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My Cycling Log

2006-12-22 21:40:58 736

Well I had several official tasks for tonight. The biggest was to stamp and seal the many thank you notes that sweet Emily had written. At least I had sealed the ones I had written so I just had to put stamps on them. Then I spend a good long while being really productive sharpening my axe and pocketknife.

2006-12-21 19:06:55 735

iTunes downloads for today:
1. That Was the Worst Christmas Ever! - Sufjan Stevans, free holiday song, a nice acoustic sounding mellow tune, almost Donovanesque
2. Stille Nacht - The King's Singers, free holiday song, Silent Night in German (I think), like vocal crossed with some sort of electronic mixing, maybe they just sing that way...
3. Other People's Lives - Modest Mouse, in cleaning up my home directory on bill, I came across a text file of good music that I had heard on radio wazee meaning to download later, this is one of those songs
4. Unseen Power of the Picket Fence - Pavement, another from the forgotten text file, this song rocks in an awesome 1994 way
5. Pandemonium - Killing Joke, also from the text file, a rocking song, almost sounds like some of Stabbing Westward

2006-12-19 22:09:35 734

I have found my newest favorite website which has a post, The -693926 Days of Christmas that has made me laugh out loud. All by myself.

2006-12-19 20:54:51 733

Stupid Starkville electric and their crappy electrical service. Apparently blinked good enough this weekend to kill the clocks and poor ole Bill.

David got married to Deborah on Sunday. Emily and I got up and on the road around 11:00 Saturday morning. Took the Winona/Memphis/Little Rock route thinking it would be fast. Had some problems in Memphis making the westward turn because a cop was kinda blocking the off ramp and they had orange cones everywhere. Had to loop around and go at it for a second time. I-40 between Memphis and Little Rock is the busiest stretch of interstate that I have had the pleasure of driving on. We had the bright idea of going to the mall in Little Rock not thinking that it was the last real Saturday before Christmas. The traffic there was fun too. Got back on the road and made it to the Hampton Inn in Caddo where my parents were staying; the same hotel that Cory, Sarah, and I had stayed at for the Degray tri last August. Went to Cracker Barrel with my parents, the couple to be married, and some of Deb's family. Afterward several of us went back to David and Deb's apartment. They have gotten the best little Shitzu ever. I don't even like dogs that much but I wanted to kidnap that one. After a while Emily and I went back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep.

On Sunday morning Emily and I went down for breakfast; me in suit pants and a dress shirt and her in pink pajamas. Mom was down there and we ate with her. She told us a funny story that David had been trying to open a box of raisin bran earlier in the morning and managed to rip it that it exploded across most of the dining area. So of course Emily and I wanted to throw raisin bran at the newlywed couple. David met me pretty soon after and him and I headed to the gardens in the Accord. The place was really nice. Nice and natural. Had the neatest Arkansas stone sidewalks that were nearly perfectly level and smooth. Anyway the hardest thing I had to do was set up a projector and screen to show the kids' photos during the reception. Was tough because the projector was way too big for the screen. Anyway the ceremony went very well with one little omission but it was not really noticed by anyone but the maid of honor and me. I think this is the first ceremony that I have ever attended with a woman officiating. The reception was neat too. David's groom's cake was so good. Almost as good as mine. They had a bottle of champagne and the opening duties were assigned to me. Some bright soul had put the bottle into the freezer since before the ceremony. I opened it without much of a pop, but then the ice dam broke and a frozen slurry slammed up into me and to the ceiling. Good times. Well Emily and I left and both of us were starving and she really wanted a steak. I got back to the interstate in Benton and saw a place called Colton's off of the road. It was one of the best restaurant experiences we have ever had; we were starving so the food tasted better than it might have been, but the service was excellent also. We continued back toward home and made pretty good time. Saw lots of deer on 55 and 82 though and that was scary. We went to my least favorite store once we got back in Starkville and picked up a nice on sale fake Christmas tree. Finally made it home around 10:00 PM and got some much needed sleep.

2006-12-15 20:57:02 732

Obama? Wow that sounds like Osama! And he dresses like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Crazy crazy!

Go go stock market! My IRA is up more than 2% in the past 30 days. I am mostly invested in the S&P 500 and a mid-cap index fund so if the market tanks I am screwed. Stupid businesses giving there CEO's $40M bonuses keeps that keep good ole wealth concentration keeping on. Something has got to give, and when it does things are going to get really really bad. IRA is going to go to poop. Maybe I should buy me some gold.

2006-12-14 14:44:05 731

The Knife - Christmas Reindeer is the neatest "modern" Christmas song I have heard this year and it is free on iTunes. Sounds like some crazy people with a beat box and a synth.

2006-12-10 21:12:55 730

Now I have been 25 for almost a whole day now. Last year when I turned 24 I was talking about an IRA. Now I have a Roth. And I am married. Best thing I know about turning 25 is that society finally sees me as an adult and will let me rent cars at the cheap insurance rates.

2006-12-05 00:05:50 729

The one reason I like the cold on the bike... apparently it makes everything so tight that I get no squeakies from the back wheel or anywhere else. Good ole thickening powers of grease. Tonight the Raleigh is inside so it will suffer some temp shock in the morning and I may get some serious temperature squealing.

2006-12-04 23:16:09 728

Coldest day of the year so far. According to it was about 23 when I left this morning on the bike for campus. I made it ok, my ears just hurt really really bad. Rode back home for lunch and the ears hurt again. Luckily by then Emily had found her earwarmer and got it out for me. The rides this afternoon were much nicer. Tonight at ~10:30 it was back down to 25. I rode over to the hospital and got Emily's car and drove it for a few miles to warm it up. Now it is a little after 11 so she should be getting home soon. Hopefully her car stayed warm. I can't wait for the ride in the morning, it should be my first sub 20 ride. Last January or so I had a few 25 degree rides but I do not remember it getting nearly this cold.

2006-12-02 21:36:21 727

This will be a long long post.

The Abbey. In Starkville. Worse than the Olive Garden in Jackson back in '01. Worse than Rosey Baby's legendary terrible service (or maybe just my terrible luck). I went to the Abbey once and it was not too bad except for the crappy food. A couple weeks later, Scott planned to have our chapter's fall 2005 alumni even there. And the service was absolutely terrible. Fast forward a year and search for "the abbey sucks" on my most favorite $400+ a share search engine. rocks out as #1 in that search.

Fast forward to the year 2006. In October. Nearly a year since I wasted my money at the Abbey. I get an email from

It is in your best interest to contact me regarding your website.... its regarding the remarks made by a girl who has no clue about what she is talking about,and has no right to post the kind of crap that she has on your web site ... my lawyers are being contacted and i will sue her and you and your website for slander .... trust me i am not playing games

Welcome to America, where you express an opinion of a place of business and the owner resorts to threatening email. Apparently he thought I was a girl because I had this place pink for October.

My response:

You did not provide your name or any other contact information so I am replying to your email.

The remarks that you refer to are mine. In October of 2005 I visited the Abbey and had a terrible dining experience, so I wrote about it on my website, As everything I stated is the truth, I am not afraid of your threats. Also for your information, slander is spoken defamation, the word you was looking for is libel.

Jim Sesser

Took three more days and I got this lengthy response:

Mario Perez 662 320-3816 owner

I replied:

Mr Perez,

As your original email is rather threatening, I can only imagine how belligerent you would be on the phone.

I am not interested in editing my opinions of your "restaurant" so there should not be anything else you need to bother me with.

Jim Sesser

Thanks Mario, I am still never going back to the Abbey. The Abbey, the only place I won't eat in Starkville. Oh well, the Subway in Wal-Mart either because Wal-Mart is evil too.

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