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My Cycling Log

2005-09-25 15:04:51 586

The tornado sirens are still going off. We just had EC at my apartment and the guys were heading to campus for the Proby meeting. Scott called and said that the Lloyd-Ricks Annex is missing its roof and there are several trees down...

2005-09-24 22:06:30 585

It has been a weekend so far. Had Kids Crusade to help with after work on Friday. It actually went very well. Then last night was Bulldog Bash and we were up for a while. Today was even more Kids Crusade and running errands. Was lazy tonight and watched the game on TV and avoided the rain. We did much better than we should have against a top ten team. Hopefully this trend will continue. Tomorrow is the conclusion of Kids Crusade, then there will be EC and maybe even helping Russ pull some carpet up.

2005-09-21 20:49:17 584

If I was in charge, I would be making a margarita out of Rita and dumping every piece of ice available into the Gulf. Cool it down a few degrees and maybe it would not be as bad. It is like as plausible as building the "Great Atlantic Hurricane Wall" that will be held up by skyhooks and space towers. All I have to say is go buy gas now because this one might really make the $4 spike a reality. Last time I filled up was on September 2 and I still have a bit more than half a tank.

2005-09-20 19:22:30 583

Wal-Mart is evil! It is entering the banking industry right now! It is just a matter of time until you deposit your paycheck and get a Wal-Mart giftcard. But it is not a giftcard, it is an RFID implant in your hand! (Queue the evil Walton laughter...)

2005-09-19 07:51:19 582

448.6 on the odometer so 57.2 last week. Plus some undocumented miles on the work Trek. Plus too many miles in canoe. My left arm still hurts from the canoe.

2005-09-18 15:13:41 581

This weekend has been a good one. Emily and I went to a birthday party at TJ's and had a really good time even though we felt old. On Saturday we went canoing near Caldonia. I got burned on my face and knees and was so sore this morning I could barely walk.

Beat Tulane! Yay!

2005-09-16 17:34:35 580

I think Jimmy has beat us all by leaving the air "on" instead of on "auto" and racking up a $240 electic bill. I was worried about mine; in the first 22 days I racked up a $115 bill so I was expecting to get a $180ish bill this time. Luckily it is only $130 for 32 days. Bumping the air up 5 degrees during the day and making sure it is on auto has been making a big difference.

2005-09-15 21:54:26 579

So according to the illustrious Chris Brumfield, last night was Roxy's last night of existance. Today when I rode by it looked like everything was being moved out. Roxy's was an awesome place; they actually had most of the Abita beers on tap. Hopefully it will open under some new name soon because Rosey Baby sucks and it is the only other place in town with Abita on tap. At least Mugshots has New Castle on tap but it is a freaking walk. Dave's is kinda close but we have not been there since I moved into the new apartment.

Better than dead cats, if someone could turn poop into gas they would be rich beyond all imagination.

"And we are going to put a happy little bush down in this corner."

2005-09-15 21:38:40 578

Muncie lives!!! I saw him for the first time since W day.

2005-09-15 08:16:31 577

Fuel made from dead cats is the wave of the future.

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