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My Cycling Log

2006-09-08 09:36:43 701

Yay! Post 700! Yay!

So the University Drive bike lane may be on the chopping block just so the St Joseph parishioners can have a few more parking spots closer to the church. What they are asking for sounds somewhat reasonable, just that the bike lane serve as parking from 8 to 8 on Sundays. Apparently the problem is that the way the road is currently painted, this might make the center line move which is a "bad thing" and would result in the bike lane having to be removed permanently. Also since there are plans for other bike lanes in Starkville, this would set a precedent where any business or church could ask for a similar disruptive setup. This would be like Wendy's asking for the right lane of HWY 12 to be used for parking every day at lunch! Originally I thought the bike lane was crap as I had no problems riding in the road, but now it does make me feel a little safer. The biggest benefit is that it has encouraged more recreational riding. This is great because everyone who gets out and rides some puts off heart disease by just a little longer and will help everyone's health insurance go down.
So the Bulldawg Cycling email list has been lit up with concern about this issue and plans have been made to attend the Alderman meeting. Mike Murphey from the bike shop offered up a bike rack to solve the parking issue. Robert McMillen found a quote from one of last fall's Reflectors : Rev. Jerry A. Mattingly said. "We hate to relinquish parking spaces, but we support the greater cause of improving the community."

2006-09-03 19:21:05 700

The Jurassic 5 / Dave video for Work it Out is the most hilarious ever. It is pretty typical super liberal fare and stereotypes of the Bush administration. Bush jogs and abuses free water and poor Cheney even has heart failure, imagine that. Plus Condi has some sweet workout moves.

2006-09-02 12:58:59 699

All of my tri training is finally starting to pay off. Last week when I got new pants, I moved down to 36x34's from 38x34's. First time to wear a 36 in a few years. This morning I rode almost 29 miles on the bike out 389 and County Lake RD and when I got back my semi dehydrated weight was 210 which is the lowest I have weighed in about 5 years. Yay! Over the next month I am going to up my bike mileage and alternate with short runs. Cory and I are on schedule to start half marathon training in November, and then I will have to cut back on my bike mileage.

The MSU / South Carolina game was entertaining for the first half. I had great anticipation for the band's halftime show since the Mario theme is one of my favorite pieces of music. However the band either did not put off much volume, I was sitting in the wrong place, or everyone around me was too loud. I was able to see some of the shapes they formed and it was kinda cool. The third quarter was not so entertaining and Emily and I were bad fans and left at the beginning of the fourth.

2006-08-30 09:25:21 698

I went to Natchez this past weekend. The trip home was good until I was about 30 miles out on the Trace and hit a deer. It flew off to the left side of the road, so I made a U turn to see if it was dead. As soon as I got turned around, it hopped up and took off. My headlights were pointed to the left, but I managed to get home ok. On Saturday I went shopping with mom and got me some more work clothes. When we got hom, dad had already gotten the front end of my car pulled out kinda straight. Then we just had fun getting the hood latch to work and the passenger side headlight in straight.

Yesterday Emily told me that someone had been run over on a bike and died. Details were sketchy so she didn't know for sure. Turns out it was a guy walking down Blackjack before daylight.

2006-08-24 21:10:16 697

Theta Tau Interet Sessions, thank you Shannon Arnold for assuming that I might be intereted in Theta Tau. Or would that be interetted?

2006-08-22 22:41:11 696

So on Friday the 16th, el Presidente sends out an email that squashed our hopes of having a half work day for the South Carolina football game with the statement "University offices will remain open as regularly scheduled, although departments are encouraged to use flex time arrangements and personal leave to help reduce the number of vehicles on campus as football game traffic is arriving." Soooo they expect the hard working campus staff to use personal leave which is worth $$$ to free up parking spots. Last week I purchased my Maroon plan tickets so that I can legally get into the games and today I got my UPSed tickets. Along with them is a nice brocure with a seating chart and parking diagram that has this great bit, "Campus offices will close and classes will dismiss at 12:30 p.m. for the Thursday, August 31 football game with the University of South Carolina." Also is this biggie, "Bulldog Club lots will be available for parking at that time." Sooooo since that game day is one of the days I plan on utilizing my staff parking decal, am I going to get towed after 12:30 for parking in a Bulldog Club lot? Only one way to find out...

2006-08-16 20:31:53 695

I'm getting married! We actually have a place now! Since Florida did not work out, we are going to get married at good ole historic Monmouth in my favorite town. So it looks like we will get married there on Saturday November 18 and spend the night there. Then on Sunday the plan is to catch the 1PM flight out of Jackson to Atlanta to get on down to Jamaica.

The traffic is picking up in town with classes looming tomorrow. Campus is a challenge to bike across again so I had a bit of fun today. It only hit 99 today and it seemed that the heat index was a bit lower than Tuesday's wonderful 115. Some jackass tried to cut me off in his truck going north to the redlight at 182 and Montgomery today. I held my lane and he ended up with the his truck mostly in the turning lane. What made it better is that he was in a city truck. I am getting a lot more comfortable on the fixed gear. It takes a whole lot of muscle to make the thing slow down on a downhill though. I rewrapped the handlebar tape and adjusted the angle of the brake pads tonight so hopefully it will ride better around all of the students' cars in the morning. It does not do too bad for a bike that is 10 years older than I am...

2006-08-12 15:12:19 694

So Cory beat me by a whole 1:03 in the the Tupelo King of the Hill Tri last weekend. So that means that it is on for next weekend's Degray Sprint in good ole Arkansas...

Emily is already proving to be excellent wife to be at spending the money; purchasing a several several hundred dollar antique to put our DVD's in. It had better be pretty when I see it.

2006-07-30 22:59:46 693

On Friday Emily and I met up with Sarah and Cory at Anthony's in Westpoint for dinner. Cory talked me into coming over to the base on Saturday to run and mountain bike. So I got over to Columbus on Sat. morning and we ran 4.5 freaking miles. Somehow I finished. Then we went for a little bit of mountain biking around SAC lake. All was good and we made plans to go down to Cuba AL to ride the route of the upcoming Cuba Challenge road race. Instead of starting at the race start, we started in Lauderdale, about two miles from the route. We started out ok and had a massive descent and both came close to 40mph. Then I started to get tired on the rolling hills pretty quickly. Being 96 degrees and sunny didn't help much either. We crossed over I-20 toward the real race start and turned around from there. By then we were both almost out of water and I was starting to feel pretty bad. Cory was a trooper though, having to wait for me at the tops of hills. According to our map, we had two big hills to get up on the loop we were following. There was a hill that never ended and I actually pushed my bike up it. It made the "big hill" in our first tri look tiny. We ended up coming out in the wrong place on the loop from missing a turn. Luckily that cut out a few miles and we headed back to the car. I had one sip of water left when we finished and I felt like crap. Bought some water and Powerade at the gas station and we headed back to Starkvegas. After drinking a 32oz Powerade, drinking ~30oz more of water, and eating a ton of pizza, I was still 5lbs underweight from what I weighed this morning, so I was just slightly dehydrated. I can't wait until October when bike rides will be fun and cool again...

2006-07-29 18:21:54 692

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