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My Cycling Log

2006-02-04 20:53:37 651

Radiohead is playing Bonnaroo! In Tennessee! Along with Tom Petty! In June! With Beck and G-Love! I'm excited. Can you tell?

2006-02-04 18:42:47 650

Puddle Cruiser, not on the level of Super Troopers but they referenced Na-Chez Mississippi.

2006-02-04 12:56:25 649

This week was crazy. On Thursday David Garraway got in town late because of a train delay getting to pick up his new van. He officially inspected our chapter and it seemed that everything went well except that it was lateish before I got home but I still got my homework submitted. So I took Friday afternoon off to go to Oxford with David. Sesti and I had the privilege of riding in David's super pimp van that has not even made it home yet. We made it to Oxford early and got a late lunch at Abner's. Had several individual interviews with the chapter and then we went to a neat place called the Rib Cage on the square. Went back to campus and met with the entire chapter for a while. We got out of there a little before 10 and headed back to good ole Starkvegas. Emily, Nathan, and BJ were at Up Your Alley so David and I walked up there. After a bit we went to Whiskey Blues but they were at the fire code limit. Went into Old Venice for a bit but it was a bit too loud. Went back to the apartment and played Aquateen on the Tivo and opened my commemorative bottle of Makers. Good times...

2006-01-31 21:23:25 648

Bush is rocking out in the State of the Union. So I am watching it Tivoed and am a few minutes behind... Anyway Cindy Sheehan is the world's biggest media whore, now she'll be like "Look at me, I've been oppressed!!!" Who cares because Alito is on the Supreme Court and abortion is in its final countdown.

2006-01-27 20:31:08 647

The Challenger exploded twenty years ago tomorrow. I remember seeing our second best President on TV giving his speech. That and the memory of David coming home from his heart surgery and all of the baloons are the first memories I can come up with at 4 and 3.5 respectively.

2006-01-24 21:33:39 646

The Post Modern Rock Show rules! So this means between my tv and Tivo, I have the most expensive video Ipod ever and it is not even portable.

Hit my first 100 miles of the year last night on the ole bikey bike. Puts me a little off my 7.5 miles per day goal, but it is too dark and cold still.

2006-01-17 19:46:16 645

This weekend was crazy. After David Garraway did not come up Thursday night, and then cancelled on me again on Friday, I finally got a copy of my proposed province bylaws to him on Saturday and we ended up reviewing them over the phone. I drove down to Jackson early Sunday morning so that I could eat lunch with Garraway, Sesti, and John Mongiovi. Anyway the Province Workshop ended up being awesome and afterward Sesti, Garraway, and I got to go meet with our colony at Tougalo and they were a bunch of great guys.

They bought fisting dildos on Mythbusters! And reinforced them! Anything to punch a shark...

2006-01-13 06:52:33 644

Wal-Mart has to be evil when Forbes is writing an article titled Wal-Mart Takes Over The World.

2006-01-12 22:39:32 643

Note to self, Robert Mondavi's Private Selection 2003 Zifandel is a favorite of Emily's. But according to me, it does not even compare to Mondavi's Reserve 1997 Cab which I just happen to have a bottle of.....

2006-01-12 22:15:17 642

So poor poor Bill almost lost a hard drive today. He had been up since November 8 but I needed to take a stick of RAM out. So everything was good until I tried to reboot him and there was no primary drive. So I was sad. This was during lunch so I did not have time for surgery. After work I had the same problem. Strangely enough after plugging and replugging in various configurations, setting the jumper to cable select from master fixed it. Strange and scary. So I made a backup of my database and put it somewhere safe. Time to automate those backups...

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