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My Cycling Log

2005-11-21 09:34:45 616

TJ will be 21 in less than 24 hours. I will be 24 in less than a month. Emily will be, wait wait, better not say it.

823.7 on the odometer. Does not look like I am going to break 1000 on this odometer this year so my totals are going to be 790 on the old wired odo between late Feb and June and somewhere around 900 on the wireless odo between June and December. It is so wet and nasty today but I rode anyway. So far this entire semester, the only time my car was on campus during business hours was the morning of Katrina. $50 to park for 3 hours. And the day students are bitching about parking zones.

2005-11-17 21:39:29 615

So Emily's camera was the prison of many pictures from the past year. The first ones to be published are from David Garraway's last night as a free man. I like to call this one Province Governor, Assistant Collegiate Province Representative, and Collegiate Province Representative. Truly a work of pure and honest art.

2005-11-17 21:07:22 614

I love Ms Emily. I am going to see Harry Potter at midnight tonight because of her. Yay!

2005-11-13 21:12:45 613

Was a weekend. Friday night we went to Columbus where James was having a surprise party for Sabra. Emily and I were late getting there since I did not get off work until 5:00. It was a lot of fun. Afterward we came back to Starkvegas to go to Rick's. I had not been there in a while; I think the last time was when Wes turned 21. Rick's was fun, the remodeling has made it a bit better, and Splendid Chaos was a pretty good band. Being able to cover Weezer and the Toadies makes them good in my book.
Saturday started off too early; we met at Scott's at 8:00 AM. I rode down to MC with Lehman. Sesti managed to beat us there even after having to drop Kallie off in Madison. Province workshop went pretty well, every chapter attended except Ole Miss who had a football game. Actually it went very well for me, I was elected CPR and Sesti was elected ACPR. This is the first time in at least four years that both officers have been at the same school.

Tomorrow is Banner 7 day. Woe is me.

797.5 miles on el-odometerito.

2005-11-10 16:32:36 612

So I was playing on a Sun box and decided to play a game of fork bomb. Got the highest load average I have ever seen:
4:27pm up 45 day(s), 17:57, 15 users, load average: 382.09, 389.82, 221.53

Typical load on bill:
16:29:38 up 2 days, 4:04, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Luckily the box came back to life so I don't get shot.

2005-11-06 23:47:52 611

This weekend was fun. The girls (Emily, Sarah, and pre-nurses) were at my favorite casino for a nursing convention. Cory came through Starkvegas and picked me up and we headed down there. The girls had made reservations at the Galaxy so that is where we went. I had never been there before and it was pretty neat being up in the moon. I had some sort of porkchop with rib bone cut of pork (which with my limited knowledge of swine anatomy, the rib bone is no where near the chop, maybe I need a class in Cut O' Meat). It was the best piece of pork I have ever had. The Galaxy is a wonderful restaurant whereas the Abbey in Starkville sucks like no other vaccum could. Cory had the coconut shrimp which had been exposed to some Chernobyl-like disaster. Apparently they were good but I would fear the prostate cancer. The ladies got the Jack Daniels glazed salmon and both loved it. After that we went down to the casino floor. All I can say about that gambling was that it sucked. Except that sweet Emily was there and that I got to gamble with some of her nursing friends. Just that between Tony's bday and this weekend I am a whole $20 down. And I was way up after Tony's bday. Screw you autoshuffler blackjack tables. I have now learned the hard hard lesson of avoiding casino $5 blackjack tables when they are busy. Autoshuffler == losing money. On Saturday, after eating the casino buffet, Emily and I went to Jackson to the Mistletoe Marketplace. Turns out it is a good place for chicks and not exactly for guys. I know for next time I get invited to go. (The strange thing was I saw the proverbial 6'5" brunette cute white girl. She was scary, her legs were taller than my waist and her poor boyfriend was like a mere 6'2". I think she has completely turned me off from the seriously tall.) After that we headed towards County Line so I could buy a DNKY shirt and Kenneth Cole belt from TJ Maxx for less than $20 combined. Then we went to Northpark, and McRae's had a good sale going on. I needed new pants for work and the ones I liked ended up being $20 instead of $30 like the sign said. So I came back and bought a 3rd pair. Emily and I had fun walking around the mall. I helped her try out what seemed like 100 pairs of jeans to buy a single pair. Luckily they are hot so everything in the world works out. We left the mall and headed towards Starkvegas. I got to eat at a Burger King for the first time in ages. Turns out the chicken fries are really really good. Oh why, Starkville BK, why did you have to close?

The odometer now has a mighty 764.7 miles on it making a whole 26.1 miles for the week. At least this is slightly better than last week. Since my pedals came in at the end of last week I should get a better showing out of the bike. Sadly since it gets dark at freaking 5:00 PM, I will have to make my long rides in the morning when it is freaking cold.

2005-11-02 16:46:30 610

I won a kilo of wasabi on ebay! That is a whole 2.2 lbs. To prepare it takes 3 parts water to 4 parts powder so this is going to make almost four pounds of wasabi. The possibilities are endless, wasabi mashed potatoes, sushi, wasabi chicken, wasabi pancakes and on and on.

2005-10-30 18:39:10 609

What a week. A very long tiring week. And now it is time to start another.

The odometer has 738.6 on it so that makes a whole 24 miles for the past week. My new pedals should be on the way soon, the ebay seller emailed me that he misplaced them in shipping a lot of other stuff. He offered a refund but I opted for still getting them. So they should be on the way via priority mail and I should get them about midweek.

2005-10-23 20:55:39 608

A mere 714.6 on the odometer so that makes only 33.4 miles last week. Yeah I'll blame it on the broken pedal clip but really I was just a lazy ass. This week I will be getting a new ebayed set of Look pedals. Now if I could just unscrew the pedal because the threads have binded.

2005-10-23 17:20:41 607

Prison Break is like the best show ever. FX is marathoning it today...

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