go see Dr Thomas. The news was not so great; surgery was recommended for best chance of full recovery. His next surgery day was the next day so it was a lot to digest all at once. Poor Emily had to take the GRE at noon and had spent all day carting me around.

This morning we got up and I managed to get a one handed shower and get dressed. Made it to the hospital and things went very fast. As soon as I got into my sexy gown the nurse was ready to put my IV in. Wheeled me into the surgical staging area for what felt like forever and I had even more people ask me if I was allergic to anything. Took me into the operating room and I had to scoot over on the table. The anesthesiologist was a really nice lady and asked me all about Natchez. Next thing I knew was that Emily was trying to wake me up. But it wasn't Emily, it was another nurse and I was in recovery. My arm was hurting a bit so I got more painkillers in my IV. I felt good after a few minutes and my O2 sats were around 98. After the painkillers kicked in my blood pressure dropped to a good level. Had to wait a while for the anesthesiologist to see me to let me go back to the room. I called my parents and Teresa to let them know I was ok. I was let go in less than an hour. Emily got my pain prescription filled and they got a wheelchair for me. Then we actually made a quick grocery trip because there was no food at home. I got a lot of low prep things to make with one hand. Got a Dr visit on Monday and will likely start therapy. Sad though because this really screws up my triathlon training. I cannot run the Arts Festival 5k this weekend and looks impossible to do the Memphis in May tri in 4 weeks. Boo hoo.

2007-04-13 14:55:17 775

Cadbury Eggs got smaller. The bunny is crying. I am too. At least they were 4 for $1 at Southern Family today.

2007-04-11 16:04:20 774

Yay Imus. Free speech. Do no let anyone trample your "civil" rights.

2007-04-03 20:53:41 773

I am totally failing at posting new stuff. I blame it on facebook of course.

Raced the Rebel Man triathlon this weekend. Emily and I picked up Kevin and Michelle and headed up to Oxford on Friday afternoon. Took a different route this time instead of the usual up Hwy 9 from Eupora. Went up 389 to Pheba and over to Hwy 15 to go north to Pontotoc and it worked out pretty well. Race check in was a joke, just got the tshirt. We ate at Pearl Street Pasta (total rip off in name of the place in Natchez) and then the girls went to the hotel and we went driving the course. I did not sleep well at all that night. Got up at 5:00 and got to the transition area a little after 6:00 and got everything setup. Finally got our race numbers. The "pre race meeting" was a complete joke. We started at 10 second intervals. I suck at swimming. Kevin started behind me and still beat me out of the pool. Kevin was still in T1 when I got there but he beat me out. I passed him on the bike once we got out of campus. I passed a load of people headed out of town. Everything was good until the turn around where all of a sudden there was a super bad headwind. I was sad because it hurt a lot climbing those hills into the wind. I saw Kevin and then Cory so they weren't far behind me at all. I got back to campus and had my fastest T2 ever. Ran to the exit of the transition area and realized that I did not pick up my race number. So I had to run all the way across the transition area to pick it up. Of course Emily and Sarah got that one on video from two different angles. The 5k went well for me. My goal was just not to walk any. I ended up doing it in 26:36 which I am happy with. I did not drown in the swim and I managed to average above 20mph on the bike according to the results so I met those goals too. What sucks is that I was barely in the top half of my age group finishing. A bunch of competitive guys from Memphis came down this year and made this "easy race" hard. Booooo on that. If only this race had been paced the same as last year, I would have placed in my age group. Well the next race coming up is Memphis in May on May 20. It will suck because the swim is 1.5K. But, if I can keep my times up, I will place because I will be racing Clydesdale instead of age group this time. Yay for 200+ pound categories.

2007-03-27 20:04:27 772

35 seconds left in the MSU NIT game and there is a timeout. Foul on us at 16.3 after like a dozen missed shots. Timeout at 2.1. Jackasses throw a three. Boooooooooooooo!

Saw the most interesting new landscaping feature on campus today in the Drill field in front of the library and Swalm. Steve, Scott, and I were walking toward the Perry and noticed a large mound in the grass. It looked like one of those random pieces of art that are sometimes put on campus, basically a mound of grass with what looked like a small bubbling spring on the top of it. The mound was huge, nearly twenty foot long, at least eight wide, and nearly a foot and a half tall. Steve tried to step on it and then we realized that it was entirely filled with water. Apparently an irrigation pipe under the drill field was leaking and had created a huge bubble of water under the sod. I have never seen anything like this. Steve took his knife and cut a hole into the bubble's side. He had to cut nearly eight inches into it before he perforated it and water started flowing out. We did get some pics from our cellphones but they do not show the true glory of the water bubble.

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