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My Cycling Log

2006-11-07 22:42:35 721

Logistics. Makes a honeymoon complicated. Never had to plan this many reservations and confirmations and stuff before.

2006-11-02 18:51:49 720

This past weekend was the weekend that all other weekends from here on out shall be measured against. I took off half a day on Friday, got all packed up, and Sesti picked me up. We met up with Josh and Bryan and headed south. After dark we made it to the Warwick Hotel. I checked us in and Josh found a parking garage next door. The lobby looked great and things started to go downhill from there. The elevator was one of the smallest ever; the four of us barely fit on it with our bags. The room was interesting with bad carpet and was in general disrepair. At least it was cheap. We headed out to find the Crescent City Brewhouse but missed it and ended up at Margaritaville. I had a cheeseburger covered in seafood and it was great. From there we headed back to the hotel, which was a freaking long walk. After Bryan poured Dr Pepper everywhere, we headed out to Bourbon Street. We were tired of walking so we found a place to sit down for a while. It was a late night but we had a lot of fun. On Saturday morning we went to the Cafe du Monde. Pretty soon after we went to Crescent City and I had some great crab stuffed shrimp. In the afternoon Sesti, Josh, and I headed toward the city park for Voodoo. The trolleys were packed so we started walking north on Canal. I gmaped things on my phone and saw that it was a long long way to the park. We stopped in front of the Days Inn and a cab stopped for us. Had the best of luck as the couple who rode with us were MSU alumns and gave Josh a ticket. The cab driver was nuts though. Luckily we survived the trip and got to walk about another mile into the park. After making it through security, we watched Social Distortion and then the Chili Peppers came on. It was awesome. The Peppers put on a great show. Afterward we headed out the gates and got the privilege of paying $10 to catch a bus back to downtown. Met up with Bryan and made a circuit down Bourbon to check out all of the crazy costumes people were out in. On Sunday we got up and headed to Abita Springs across the causeway. I ate a ton of fried seafood and it was great. The Andy Gator was nice too. I even bought a tshirt. Afterward we headed on back to Starkvegas.

2006-11-01 22:54:26 719

Thank you Wamu for all of your advertisements and not offering accounts in the great state of Mississippi.

2006-11-01 22:18:26 718

Yay, MythBusters had a Kubrick reference to 2001.

2006-10-31 22:47:05 717

October is nearly over. So no more unreadable pink. Until next year!

2006-10-25 19:56:45 716

So I wanted some good ole healty fried chicken tonight and did not feel like thawing stuff in the freezer. My original plan was to go to KFC but I gave up on that when I saw the drive through line coming around the building and inside was packed too. Thinking that the new place, Ravin', might be cheaper and faster, I headed there. I was completely wrong on the fast and cheap. I got the 6 piece strips with a side of hush puppies for a whopping $9.79. The hush puppies were good, but the chicken strips were not the largest or the best tasting by far. I though that this place was part of a chain, but apparently it is not as their website,, is not exactly developed as of today. Also their credit card receipt it titled with "YOUR COMPANY NAME." Next time KFC is busy, I'm going to Zaxby's.

Watching World's Tallest People on TLC. Turns out there is an international Tall Club and I am tall enough to join.

2006-10-24 16:12:00 715

Made some more progress on wedding stuff. Last night I stamped and sealed a load of invitations so we got them sent of at the mailing place on Main Street. Emily picked up her wedding ring at Montgomery's. It turned out really nice from the engraving that was put into it to match her engagement ring. We went to the Circuit Clerk's and picked up the license. So I think that means that almost everything is planned except finishing up invitations, Emily figuring out decoration stuff, and something else that I am sure is important.

2006-10-21 10:00:43 714

Emily and I got our blood test results back yesterday applied for our license. Get to pick it up on Monday. Four weeks to the day from the wedding!

Tivo got To Catch A Predator for me. It is absolutely nuts.

2006-10-18 16:02:42 713

Got my test for the syphilis today. Emily did too. A whole $13 each. It took all of five minutes to do us both after we got to wait almost an hour at the health department. We get to pick the results up Friday morning and then hopefully go ahead and get our license. Pass the three day waiting period (like it is a gun) and we get to pick up the license.

Our reception invitations came in yesterday so Emily is going to try and get a start on them today. I ordered stamps yesterday too, the most I have ever spent on freaking postage.

It has been a week of bike issues for me. I got a sweet ~1977 Raleigh frame from eBay for cheap and built it up with my fixed components last Thursday. Then I decided to up the gearing by putting a 52t chainring on the front. Test rode it and everything worked well. I rode it to work and during the day the chain jumped off. When I headed home for lunch it jumped off again around Coconut's. By then the chainring was bent and it did not work very well so I had to walk the rest of the way home. So I put the original 42t chainring back on and everything seemed good. Yesterday morning I headed to campus and felt some strange slippage. I thought that maybe I had somehow loosened the cog and that it had tightened itself. At the second stop sign on Montgomery it slipped so bad I was spinning the pedals and not going anywhere. So I coasted back down to the apartment and got my car. It was raining so I didn't want to get the good bike out. At lunch I was able to get the cog off and found that I had managed to do the worst possible thing, stripping the threads from the hub. Lucky for me, my hub is fixed on one side and has a free wheel on the other, so I flipped it to the free wheel side and rode back to work. When I built the wheel, I tensioned it for the fixed side so there were a lot of poppy noises. Everything rode wonderfully and I was thinking about leaving it as a single speed forever. So today after lunch I am riding back up the big hill and hear a pop. Yep it was a spoke. The wheel was out of true enough that it brushed the frame, but I did not think it was too bad and started coasting back to the apartment. Should have walked it because at the bottom of the hill the tire completely blew out. So now I have a seriously out of true wheel and a shredded tire. Yay! Had to ride the good bike back this afternoon and made it in less than ten minutes. I am going to cannablize a tire from Emily's bike because it is a 27" setup too and I have a few spokes left to fix the wheel.

2006-10-12 21:58:38 712

Don't fear the reaper!

Oh yeah, Memorial Hall's fire was just a steam pipe exploding. Nothing like good ole arson in Dorman less than 12 hours before.

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