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My Cycling Log

2006-10-12 11:03:24 711

Campus is burning. Someone tried to burn Dorman last night so it is taped up with police tape now and no one can go in. The construction workers set off the fire alarm in Lee around 9:00 this morning. At the same time there was a fire in Memorial hall. Steve, Kevin, and I rode around campus to see the fire trucks at Memorial and Dorman.

2006-10-10 22:05:14 710

Ran five miles with Kevin at a new personal record for me today. 44:17 in a loop starting at Hartness and University running through campus to 182, back down Engineering Row, in front of Perry, and then back to the start. Makes me happy seeing that it was taking me more than 20 minutes to run a mere two miles in March. We are certainly on track to run the Mercedes half marathon in Feb in under two hours.

I got to see the Five Browns last night. The chapter got to usher the concert. I got there at 6:00 and the first floor of Lee was already full. At 7:00 we let people in. For the first time there was reserved seating so Sesti and I got to guard a section of seating. Sesti was great at getting people to the right seats because he had done it before at the Pyramid. They started the program with Rhapsody in Blue on five pianos which was freaking awesome. Also in the first set was Aaron Copland's Simple Gifts which is a great song and plus he is a Sinfonian. After intermission Lehman and I passed microphones around the audience for a question and answer session. The next song was Scenes from Westside Story and I had to stay for that since I got to see the Cleveland Orchestra play the same thing this summer. They were wonderful, but I was tired from having to stand up most of the time so I got out of there then.

2006-10-09 09:46:32 709

This weekend was the Heel and Crank Duathlon in Huntsville. Emily let me have the Accord to drive over there but she had driven back from Memphis on Thursday and left it covered with bugs and with no gas. So during lunch on Friday, I ran by the hospital to eat with Emily and managed to get the car clean, loaded, and gassed up. I took off at 2:00 to get a good start and picked Kevin up at his place. Drove to the Air Force base and picked up Cory at the gate. We travelled a backwoods way that headed more directly over to I-65 instead of looping south to get through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. It was a nice pretty drive with a lot of super big hills. Made it to Huntsville around 7:00 but our directions to the hotel were not working because google maps said it was on "Airport RD SW" instead of "Airport RD" and we were looking for the wrong place. So we gave up and found an Italian place called Tellini's to eat at. Completely randomly we managed to sit next to the race director who gave us good instructions on how to find our hotel and the race site. After eating we drove around the race course some and found that it was pretty much flat. Found the hotel and the room was super nice with two queen sized beds in a different room from the pull out sofa.

We got up at 5:15AM and got ready to leave. There was only one guy with a bike in the transition area before we got there. It was so cold that after we hung our bikes up, we sat in the car until the sun came up. There was about 100 people in all racing and at 8:00 we started as a mass. The three of us hung together running about 8's until we got to a hill and Kevin and I a little ahead of Cory. Kevin beat me out of transition because he did not have to change shoes. I caught up with him pretty quickly though. He made the second turn too sharp and struck his pedal on the ground. That almost made him totally go down but he saved himself. After a while I realized that my race number was coming off of my back so I moved it around to my front and partway stuck it in my shorts. I could always see Cory just a little behind me and I saw Kevin a little while after I passed the turn around. I rode like a crazy person back through the neighborhood on the way back. Coming into transition I got my right foot out of my shoe but couldn't get the left so I clomped on through, racked my bike, switched to my running shoes and took off. I made it a couple hundred yards and realized my bike helmet was still on. So I carried it for the whole two mile run. Cory managed to fall coming into transition on his bike and busted his knee up. Like usual a bunch of old guys pass me on the last run, but unlike my other races I managed to run the whole thing. Anyway I ended up finishing in 1:04:40 where my unrealistic goal had been 1:06. Cory was about 30s behind me and Kevin came in within another minute. Kevin and I ended up placing in our age group too. So it was a good race and I had a ton of fun. Kevin and Cory got Hammer Gel jugs as door prizes so they pretty much broke even on the entry fee. Kevin and I got $5 gift certificates to a running place in town so we checked it out after the race. There they sized me and had me run on a treadmill while videoing my feet. Turns out I am a slight over pronator so the lady found a shoe that would work for me. I ended up getting Mizuno Wave Inpire 2's. They are so light and feel a lot better than my Asics. Cory ended up getting some near racing flats too. After that we got cleaned up back at the hotel and headed home.

2006-10-02 17:25:27 708

Yep, gone Pink for October. Save the boobies!

2006-09-27 22:45:34 707

Sold my Apple stock yesterday. I did not quite break even. Of course it gained $2 per share as soon as I sold it. But it is paying for my honeymoon airfare so it is another kind of investment that can be much much better.

2006-09-27 22:29:32 706

Thank you 7-Eleven for dropping the evil Hugo Chavez's Citgo. Too bad there is no 7-Eleven in Starkville or I would be buying gas from them now. On another subject I ran a spending report the other day and found that I have only spent $360 on gas for my car this year. That includes a couple trips to Natchez and Jackson which are the most expensive part. I have put $300 into Emily's car. Sadly this has let me spend $1800 on bike parts so now at least I have a super racing bike and a great get to work every day bike too.

2006-09-23 11:14:25 705

Nope Starkville Electric service is still sucking.

After work yesterday Emily picked me up and we drove out to the far side of Caledonia and picked up her altered wedding dress. The lady that altered the dress had her daughter take pictures of Emily in it that she is going to use in a newspaper advertisement.
On the way back we were both starving and decided to try out Fire Mountain. That place is at the root of American society's fat problem. It was good though; I ate pretty much nothing but fried seafood and carbs.

Well since I ate so bad last night, I got up this morning to work it off. I ran a three mile route to the office to get my fixed gear. Rode home the normal short way and decided to try and run a couple more miles. Headed south on Montgomery and took a right onto Critz. Came up on Jackson and I crossed over to the sidewalk. Then somehow I managed to trip over a freaking sidewalk crack. I've got the tuck and roll manuver down so I took a lot of it on my left shoulder. I was bleeding pretty good from my left elbow, a little bit from my calf, and my left ankle bounced off the concrete pretty good. So I cut my route short and jogged straight home. I'm all good now except my elbow stings a bit and my nurse is at work.

2006-09-20 21:13:24 704

Bill's been off for a couple days now. Apparently Starkville Electric has been having issues on this part of town with a lot of near brown outs every couple of minutes. I think they fixed whatever was broken this morning. In the meantime I have gotten a new IP from Northland,

2006-09-11 09:31:01 703

My post from 5 years ago today:

Today has certainly been interesting. Being the responsible human being I am I got up early this morning and took my band uniform pants (which were somewhat muddy) to the dry cleaners. Sesti called me and told me that the Pentagon was on fire and smoking a lot. So I came back to the apartment and the World Trade Center was on CBS news. I saw a the hole in one of the towers and my first thought was how did somebody get a bomb that high up in the tower? Then after about five more minutes a plane (the second plane) flew in and hit the other tower. When I saw that plane, I was thinking it was around the size of a private jet and not an enormous Boeing. So I wasn't even thinking that there could have been THAT much damage. Then it was time for class, so I went to CS and was bored for an hour and a half. When I left class I heard on the radio that the planes were full of passengers. Until then I had th had thought that some crazy people had just taken some planes off of the ground and taken off. I watched ABC and CNN news from 11 when I got out of class until 5 when I had to go to band. So far the game is still on for this Saturday at least until we know for sure if the BYU people will be able to fly. After practice everyone who wanted to prayed on the 30 yard line of the practice field. I was really impressed because almost the entire band was there. In Starkville (in Natchez too because I talked to my dad) there is a gas shortage scare apparently started by rumors with people waiting in line 10 cars deep to get gas. Luckily I had a full tank of gas from last night so I didn't even worry about getting more. I just hope that all of the markets stay stable Thursday when they open. I am pretty sure that everything will be ok. If we go to war, that will help our market even more, but I hope we don't really go to war. Just as long as the US can figure out who helped and then bomb the hell out of them and not have a draft. That would be fine for me. Anyway I have a Linear Algebra test tomorrow (it hasn't been cancelled yet) so it's sleepy time for me.

2006-09-08 22:38:07 702

So I was watching the movie Bottle Rocket that Tivo got for me. I heard a somewhat familiar tune and after some research found that it was the song Alone Again Or by Love. Turns out I have heard the Calexico version on World Cafe, but lucky for me, both versions are on iTunes. This is one of those great songs, good trumpets, good lyrics, equals good music.

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