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My Cycling Log

2007-02-26 13:15:05 761

Twas a weekend. Cory and Kevin have already written about it. Anyway Friday night was loads of fun. Shaherazads was good but slow and Tonic was nice and empty. Poor Cory developed the hiccups from hell, sucked for him but was freaking hilarious for everyone else in a mean way. So Saturday morning Kevin came over after breakfast and we rode a 23 mile oab down Old Westpoint to Alt-45. The wind sucked a lot. This was my first outing on the race bike this year and I just put my new seatpost on that morning. Of course it is not quite in the right place so I have a little adjusting to do. Still I managed to hit 30 on flat ground which is something that has been hard for me. On the great Montgomery downhill I registered 39.5 on the speedometer. I kept pushing harder at 39 and it felt like I was going faster so I am not sure if my speedometer can record speeds above 40. It is a pretty strange feeling to slow down to 30 coasting and feel like you are not going very fast. So we got back and the girls had not even left on their shopping trip. Luckily it did not take them long to get back. Emily bought some small sauce bowls that match our everyday dishes and me a Vic First french rolling pin. Later on lunch turned out great.

As of Saturday I broke 500 miles of self propelled locomotion for the year. 76.5 running miles, 401 commuting miles, 23.5 miles on the good bike, and a mere 800yds of swimming.

Stupid fair weather bikers. Riding their stupid slow ass mountain bikes around campus. Cutting across crosswalks where they do not have the right of way. Where were they when it was 18 degrees and raining? Pussies.

2007-02-21 20:56:53 760

Hot hot day today. Boo for summer.

Best iTunes purchase of the year, Kitty by the Presidents of the United States of America. I had not heard it since middle school when my MathCounts shirts were new.

2007-02-21 06:49:42 759

Yay, it is not 7:00 yet and it is 61 degrees! I finally got my high vis jacket yesterday and now it will be almost too warm to wear it. Plus it is not even dark at 5:00 for the trip home anymore that I really needed it for.

2007-02-13 20:11:38 758

I cooked an awesome bad for you meal last week. The main course was Mexican Chicken. I followed the recipe to the letter and it turned out wonderful. For dessert I made S'more Brownies except that I screwed up the crust a bit and it turned out wonderful. Instead of the ingredients listed, use 1.5 cups crushed graham cracker, 1 stick salted butter, and 1 cup of brown sugar.

Steve talked me into doing Mississippi in Motion today. Basically I am all for the $25 12 week membership to the Sanderson. I have been gorging tonight so that my weigh in tomorrow will be nice. I do not expect to lose very much weight though, maybe 10 pounds or so at the most. I will be contributing tons of activity points though. 30 minutes of biking gets a point so I will get 2 a day for that. Plus 1 point per mile of running will rack up pretty quickly as I have another half marathon in a couple weeks and loads of training before it.

2007-02-12 15:04:30 757

Ended up being a great weekend. Emily and I picked up Kevin and Michelle, getting out of town a little before noon. Got to Birmingham and went to the mall for a bit. Had an adventure getting into the parking garage with illegal u-turns. Kevin and I walked and picked up our race packets. Cory and Sarah met up with us after a while. Then the guys went to survey the course and the girls went to the Summit to shop. Afterward we met up at the Macaroni Grill. I thought there would be no problem because we were going early at six. Got there and the wait was more than an hour. Emily and I left everyone else and went looking for someplace else with a shorter wait. Went to the Village Tavern and their wait was only 45 minutes. Our buzzer rang first so everyone else came down the hill to eat with us. Well the service ended up being pretty interesting and the food was just ok. I doubt I will ever go back. We went to the Bruno's and bought bananas for breakfast and then headed back to the hotel. I did not sleep very well at all. Somehow the fire alarm speaker in the wall was picking up some kind of repetitive music like beat and played it all night long. I finally got up a little before 5:30 and started eating my breakfast. Cory and Kevin got up and ready pretty quick and we sat in the hall to finish eating to not bother the girls. We went down to the lobby around 6:30. There were a ton of runners hanging out because it was freezing outside, 26F @ 6:53 according to the NWS. After killing some time we headed to the starting area. It was so crowded that it felt warm. The signal to go was so anti-climatic, there were so many people that it took about a minute to walk to the start line. Cory ran with us the first couple miles for his scheduled workout. That turned out great because Kevin and I were able to give him our hats to take back to the hotel. We ran and ran. The never ending hill that started before mile 5 and ended at mile six was not as bad as it could have been. We passed a lot of people on it. The peak before mile 10 was my downfall. It was really steep and Kevin pulled ahead. The good thing though was that it was downhill from there. At about mile 12 there was an unofficial aid station giving out donuts and cold beer. I was not sure where the finish line was exactly because there was a turn in front of it. I saw Cory right before the last turn so I knew the end was close and sped up a bit. Emily got video of me finishing with what looks like a gun time of 2:00:44. I was sad because even though my original goal was 2:10, I thought that I would be able to make it under 2:00 halfway through the race. So we headed back to the hotel and got showers. Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory and I ate chicken and biscuits floating in an ocean of gravy. It was so good. From there we split from Cory and Sarah and drove on back to Starkvegas. Later on yesterday afternoon our chip time results were posted. Kevin finished in a blazing 1:56:41, and I met my secondary goal with a 1:59:55. Yes I was in 950th place, but that was out of 2457 finishers so I am not very sad about it. Now I have 19 days until the Little Rock Half Marathon where it will be me vs Team Waldroup. At least this race will be flat so I can set my goal at a 1:50.

2007-02-09 21:11:26 756

Tonight I had the best meal ever in the great metropolis of Starkville. Emily and I met Joel and Jennifer at the Oktoc Grill that is right behind Up Your Alley right off of University across from Bin 612. Turns out that the format is a nice four course pick your soup and entrée deal. Joel and I both went for the crab bisque and the fillet of beef entrée. Jennifer went for the halibut, Emily got the stuffed chicken, and they both got the butter bean bisque. So things started off with the bisque. Then was a great salad of lettuce that even Emily could eat with a great vinaigrette. The entrées came up next. Joel and I won with our beef. This was the best piece of meat I have ever eaten. Was wonderful with asparagus, rice pilaf, and carrots. The dessert was caramel over ice cream. Best restaurant in Starkville. It it totally the antithesis of the Abbey having great service and great food. The only bad thing is that you should be prepared to part with a C-note. But it is so worth it.

2007-02-08 11:05:30 755

Back when I lived on Yellow Jacket with Bryan, it was referred to as the apartments behind the mini-storage. I am glad that I am out of there now since the mini-storage caught on fire.

2007-02-07 20:57:21 754

Go go gadget stock market! The IRA is up 4% on the year already. TRGMX, TRSPX, and TCLOX are the best. Until of course the Democrats do something dumb and the economy tanks.

Kevin finally got a website up.

2007-02-03 15:56:23 753

Ran forever this afternoon with Kevin. A week from tomorrow is the Mercedes Marathon. Brings the yearly total of running miles to 41.4, twenty-one days of biking to work, and a total of 242 miles of commuting.

Poor Emily is at work today. At least she had a decent enough this past week as she started on the 7-3 shift. Much better than the 3-11 that she had been on for months. The hospital is so short on nurses that Emily worked a 40+ hour week and is working a 12 hour shift today. Yay for money! Boo for being at work...

2007-02-01 22:35:22 752

Kevin and I ran a whole eight miles a week ago. We ran a small run of four on this Tuesday. Now the big run comes up tomorrow when we will go for eleven. A week and two days from the half marathon. I am going to hurt. A lot.

Today's commute was a load of fun. It was raining this morning and so freaking cold, so I wore all of my usual layers for 30 degrees plus my old Adidas pants on top of my work pants. It actually worked and was pretty much waterproof.

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