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My Cycling Log

2005-09-09 22:40:29 571

Had problems with Northland today, no internet at 5:00 and when I checked again at 9:00 it was still out. I was able to pull an ip and ping the gateway but that was all. Luckily I was able to hit another wireless AP near and get the customer support number, 877 212 9510 (I can always get here with no internet...). So it turned out that my ip was a "bad" ip. Must have been blacklisted somehow. Also the tech knew that I had been using a Netgear router. I was able to pick up another ip with my laptop plugged directly into the modem and all was good and I told the nice tech guy thank you. I plugged the Netgear back into the modem and it pulled the old ip that did not work. Powered everything off and same thing. Powered off again. Same thing. Turns out I can change the mac that the Netgear reports on the outgoing connection. I set it to the same as my laptop, a Broadcom mac address, and all is good with the world. I had to go to and change the ip for, the first time in more than a year I have gotten a different ip.

2005-09-07 14:22:31 570

Thank you for your recent reservation at the Melrose Mansion, originally scheduled for checkin on Friday, September 16

Due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, our hotels have temporarily suspended operations. Although we are unable to say exactly when we will resume operations, we assure you that the City of New Orleans will rebuild and our hotels will resume operations in New Orleans sooner than most believe possible. If you already have reservations for this time, please be assured that they have been automatically canceled, and deposits will be refunded as soon as possible.

The tourism industry is the economic engine that drives the Crescent City, and we will need visitors from throughout the U.S. and the world to return this magnificent city to its former glory. Although Katrina destroyed homes and buildings, it did not destroy the Southern hospitality for which we are famous. Please make plans to visit New Orleans as soon as we are able to accommodate you.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

2005-09-07 13:32:47 569

Cingular sucks. "Network Busy" when I try to call out. However I can still call 611 for customer dis-service and I can call land lines on campus. Just no 1-888 numbers apparently.

2005-09-06 10:19:49 568

My parents got electricity back sometime Saturday afternoon. Still no phone though and Dad's cell phone coverage is pretty bad at the house.

Sunday night Emily and I went to the Air Force base and Cory cooked for us. We went bowling on base and had a blast. On Monday we met up again and watched The Constant Gardener. It was good; pretty artsy with an agenda.

341.3 on the odometer so that means I made a pitiful 30.1 miles last week. Stupid Katrina.

2005-09-03 14:28:14 567

The demise of 46 Magruder, ITS User Services Maroon Teams office....
Jennifer's office
Jennifer's roof
Steve's roof
Steve's office
My nearly undamaged office
My office with all of the computers off of the floor. In the front of the desk, my "good computer" is actually propped up sideways on a P2 300. Notice the slight brown stain in the white keyboard on the desk. Full of water.
Cesar's ceiling, or Russ's old ceiling, or the "office that could have been mine." Glad I did not move now.
The back of the house. Notice the piece of tin that used to be Cesar's (the old old porch's) roof turned upside down and the lack of shingles on the roof.

More pictures here.

2005-09-03 13:41:39 566

Football in mere hours and for the people coming into Starkvegas there is no gas to get home. At least the university is giving free tickets to refugees in Starkville so there will still be a decent turnout at the game. Apparently the Tulane game is still on even though Tulane has cancelled the fall semester. That's right, a university has cancelled all classes, but is still going to have a football season. I guess they need to pay for their spring sports somehow. I still have reservations at the Melrose Mansion for the weekend of the game but there is no one there to cancel my reservation. The question really is if the building is even still there or not. It is still up in the air if Tulane is going to play here or which ever location lets them have their "home" games there.

2005-09-02 08:32:24 565

I talked to Dad this morning. The house still has no power and the phone is apparently starting to come back but you cannot make a call. Natchez has very little gas just like here. For the most part the stores have plenty of food but no bottled water of course. He got the deep freezer into town and plugged in so most of it can be saved. Apparently there are refugees everywhere in town. He said there are cars off the side of the road everywhere, just close to where people are staying. Apparently the traffic is pretty bad too. I told him that they should come up here for the long weekend but he said they are going to stick it out. He has one new window left to put in the house in the kitchen and he is going to do it this weekend.

There have been three MSU student deaths confirmed so far.

2005-09-01 13:03:25 564

I found some high res pictures of the coast from a NOAA website. The site was having problems because so many people were looking at the pictures but I did get this one. It is of the eastern edge of Biloxi and you can see the three casinos next to Hwy 90, the Grand, the Isle of Capri, and I don't know the other. On the back side of the bay is the New Palace Casino that we went to last summer. The crazy thing is that the bridge between Biloxi and Ocean Springs is completely gone. Just the pilings are left. I have been across that bridge many times and it is just completely gone. I wish I could have gotten more pics, but that is it.

Yesterday sucked. With the demise of 46 Magruder, we moved into 10 Lee Hall. We had tons of stuff to move. I had about the least and still had ten computers to move, 2 19 inch monitors, 2 LCD monitors, and a bunch of little things. We are done moving, just trying to figure out where to put everything...

2005-08-30 14:28:20 563

So I was wrong about 46 Magruder. Russ called me and told me I should go look at it. The front does look pretty good, but there is a ton of shingles in the yard. Everything looks good in the foyer, but over on the left side of the house, Jennifer's office was flooded from the ceiling. Steve's is next to her's in the middle and Cesar's is behind them both on the old back porch. They were all seriously flooded. Shingles were pulled off of the roof and the entire piece of metal on the back roof over Cesar's office was pulled off. The house was built long enough ago that the roof is not made out of plywood, only planks butted up tight to each other. So the water poured right through to the ceiling and spread to the rooms from there. Lucky for me, my office has a plywood ceiling above it so no water made it in. The other thing that could have happened is that my office could have fallen into the 10 foot hole under it, but it did not. I did take several pictures of the office so I will get them up at some point...

I have been over the bridge where the oil rig is jammed over a couple times going to Nicole's house across the bay from Mobile. It is a freaking tall bridge, about the size of the Mississippi River bridge in Natchez and much taller.

2005-08-30 10:09:08 562

Katrina was not much of a pussy cat. Luckily my apartment is old and stood up well. Plus the hill that shelters us worked pretty well too. Just a few smallish limbs down around the cars outside from the pecan trees. There is no electricity east of Starkville. The Waffle House is actually closed. The hotel next to it is full of refugees and has all the windows open. Emily and I drove up that end of Old Mayhew to get to her apartment. There was at least one huge tree across the road that had been cleaned up. She had no electricity so we grabbed most of her stuff from the fridge. We rode through campus and it was not too bad. Lots of little limbs and a few larger branches down. It looked like the area around my office behind Rice had no electricity. The handrail of the ramp for 46 Magruder got broke off. Hopefully they won't tear it the rest of the way down so we can still use it as a bike ramp. We thought about getting breakfast at Hardee's, but the lines for Hardee's and McDonald's were out to the highway. So I cut through the neighborhood behind Hardee's to get back to my apartment and it looked like every leaf on every tree was on the ground. It was a green wonderland. According to the news, New Orleans is getting deeper and they don't know where the water is coming from. Last night we were only without electricity for about two minutes so we are not hurting at all. I had the box formerly known as Bill turned off anyway because the brown outs scared me. Our Province workshop for this weekend has been cancelled. Campus opening at 12 has been cancelled. Natchez apparently did not do too bad, my dad is back at work on the same crazy lady's house (just remodeling on top of remodeling) but the schools in Natchez are closed. The ones across the river are open though. My parents have no electricity or phone, the closest electricity is several miles away from the house. I hope that they can rescue all of the people stuck in attics. No work for me until tomorrow so I guess I will be glued to Fox News until then...

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