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My Cycling Log

2007-03-21 20:17:08 771

Temperance may be defined as the righteous habit which makes a man govern his natural appetite for pleasures of the senses in accordance with the norm prescribed by reason.

2007-03-08 20:50:59 770

Emily and I looked at our first house today. First one we have actually gone into. Yay!

2007-03-07 22:48:16 769

Before today my week was pretty good. Emily and I headed out to Cory and Sarah's on Friday. Cory cooked up some deep fried fish and onion rings that were most excellent.

We got up super early on Saturday to Cory's banana pancakes which were most awesome and filling. We headed out to Little Rock and got there after just a few stops. We got the grand tour of Cory and Sarah's as of yet unfinished house. I cannot wait to see it finished and to spend a night there in mine and Emily's room! Checked into the mighty La Quinta and then headed to the packet pickup and expo. The expo was not impressive, but the wind coming off the river certainly was. At least 20MPH made it difficult to walk down the street. After driving the race course we met up with David, Deb, Sean, and Liz at Ciao's. Never eat at Ciao's. Cory kept chasing down the wait staff to bring us stuff. Took near two hours to get our entrées. From there we headed back to the La Quinta and Emily went out with Sean and Liz.

I woke up around 5:30 on Sunday and could not go back to sleep. Got up and ate my banana and cheese and crackers. Right before we left I took a vanilla bean gel that Cory donated to my cause. After a bit Cory and I caught the shuttle to the start line. We were way early and got to see the 5K people start their race. Compared to the Mercedes, we started crazy close to the front. What made it worse was that there were walkers in front of us! Then we did the race but I have already talked about that. After the race we went to Gusano's Pizzeria. Sweetest restaurant ever for super meaty pizzas. From there we parted ways with Cory and Sarah and headed to Hot Springs. Check in at the Gables Inn was not until three so we killed some time by driving up the west mountain. After checking and exploring Bath House row, we ate supper at the Brick House Grill. It was ok but not exactly super.

On Monday morning we had breakfast at the Gables. Then we headed to the Buckstaff Bathhouse for our bath. That was an interesting experience. Then we toured the Fordyce Bathhouse which has been set up as a model by the park service. Shopped at a few stores and bought a couple nice displays of butterflies and an Arkansas whetstone. Walked around the row for a while then headed to Fisherman's Wharf on the lake for lunch and had an excellent meal with great service. Then we went to Pirate's Cove and played putt putt. Was the best day ever. From there we took an extended driving tour of Hot Springs and ended up at Lake Ouachita state park which is way north of Hot Springs. At least we got to see the Three Sisters Springs. I managed to go east enough to hit Hwy 7 and head south. Now looking at Google maps we were way the hell out of the way and Hot Springs Village looks like the biggest subdivision ever. After making it back to the Gables we got dressed up all pretty and headed to the Porterhouse. On my short list of best steaks ever, I am putting the medium rare porterhouse I had as the best steak I have ever had privilege to consume. At a near two pounds, it was one sweet chunk of meat. Emily went for the grilled salmon with a side of smoked salmon stuffed baked potato. I had the better meal. Yay for huge steaks that are barely cooked!

On Tuesday we had omelettes for breakfast. Checked out headed the back way, Whittington Ave, to the Mid America Museum. We got to take some sweet curvy roads around the hills. At some point we got out and hiked up part of the summit trail. We headed to the Mid America museum and it was awesome. They had many many interactive exhibits. Emily and I are such nerds to have so much fun. After that we went looking for a nice place to eat lunch and had to settle for Buffalo Wild Wings. Headed from there to Starkville and it took many hours to get home.

2007-03-07 21:31:35 768

Today was one of those days. Started out wonderfully, I actually got to work at about 7:30 to catch up from missing two days. Had the great biweekly "Matt meeting" at 8:30 and then got to head right over to the cashiers' office. I had to head home after a bit to get my car to go to the dentist. Yes I know it is crazy to ride my bike two miles home to drive a half a mile to the dentist. So I had two fillings put in. The little one on the top right was very easy and he had it on in like two minutes. The other was to replace the old filling in the wisdom tooth on my bottom left. It sucked a lot. Almost in my throat, the drill and spray made me swallow a lot. Boo for fillings. Now of course it is starting to throb a little bit. Later on this afternoon I realized that my wonderful cell phone had no signal at all. In fact it could not find a tower. I called Cingular's warranty service and they suggested I go to the store and try a new SIM card. So I switched SIMs with Steve and mine made his phone work perfectly. I called Cingular back and did not make much progress because even though I am the authorized user on the account, mother is the technical owner of the account, even though the bill comes to me now. So after work I used Kevin's phone to get up with her and got the contact information I needed. Turns out that David and Daddy were not having great days either. As I was leaving Kevin's I noticed my phone had a bar of signal on it where Kevin's had five. I managed to get a fuzzy call out to Emily. So now it appears that my phone can connect where the signal is excellent. I just hope I can still get a warranty replacement for it. Emily had made it home a little after five; I had expected her to stay in Columbus longer. She met her dad for supper but I did not go because my teeth started bothering me. I met Emily at church and now here I am with my aching teethies.

2007-03-06 21:40:58 767

Yay, two half marathons down. I improved to a 1:55:52 chip time in Little Rock on Sunday. Cory and Sarah ran the relay and did very well. Cory ran the first leg and I managed to keep up with him until about the last mile. He had a lead on me going into the exchange, but the chip transfer between him and Sarah took long enough that I caught up with Sarah right out of the gate. She was flying and kept up with me for a ways. I bonked out around mile nine and felt like crap. Stupid me for skipping the free gel at mile seven. I got the Gatorade at the last two aid stations and that helped a little. The race route looped back and forth enough that Emily and Cory had an easy time making it to different places to cheer Sarah and I along. About 400 from the finish, Cory started yelling at me and I got my strong finish in gear. I wandered through the finish area like a zombie and found my finisher tshirt. I had no idea where to meet everyone else so I headed back to where I thought I had seen Cory and watched for Sarah. Turned out that Sarah had finished barely more than two minutes behind me. They only found me because they figured that I had headed to the hotel and headed that way. So yay! No more half marathons for me until at least 2008!

2007-03-02 18:10:55 766

About to leave for Cory and Sarah's. Yay for a fun weekend. Driving to Arkansas on Saturday. Little Rock Half Marathon Sunday morning. Then Emily and I are staying two nights at the Gables Inn in Hot Springs. Should be loads of fun. I have felt so good this afternoon because I am excited to get out of town. Poor Emily has worked so freaking much that I know she is really going to love a break.

2007-02-28 07:37:59 765

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Exercise Exercise Exercise

2007-02-27 21:16:28 764

So today I took the "long way" a couple times on my bike and ended up making 14 miles instead of my usual 11. Then around 8:00 tonight Kevin messaged me wanting to go ride. So I put on my sexy high vis jacket, put the lights on, and headed out. This was the route Kevin took which is essentially the path I took except for his hook off and back onto Hartness Street. So I'll knock .5 miles off and call it a 27 mile day. Riding in the dark is so much fun.

2007-02-27 19:30:14 763

Russ is a daddy. World be afraid. Hunter Anthony Ward was born somewhere around 4:05 this afternoon. Emily and I went up to the hospital around 6:00 and got to see Hunter in the nursery and Russ and the family. Emilie was still in recovery so we did not get to see her.

2007-02-27 19:17:35 762

Toyota is building a plant in Tupelo! Yay Toyota! Chinese stock market tanks. Our market tanks today. Boooo stock market. As of now, 7:15PM my IRA has still not updated its totals so I still do not know how much money I lost today. Must have lost a lot if the totals are taking this long to update. Anyway, back on the Toyota plant, I wonder if they will pump money into MSU like Nissan did or maybe they will put their cash into Ole Miss. I really hope that Toyota could develop the auto buying program with MSU that Nissan has so that I could maybe buy a near invoice 2008 Camry......

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