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My Cycling Log

2005-09-27 22:52:41 591

My 32" Wega will be here in 5 to 11 days. Yay!!

2005-09-26 09:04:15 590

512.4 on the odometer so that makes 63.8 miles last week.

A little while ago I got a call from Teresa. Turns out we are supposed to be on campus working. Somehow.

2005-09-25 23:01:47 589

So Russ came by here and we headed into campus on University. Cops would not let us go straight by the stadium four way stop so we had to turn left and managed to head towards the Sanderson and get to Butler the back way. There were a parts trees down. From Butler we could only see a few trees down to the east. The magnetic locks would not disengage from Russ's key, but the manual locks in the fire escapes worked fine. The UPS's in the server room were complaining about the lack of power and Russ got everything shut down that was still up which wasn't much. From there we headed off down Lee until we saw this mess. Hooked a right at Campus Book Mart and made it through that neighborhood almost to Old Mayhew. We got close and had to turn around because of electrical work. The nearest side of Cantaberry to campus was torn up but Chris Vance's side had very little damage. Emily's apartment was barely 100 yards away from the destruction but did not have any. Chris Vance came with us with his super rubber boots. We wanted to get to the back side of campus but knew that the cops would have campus blocked off, so we headed toward Blackjack. According to Russ, it was possible to get there from the golf course but we could not figure out how. So we came back to Bardwell and crossed to Blackjack. The end of President's Circle on Blackjack was not blocked so we went in that way. It looks like half of the trees on campus are down. Almost all of the pictures I took are so blurry but here is a good one from across the street from the Union. The back of the Perry is missing bricks and the Lloyd-Rick's annex is missing some roof. The sirens started going off again and the wind picked up a lot so we went back into Butler. After a bit things calmed back down and the siren went off. We headed back toward University Hills to see if we could see if Russ's student worker Casey was ok. The trailers next to Casey's were destroyed but his seems to have maybe only moved a few inches and have the skirting blown from the bottom. The cops were only letting a few people go to the torn up trailers at a time. We headed back up to the front and saw Beef's trailer. It had moved about 30 feet from its blocks, good thing EC took a while today or he would have been there. Beef's neighbor was not so lucky. Even worse he was in there when it went down the hill. When Beef got home he heard him yelling so he went down the hill and pulled him out of the wreckage and took him to the hospital. I found this out while we were at the trailer because the guy's dad showed up and told us. Beef's trailer became a weapon and attacked his neighbor's poor defenseless truck. From there we dropped Chris Vance back off and made another loop through campus from the entrance near the Sanderson. There were some streetlights on and emergency lights were on in buildings. Then he dropped me back off at my apartment. After a while I decided to go to the old Food Max and get some groceries and just happened to run into Beef. He was fine. Everyone keeps calling his cell phone and the outer display does not work so there is no caller id. He is going to stay with someone from his church and his landlord has another place that he will be able to rent. So as it is now, there are no classes until 1:00 PM tomorrow. Non essential staff are not supposed to be on campus until about noon so I don't know what time I will go to work. Russ called a little while ago and said that the power is on in Butler so he was going to turn the servers back on.

2005-09-25 16:24:37 588

University Hills got it bad. Russ is coming by to pick me up so we can go to Butler and get his servers shut down.

2005-09-25 16:13:37 587

The sirens just came back on.

The word is that the annex is messed up, the forestry buildings roof is shredded, lots of trees and utility poles are down on campus.

According to the TV the north end of campus is bad. Windows out of the dorms. Police are out everywhere. Tornado in Webster County right now and one near Pheba.

2005-09-25 15:04:51 586

The tornado sirens are still going off. We just had EC at my apartment and the guys were heading to campus for the Proby meeting. Scott called and said that the Lloyd-Ricks Annex is missing its roof and there are several trees down...

2005-09-24 22:06:30 585

It has been a weekend so far. Had Kids Crusade to help with after work on Friday. It actually went very well. Then last night was Bulldog Bash and we were up for a while. Today was even more Kids Crusade and running errands. Was lazy tonight and watched the game on TV and avoided the rain. We did much better than we should have against a top ten team. Hopefully this trend will continue. Tomorrow is the conclusion of Kids Crusade, then there will be EC and maybe even helping Russ pull some carpet up.

2005-09-21 20:49:17 584

If I was in charge, I would be making a margarita out of Rita and dumping every piece of ice available into the Gulf. Cool it down a few degrees and maybe it would not be as bad. It is like as plausible as building the "Great Atlantic Hurricane Wall" that will be held up by skyhooks and space towers. All I have to say is go buy gas now because this one might really make the $4 spike a reality. Last time I filled up was on September 2 and I still have a bit more than half a tank.

2005-09-20 19:22:30 583

Wal-Mart is evil! It is entering the banking industry right now! It is just a matter of time until you deposit your paycheck and get a Wal-Mart giftcard. But it is not a giftcard, it is an RFID implant in your hand! (Queue the evil Walton laughter...)

2005-09-19 07:51:19 582

448.6 on the odometer so 57.2 last week. Plus some undocumented miles on the work Trek. Plus too many miles in canoe. My left arm still hurts from the canoe.

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