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  • Today was a great day at work. Dr Picone hired another web designer, Micheal Peach who is in the band, is a native English speaker, and can code straight HTML. The last two web designers had NONE of these qualities. Another thing happened, isip002 just crashed this afternoon. I had an xterm open and it went poof. I tried to open another and I got a "/bin/bash not found isip002 NFS not responding." I think everything is fixed now though. Then tonight when I checked my mail I saw that Dr Picone had "terminated" Nitin. Nitin was an interesting web designer. He lasted almost two whole weeks. I was planning on ranting about Nitin some more but that wouldn't be any good.
  • Phish's version of "Gin & Juice" is truly a great song.

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  • My apartment is clean. We cleaned it this weekend. Berryhill bought a $140 vaccum cleaner that is awesome. Then we moved all of the furniture and used a Dr Rug on it so almost all of the nast stains are gone. We pulled several pounds of dirt out of the carpet. Then Sesti and I bought several rugs, one for the front door, two for the kitchen, one for our bathroom, and a big one for the big part of the bathroom.
  • Since we thought the game was going to be at 6 we missed it because we were still cleaning until around 5ish. It made me so sad to hear what the score was. I get to go to Auburn this weekend and I hope they play better.

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  • So we didn't kick South Carolina's ass in the football game. At least we still had a great pregame show that was nationally televised. Will another SEC school EVER see that? I don't think so.
  • Berryhill and I went shopping today. I've gotten good enought so I don't have to buy food much anymore but I found this pack of chicken legs (4 or 5, I'm not sure) and it was on sale for only $1.05 and it had a coupon on it for $1 if you bought 3 cans of Grands biscuits. I thought this was a real deal because the chicken would be only $.05 after the coupon. The only thing though are that Grands were like $1.50 a can so it really was not a deal. But I still got the chicken because that is a lot of meat for $1.50. Then we saw Godiva ice cream for $2.00. THATS RIGHT $2.00 for about 12 ounces of lovely delight. So I got some Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and it is good and I have a lot left.

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  • Today has been another interesting day. Had CS this morning and had a quiz. I did not do very well because I did not exactly learn much in class Tuesday. I had a lot of fun reading the boards at There is this one guy who posts as Brom and he wants the US to go bomb whoever did it. Then there are these little faries who are saying "who is the US to boss around other countries." I think that is BS. I read some really neat points in other places too. Whenever there is a earthquake or a flood, who is the first country to go help? The US. The US goes out and helps everyone. When the US is flooded or has earthquakes or tornados or hurricanes no one comes and helps us. When other countries get invaded, who helps?helps? Usually the US leads the movement and England, Australia, and Canada join in and bring in the UN. There seems like there is a lot of anti US feelings in some people. But where would the wo world be if it weren't for the US getting involved in other countries problems? First there is world war one where the US bailed western Europe out. Then there was world war two where if the US had not helped, all of Europe would have been taken over by the Nazis and eventually all of the world would have been taken over. It looks like the US's foreign policy is going to be on the offensive like it was during Teddy's term because Colin Powell said that terrorism is a blight upon civilizatiolization and must be wiped out.

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  • Today has certainly been interesting. Being the responsible human being I am I got up early this morning and took my band uniform pants (which were somewhat muddy) to the dry cleaners. Sesti called me and told me that the Pentagon was on fire and smoking a lot. So I came back to the apartment and the World Trade Center was on CBS news. I saw a the hole in one of the towers and my first thought was how did somebody get a bomb that high up in the tower? Then after about five more minutes a plane (the second plane) flew in and hit the other tower. When I saw that plane, I was thinking it was around the size of a private jet and not an enormous Boeing. So I wasn't even thinking that there could have been THAT much damage. Then it was time for class, so I went to CS and was bored for an hour and a half. When I left class I heard on the radio that the planes were full of passengers. Until then I had th had thought that some crazy people had just taken some planes off of the ground and taken off. I watched ABC and CNN news from 11 when I got out of class until 5 when I had to go to band. So far the game is still on for this Saturday at least until we know for sure if the BYU people will be able to fly. After practice everyone who wanted to prayed on the 30 yard line of the practice field. I was really impressed because almost the entire band was there. In Starkville (in Natchez too because I tuse I talked to my dad) there is a gas shortage scare apparently started by rumors with people waiting in line 10 cars deep to get gas. Luckily I had a full tank of gas from last night so I didn't even worry about getting more. I just hope that all of the markets stay stable Thursday when they open. I am pretty sure that everything will be ok. If we go to war, that will help our market even more, but I hope we don't really go to war. Just as long as the US can figure out who helped and then bomben bomb the hell out of them and not have a draft. That would be fine for me. Anyway I have a Linear Algebra test tomorrow (it hasn't been cancelled yet) so it's sleepy time for me.

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  • It has been a long day. Today started out really nice. It was almost cold driving to class with the windows down. Physics was extremely stimulating as usual. I've got a linear test Wednesday. Wheee!! Actually I am not worried at all because we have yet to do anything that I was not taught in Algebra II. So I did my CS lab report tonight so that I can study a lot tomorrow. I told Berryhill that we are going to run again tomorrow and he told me that he thought he was just going to go lift. He's a pansy.

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  • Berryhill and I went running today. We ran two whole miles. I am so out of shape. My legs are really stiff now. My short term goal is to be able to run 2 miles in 15 minutes. Then I'll work up to a 5:30 mile :)

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  • I decided to change my date format to HH:MM:SS M.D.Y

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Berryhill and I went running today. We ran two whole miles. I am so out of shape. My legs are really stiff now. My short term goal is to be able to run 2 miles in 15 minutes. Then I will work up to a 5:30 mile

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  • The first game is today. We are going to kill Memphis. At least it will not be 120 like it was last year since this game will start at 6 PM.

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