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My Cycling Log

2006-04-07 01:11:32 671

The Wailers were like a 3/10. Not a good show at all.

Juliette Lewis was in a My Name is Earl episode. The world is complete.

2006-04-06 19:51:51 670

Apple closed at 61.17 on Tuesday. Apple announced Boot Camp which allows Intel based Macs to dual boot XP. Apple closed at 71.24 today. Gooooooooooo stock market! Idiots, if they think running Windows is a good thing, I don't care who speculates on Apple stock. I am still down on the investment however because I was still buying in January at 84.87. That hurts.

Emily is at St Jude's again this week slaving away for free. She absolutely loves it though even though the stories she tells me are really really sad. Looks like I will be living in Memphis in the next few years.

2006-03-29 21:09:40 669

Yay stock market! I made a whole $28.30 today; my Apple came up 6% and my Ford is back where I bought it.

2006-03-29 14:45:15 668

So I set up my NCAA bracket on facebook but didn't join any pools with it. So right now I have 113 points which puts me #24 at MSU. I had the Final Four picked except that I had Tennessee making it over George Mason.

2006-03-29 08:03:45 667

It's been a week. This past Friday, Sesti and I got out of town to go to Delta State and check out their FMA chapter. It was fun, ate at a neat place called the Airport Grocery in Cleveland. On Saturday we met with the chapter a little more and then headed up to North West. Stopped in Clarksdale and went to the Ground Zero Blues Club for lunch. I can't wait to make a special trip back some weekend night for the music. The North West chapter had it together. They have pretty nice facilites too; a band hall that is way nicer than the garage MSU has. After their inspection, Sesti and I made a swing through Southaven to pick up some Boddington's and then headed back to Starkvegas.

Last night was Emily's induction into Sigma Theta Tau which she had forgotten to tell me about until the last minute. It was the lamest "initiation" ever. They got pinned! Then they got so sign a book! Woo! Took 20 minutes to go through ~30 women and then we got out of there and went to Little Tokyo with Cory, Sarah, and Joanna. Emily ate her smoked salmon again and really really liked it. For a girl who won't eat corn because of the texture that is amazing.

So Emily starts her preceptorship with St. Jude's tomorrow so she is going to head up to her aunt's tonight. She has to work a couple twelve hour shifts this week.

2006-03-23 23:05:02 666

PTV is the best Family Guy ever. Still on the Tivo.

Emily and I watched Failure to Launch last week and it was pretty good. We watched Ultraviolet with Cory and Sarah in Columbus and it is really really bad.

Tonight was the last im soccer game. We lost. It was fun though, my 5k running has really got some wind in me. I actually managed to kick the ball in the proper direction a few times too.

2006-03-14 18:07:24 665

This past weekend was fun. Emily and I went to the Veranda Friday night. I got the "chef's special" ribeye and it was pretty good. Emily got her standard pecan grouper and it was rubbery like it had been thawed a little too long in the microwave. Plus Emily ordered mashed potatoes instead of the steamed veggies. The waitress brought it out with the veggies, took it back, and brought it back with a double serving of the other vegetable. We gave up. On Saturday I got up and ran my two miles. Cleaned up the apartment for most of the day and made a big grocery run to get ready for "Bring your own steak night." I started putting Mojo sauce and steamed vegetables and started a ton of potatoes baking. Russ, Emilie, Cory, and Sarah came over with their steaks and we had loads of fun.

I ran my two mile loop in 18:02 today, much better than my time of 22:04 on Friday. Emily and I are going to try swimming at the Sanderson tonight and see how out of shape I am. Back in the glory lifeguarding days, I could swim 500 meters in a little more than 8:00. Now I am hoping to swim 200 meters in at most 6:00 by late May.

All this time I had been misspelling Cory's name. Thanks Emily for the incorrect correction oh so long ago when I was putting his number into my phone :)

2006-03-09 17:54:29 664

Thank you Holmes Cultural Diversity Center for inviting and or paying for Gloria Steinem to damn the wonderful campus of Mississippi State University. She is a murdering abortionist who has murdered her own child. As Mississippi has the lowest national rate of abortions it obviously makes sense to have a woman such as her defile many students at MSU.

2006-03-09 14:57:48 663

Campus was closed at 1:00 PM. The big red line of bad stuff is almost here now and the weather sirens just went off. Emily is over in Columbus studying for her last nursing test ever. I finally got up with her so that she won't come back until it passes them instead of coming back at 5:00 like she planned. I have to study for formal languages too.

2006-03-07 20:27:19 662

Corey and I are now both registered for the Tri it on Triathlon!

The girls had to shadow this week, which means slave labor for the Tupelo hospital. Emily and I went over to the base on Saturday and Corey cooked us breakfast for lunch. Then Corey, Joe, and I ran two miles around the base with an improved time. It is so nice and flat. After a while we headed to Tupelo and the girls made it to the hospital around 6:20 PM. Being respectable SO's, Corey and I went to Vanelli's which just so happened to be right in front of our hotel and got to see the comedy of Kurt Green. On Sunday Corey and I got up and tried to run a two mile loop. Got kinda lost and ran a little more than three and a half miles. Later we managed to find the bike store and a sporting goods store but they were closed. The mall sucks when you are looking for triathlon stuff. So we picked up some Pepper's for the girls around 4:00. After they left for work again we headed home.

I bought a first generation iMac on eBay for cheap, as-is. As usual as-is means broke, as in won't boot at all. So I checked out the pram battery and it was dead, replaced it and still no go.

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