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2005-11-27 22:58:05 621

Friday night was a good night. There was so much food and beer. Emily got some good pictures, and even some video of Roger not breaking a board on his head. Lehman was a pro at breaking them with his hands.

Everyone liked my turkey so this is basically how I did it:
1. Put frozen 20lb turkey into the fridge 5 days before planning to cook it.
2. On the big day pull out the neck and organs and throw them away because they are gross. Wash the turkey well.
3. De-crust two loaves of french bread and cube it into about 1" pieces. Put on baking sheet and sprinkle with olive oil and pepper. Bake for ~15 minutes at 200.
4. Chop up a big onion and some green onion stalks. Saute them with an entire stick of butter.
5. Mix bread cubes with onions and butter and chicken broth until it is mushy. Force as much as possible into the neck cavity and rear end of the turkey.
6. Put turkey in roasting pan and let it go at 325. Every hour, brush on melted butter with pepper and garlic. After the first hour, make a foil tent over the turkey.
7. 5.5 hours and you are done! Butcher the bird! Tap the keg!

So a good portion of yesterday was spent at the Egg Bowl. Josh, Emily, and I walked from the apartment. After the game we took the keg to Chris's and continued the jolly times.

Best week ever for the bike with 831.1 miles on the odometer so it makes a whole 7.4 miles this week.

2005-11-26 18:37:29 620

We won! Yay! First time in years to beat Ole Miss.

2005-11-26 00:17:18 619

Kathleen Lyons is a whore. A nasty skanky whore. But since no one reads my website, no one will know. That skanky whore.

2005-11-24 23:00:01 618

Twas a good Thanksgiving so far. Tuesday got even better when Dr Lee sent an email that all nonessential staff got a half day on Wednesday. Since I had already had leave for it anyway, that means that I saved four hours. So Emily and I headed out in the afternoon. Made it to Memphis rather quickly and checked into the Holiday Inn Select on Union across from the Peabody. It is not the greatest hotel ever for the price, but it makes up in location. Turns out since I signed up for the Priority Club so I could earn points for IC Hotels, I got two vouchers for drinks or breakfast buffets. So we got ready to go and found the hotel bar for drinks. Went across the street to Pancho's and had supper. The cheese sauce rocks and they had Pacifico. After a while we headed to the Rum Boogie Cafe and listened to the band. I got up with Sesti and they were finally almost there. We arranged to meet at Silky's across the street. Emily and I beat them there. Turns out there was like another dozen people coming to celebrate TJ's birthday. We ordered a bunch of Divers and had a jolly old time. The best entertainment was when the piano player sang an ode to TJ's itsy bitsy weenie. Sadly the place closed early since Tuesday is such a partying night. We headed up the street and ended at the 152 Club. It was fun and Emily made some friends from Chicago. So Wednesday morning, Emily and I walked around Peabody Place and went back down to Beale to eat at the Rum Boogie. Turns out that nachos covered in barbecued pork, cheese, and jalapenos are a heavenly appetizer. After lunch we got the car out of parking and went across town to the Pink Palace musuem. Had fun spending a few hours there, except that Emily had to read everything on every display :) So then we headed out to the Wolfchase to do some shopping. Apparently most of the clothes stores had their prices alread set for the day after Thanksgiving rates so Emily found some stuff for me to get. It was 8:15 PM when we left the mall. I learned the hard way that 78 had redlights through Memphis and does not turn into proto-interstate until you cross into Mississippi. Emily was asleep before we even got to Tupelo, so I stopped and got a Starbucks double shot and some Dr Pepper and made it safely home. Yay for safety! So today Emily and I went to Mathiston. We went by and saw her poor dog Prissy who after fourteen years is not doing so well. She cannot stand up without help and is on pain meds from the vet. After a while we picked up Emily's grandmother and went back to her parents to eat. Later on we took her back home and came back to Starkville where I have been doing a little bit of cleaning on the apartment to get ready for tomorrow.

2005-11-24 11:38:10 617 is an account I have had for ages. I don't really use it now but now these UK kids think that I am one of their friends.

2005-11-21 09:34:45 616

TJ will be 21 in less than 24 hours. I will be 24 in less than a month. Emily will be, wait wait, better not say it.

823.7 on the odometer. Does not look like I am going to break 1000 on this odometer this year so my totals are going to be 790 on the old wired odo between late Feb and June and somewhere around 900 on the wireless odo between June and December. It is so wet and nasty today but I rode anyway. So far this entire semester, the only time my car was on campus during business hours was the morning of Katrina. $50 to park for 3 hours. And the day students are bitching about parking zones.

2005-11-17 21:39:29 615

So Emily's camera was the prison of many pictures from the past year. The first ones to be published are from David Garraway's last night as a free man. I like to call this one Province Governor, Assistant Collegiate Province Representative, and Collegiate Province Representative. Truly a work of pure and honest art.

2005-11-17 21:07:22 614

I love Ms Emily. I am going to see Harry Potter at midnight tonight because of her. Yay!

2005-11-13 21:12:45 613

Was a weekend. Friday night we went to Columbus where James was having a surprise party for Sabra. Emily and I were late getting there since I did not get off work until 5:00. It was a lot of fun. Afterward we came back to Starkvegas to go to Rick's. I had not been there in a while; I think the last time was when Wes turned 21. Rick's was fun, the remodeling has made it a bit better, and Splendid Chaos was a pretty good band. Being able to cover Weezer and the Toadies makes them good in my book.
Saturday started off too early; we met at Scott's at 8:00 AM. I rode down to MC with Lehman. Sesti managed to beat us there even after having to drop Kallie off in Madison. Province workshop went pretty well, every chapter attended except Ole Miss who had a football game. Actually it went very well for me, I was elected CPR and Sesti was elected ACPR. This is the first time in at least four years that both officers have been at the same school.

Tomorrow is Banner 7 day. Woe is me.

797.5 miles on el-odometerito.

2005-11-10 16:32:36 612

So I was playing on a Sun box and decided to play a game of fork bomb. Got the highest load average I have ever seen:
4:27pm up 45 day(s), 17:57, 15 users, load average: 382.09, 389.82, 221.53

Typical load on bill:
16:29:38 up 2 days, 4:04, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Luckily the box came back to life so I don't get shot.

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