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My Cycling Log

2007-02-09 21:11:26 756

Tonight I had the best meal ever in the great metropolis of Starkville. Emily and I met Joel and Jennifer at the Oktoc Grill that is right behind Up Your Alley right off of University across from Bin 612. Turns out that the format is a nice four course pick your soup and entrée deal. Joel and I both went for the crab bisque and the fillet of beef entrée. Jennifer went for the halibut, Emily got the stuffed chicken, and they both got the butter bean bisque. So things started off with the bisque. Then was a great salad of lettuce that even Emily could eat with a great vinaigrette. The entrées came up next. Joel and I won with our beef. This was the best piece of meat I have ever eaten. Was wonderful with asparagus, rice pilaf, and carrots. The dessert was caramel over ice cream. Best restaurant in Starkville. It it totally the antithesis of the Abbey having great service and great food. The only bad thing is that you should be prepared to part with a C-note. But it is so worth it.

2007-02-08 11:05:30 755

Back when I lived on Yellow Jacket with Bryan, it was referred to as the apartments behind the mini-storage. I am glad that I am out of there now since the mini-storage caught on fire.

2007-02-07 20:57:21 754

Go go gadget stock market! The IRA is up 4% on the year already. TRGMX, TRSPX, and TCLOX are the best. Until of course the Democrats do something dumb and the economy tanks.

Kevin finally got a website up.

2007-02-03 15:56:23 753

Ran forever this afternoon with Kevin. A week from tomorrow is the Mercedes Marathon. Brings the yearly total of running miles to 41.4, twenty-one days of biking to work, and a total of 242 miles of commuting.

Poor Emily is at work today. At least she had a decent enough this past week as she started on the 7-3 shift. Much better than the 3-11 that she had been on for months. The hospital is so short on nurses that Emily worked a 40+ hour week and is working a 12 hour shift today. Yay for money! Boo for being at work...

2007-02-01 22:35:22 752

Kevin and I ran a whole eight miles a week ago. We ran a small run of four on this Tuesday. Now the big run comes up tomorrow when we will go for eleven. A week and two days from the half marathon. I am going to hurt. A lot.

Today's commute was a load of fun. It was raining this morning and so freaking cold, so I wore all of my usual layers for 30 degrees plus my old Adidas pants on top of my work pants. It actually worked and was pretty much waterproof.

2007-02-01 22:22:35 751

Thank you Rick Frazier for the marriage advice, "Dude you are going to get fat." Sorry Rick, I guess you did not know me when I was a freshman weighing a mere 180. Now that I am 25 and weigh 220something due to the influence of cheap beer, I do not think I will get much bigger. Since I spend an hour on my bike a day commuting, and can manage a six mile run in slow ass nine minute miles, I am not worried about my waist size getting any larger. If I would cut down my daily intake by 500 calories, I would shrivel into nothing in a few months. Anyway it does not matter. If I start to approach 200, I will start eating pure lard to keep my weight at 201 to stay at Clydestale status at the Memphis in May triathlon.

MSU almost beat the #1 team in the nation!!!! Florida is some damned cheaters!

2007-02-01 22:19:46 750

Usually I do not care for the driving habits of the Starkville Police as they like to pass me a wee bit close when I am on my bike. Or maybe it is just the one jackass who drives the SPD Jeep Cherokee (in the middle of this nice banner) who passes me with inches to spare regularly on Montgomery Street. So anyway today I ended up with another police officer behind me at the intersection of Montgomery and Chapin. He was a good driver and actually got over to the left to pass me. I really appreciate people who do that. He even came to a complete stop at the Montgomery / Critz intersection, something the Jeep driving ass never does. It got better though, at the bottom of the big hill he turned his lights on and caught a speeder going south. First time I have ac tually seen someone pulled over on Montgomery since I moved into my apartment last July.

2007-01-23 20:21:17 749

Wal-Mart and Target are selling porn from their websites.

2007-01-22 21:27:22 748

21 miles on the bike today.

2007-01-19 10:56:59 747

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