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My Cycling Log

2005-08-15 07:57:22 551

Some new and not so new songs iTunes radio has (re)introduced me to:

Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine
Ashwan - Crackerbread
Decemberists - 16 Military Wives
Plug in Baby - Take me Home
Verve Pipe - Photograph
Razorlight - Somewhere Else
The Divine Right - Soft Machine
White Stripes - The Big Three Killed My Baby
Rilo Kiley - So Long
World Band - When Doves Cry
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - I Believe I Can Fly
Cat Power - Free
Bravery - Fearless
Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez
John Oszajca - Bisexual Chick
Fischerspooner - Never Win
Plug in Baby - Take Me Home
Momus - His Majesty the Baby
Alien Ant Farm - Glow
Skirts - Criminal Act

2005-08-13 22:13:53 550

Band camp party '05 was a new and interesting experience. First time since I have been involved that it was outside the great city of Starkville. I actually have pictures of Vodka Melon '05. They will be up as soon as Muncie's wedding pics are. Ha. Like never. No really, I am rewriting my resize scripts slooowly and will get everything up then. Oh ok here is one picture from the Muncies' wedding.

Fixed the wiki, seems that had nonexistant DNS because I misspelled bill as bil. It is fixed now...

2005-08-09 10:18:09 549

It is that part of the summer where it is freaking hot and I am crazy busy most of the time. With the new fiscal year, my departments at work are buying more computers and I am having to roll them out. Seems like we have plans to do something most every night too. Loads of fun.

Yesterday Sesti and I threw together a basic page for Lambda Phi's website here. It is not so pretty yet and has nearly nothing for content but it is a start.

I got my new Shimano UN53 bottom bracket in and replaced the worn out cup bottom bracket on the 1400. I was just replacing it because it was hard to adjust, I did not realize that it was causing popping noises sometimes and was the reason that the crank was not exactly perpendicular to the rest of the bike. I thought the crank was a little bent and I was still having chain problems. Last week I had a small wreck where I managed to bend the derailleur hanger. Steve helped me bend it back, but it is still tilted in a few degrees more than it should be. So with this replacement, it is easier to list the parts left on the bike that I have not replaced: frame, seatpost, handlebars and stem, brakes, front derailleur, small chain wheel, wheels, and hubs.

2005-07-29 10:59:30 548

The Toadies might have broken up, but now there are the Burden Brothers which might as well been named Toadies 2. Too bad they are only touring Texas.

2005-07-19 16:04:26 547

Last week was an interesting one. Between my car not being happy, the rainy leftovers of Dennis, and utilities not faring well, I had just a little stress. The starter in the Camry crapped out on Monday afternoon. Russ helped me with it and we got it changed on Wednesday afternoon. Jumped the car off to get it started, but figured the battery had run down. An hour after that the car would not start, I thought the battery was not holding a charge, so I took it to AutoZone and it tested good. The next step was to replace the battery terminals and clean the posts really really good. That did not work, and a multimeter let me see that I had excellent connections everywhere. The last place I checked was the wire to the starter that flips the solenoid. When I shorted between the battery positive and the starter, the car cranks. So I replaced the old wire the best I could with a new light gauge wire. It works pretty well, and when it does not work, I have another piece of wire that I can short out the starter to start the car. I have to get a heavier piece of wire and crimp down the connection to the starter better. Of course this only took me until yesterday to make it this far, stupid rain.

The weekend was a fast one. Friday afternoon after work I put the battery terminals on. Emily and I went to Mathiston to eat hamburgers with her parents. Her mom's computer was not happy and it seems to be that the BIOS battery died (taking a new one to put in tonight). Emily and I came back to Starkville, met up with Nathan, and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as in my last post. After the movie I needed a wine opener so I went to 33 and picked one up and decided to go ahead and get my un-named computer too. So that is why I have a middle of the night post from Saturday morning... So then Saturday morning I drove Emily + her car down to the coast. I made it below H'burg before she even woke up. Apparently I picked the long way to get to Moss Point, to Gulfport and down I-10, because I did not realize that the state highway was so good. The hotel was really easy to find and I got there at about 3:00. The boys who came down on Friday were alive thankfully. Apparently the count came to five cases of beer disposed of during the night until sunrise at the pool. The church was maybe two miles from the hotel. Emily and I sat in the Sinfonian section on the groom's side. It was a pretty church with the sanctuary built in a hex or octogonal shape. I liked the ceilings, the wood was pretty. Emily said she liked the flowers, I guess they were good too. I had never heard a Lutheran preacher do a wedding so the ceremony was a little different. There was "that kid who cannot stand still" as the ring bearer. I enjoyed watching Sesti do his best not to lose it. While the hyper kid was doing his thing, the slightly older kid behind him keeled over cold. The preacher never even slowed down as a few of the groomsmen took care of the kid. Emily and I left and went to the reception before they were done with pictures. The place, Pelican Landing was gorgeous and had a great view out on the bay. I understood why Tony was worried about Dennis coming though as much glass the place had in it. The reception seemed to be more of a Catholic reception than Garraway's Catholic wedding reception. The beer was free flowing (from cans) and according to the beautiful bride's instructions, had to be served in cups so that the cans would not pollute pictures. It was all a lot of fun. Tony sucks at throwing a garter though. Claude happened to be standing in front of the guys and was able to catch it as it barely cleared Tony's own head. On the otherhand, Kim nearly launched her flowers into low Earth orbit. Out of all the young ladies there, Emily sprinted towards the bouquet (administering some head knocks on the way there) and managed to snag it. Lucky lucky me! After the wedding, a group of the guys were determined to go to Biloxi to the casinos. Emily and I conferred and decided not to go, mainly because of the 60 mile round trip. So Sunday morning Emily and I met her friend Kathy and her guy at Cracker Barrel in Gulfport and had a good lunch. Then we went and looked at some furniture and I bought a couple things for the new place at Bed Bath and Beyond. That is just a crazy name, it is like the bathroom is like outer space or something. The drive back sucked until we got past Laurel. The rain was so hard, I could barely see the road. So when we get back, we do not come to Starkvegas, we go to the Air Force base and meet Sarah and Cory to eat at their house. Cory had grilled all kinds of stuff and it was excellent. After that we watched the 10:00 War of the Worlds in Columbus. Being as exhausted as we were makes it a freaking scary movie. After that I finally made it home sometime Monday morning.

So it was a week. And then there was not time to breathe during the weekend. So far this week has not been the best either. But this weekend, I am not going to do anything. Gotta finish up moving the old apartment, but that is it!

2005-07-16 00:16:31 546 is alive again!!

So I moved the proto-Bill over to the new apartment on Hartness Street tonight. The router remembered the port, and apparently Northland assigned me the same ip over here too so everything is working and I am live on the internets.

So Emily, Nathan, and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. There was a great reference to Edward Scissorhands when Willy Wonka cut the ribbon with a huge pair of scissors. There was also a Nightmare Before Christmas with some scull figures. My goal is to one day have the Tim Burton collection next to the Kubrick collection...

This has been about the worst week ever in my life. Thankfully this weekend is looking wonderful so far.

2005-06-30 00:15:27 545

So Bill is officially dead, after running since about October 2000 with an uptime greater than 100 days this past winter and several times greater than 60 days. After days of not having time to figure out what was wrong, I finally opened Bill up and pulled the hard drives. Reconnected power and the magic smoke escaped from one of the voltage regulators right behind the processor. Hit the power again and it actually had a little flame. Tried to get it to do it for Bryan to take a picture but it was all flamed out. So I put the drives in Bill's old case which already had Berryhill's old motherboard in it. It took a little coaxing, but now frankenbill is up and running. It is a sweet fast Celeron blazing at 566 MHz with 192 MB RAM. Now I have got to make a backup of my important data. Entering the last two posts manually in SQL kinda blew too. There is no X for me either because the video card is some kind of SiS chipset with 8MB RAM on it and I just do not feel like messing with it. Please Dell, put out a $400 off $500 coupon!!

The trip to Natchez this past weekend was loads of fun. Emily and I left late on Friday. We did make it to Jackson in time to go to the mall. After that we were hungry so I stopped in Byram to eat with the wonderful people at the Waffle House. That is what real America is about! Saturday morning I helped Dad change David's oil, ok all I did was take the filter off. There was a dead tree next to where he changes the oil so David and I decided to chop it down. We took turns just like the good ole days until we got it. I am just thankful that I did not get into the poison ivy; was smart enough to wash my hands and arms with soap, but not enough to put on real shoes instead of flip flops. We left later in the afternoon to make it to Casey's wedding at 6 in Summit. The church was really neat, kind of a more contemporary designed sanctuary sitting right next to the original church and all connected. There was a long staircase from the balcony that the bride came down and that was pretty neat. After the ceremony we had to take a ton of pictures. The reception was pretty neat, it was in this interesting brick building in McComb. So after a while the four of us children drove back to Natchez and went by Brumfield's for a while. Sunday we went to the Sandbar for lunch. I had a good meal but poor Emily is too picky to get much of anything out of catfish. I drove up the Trace directly out of Natchez because it is brand new. Emily and I stopped at the womens' school exibit and marveled at the brick wall that is left. Wonder how many houses nearby have salvaged brick in them from the past hundred years. Going back through Jackson we stopped off Lakeland at the newish shopping center for a while. I got some neat stuff from the Super Target for the new apartment. It was a lot of fun going home.

2005-06-23 22:11:02 544

I am going to have loads of fun working out the sql to put these in the database. I am pretty sure that bill's problem is power supply related. That is not so bad, not nearly as bad as losing a hard drive because I do not have a recent backup of the website at all. Teaching me to make backups...

I went by the bike shop and got new tape for my handlebars. I think I did a better job wrapping it this time. 742 miles are on the odometer right now. I also splurged for another water bottle cage and a $3 water bottle. So now maybe I can go 20 miles without a water fillup in the middle. So this is not breaking the deal with myself for no upgrades until 1000 miles because handlebar tape is a consumable. Then I get to replace my cranks because the current one is slightly bent. Along with that I will get a new chain and have to buy a couple more Park tools to take it apart.

Emily and I watched Batman Begins last night. It was pretty good. A little bit of a continuity problem with the first modern Batman movie. I am not sure which one the comic goes with though.

They are like vampires! Or the gays! - American Dad

2005-06-23 09:40:07 543

My poor computer, bill, is having problems. I am not sure what it is exactly but seems to be serious like power supply or motherboard. I hope it is not the hard drive because I have very little backed up. Anyway this little page on ra will be my backup webserver now. I just do not have the time to work on bill until at least next week; got my cousin Casey's wedding to go to this weekend. Then I will be getting busy with packing for the new apartment in the Cotton District.

2005-06-20 16:54:37 542

So Emily's surprise birthday get away was to Birmingham to go to City Stages which Simone suggested to me a few weeks ago. So we left Friday afternoon and everything went well except for the wreck that had traffic at a standstill in Gordo. When we got to the greater Birmingham I took the wrong 18th Street exit and ended up in Bessemer. I took back roads north until we hit downtown Birmingham and managed to find the hotel without too much trouble. We were really early so we decided to go walking around. We wandered into the festival site because no one was taking tickets and found a place to sit down. Emily was hungry so we found this Greek food stand and it turned out that they had salmon. It took forever for them to make her order because they were just setting up, but it was freaking good. We found a flower bed on a building to sit on and waited on the music. Michael Tolcher was first and he put on a pretty good show. I went walking around and saw Jimmy. Then Silvertide came on. Their singer was nuts and ran around. He climbed the balcony close to us on the left and jumped off at one point. Made it better that he was singing on a corded mic and the roadies had to run around to make sure the cable stayed untangled. Emily and I watched most of their show, then left to make it to the stage with Loretta Lynn with the goal of meeting up with Jimmy. That just did not happen because the people were too packed at the front. He was about ten feet back from the stage right from center and Emily and I ended up about another ten feet to his right, so we were almost directly in front of the right speakers. We watched most of her show too, it was good enough, so I can at least check that one off of the list of "Old Country Singers I Want to See." Emily and I made it back over to where the the Killers were going to play and had to wait a while before they started. They sounded really really good (Bryan said they sounded like a radio at Memphis in May) but did not put on much of a show. But now I have seen the Killers and Loretta Lynn in one night!
After checking out of the hotel the next day Emily and I took about ten u-turns and missed exits to get on 280 going south to make it to the Summit (yes I was driving, and had no idea that 31 and 280 were going to split, guess my navigator was just not paying attention). Got to eat at the Macoroni Grill and it was awesome like it always is. Then we walked around to all of the stores. She got a shirt and I got a shirt and pants which I am not supposed to wear to work, to keep them grease and grime free. Restoration Hardware had some neat bathroom stuff that I need for my new apartment, but it was freaking expensive. Guess I will have to go to Target. We went to Saks Fifth Avenue just to try on Seven jeans. I ended up buying a Theory dress shirt for real cheap; the same shirt is $100 on Bluefly and that is claimed to be 40% off. We then went and found the other hotel. Originally I was only intending on staying for one night, but Emily wanted to watch bands on Sunday afternoon so I tried to change my reservation to be for two nights. But the hotel was booked and I could not cancel without it costing, so I went for two nights in different hotels. Keeps it interesting. Anyway the first night was at the Redmont Crown Plaza. It was really nice inside, a step up from the Eola. The second hotel was the Sheraton that is part of a huge convention complex. It seemed even nicer inside the lobby, I guess because it was just so big. We had to park in a garage across the street and had to walk what seemed like a half mile to get back to the elevators. As soon as you get off the elevator, you realize it is not quite as good as the Redmont. The room was a little bit bigger, but there were more details that had been taken care of at the Redmont. The Sheraton in its defense was set up for more of a business travler as there was a nice HP all in one in the room. I gave the bellman our Saturday night tickets because we had no use for them and caught a cab to Five Points. We ate at Jim and Nicks BBQ and it was great. They were not busy at all because everyone was at City Stages. Then we went to Dave's and were the only people inside, we did meet this nice bouncer named Shannon who is ex-Army and is a travel agent on the side. We went to the Arena to play pool and we talked to a goth guy for a bit. Some really scary people started coming in, so we went back up the street to the Blue Monkey. It was crowded by then, so after a bit we went back to Dave's. We talked to some Air Force guys for a bit and then we met this really nice couple who got married the same day as the Muncie's. They were from Georgia and he is going to finish his residency at UAB and she is a middle school teacher. After a while the four of us went back to the Blue Monkey. When it closed we all left of course and they went to their apartment which was right next door. I called the cab company and had little sucess in actually getting them to send a cab. Emily and I finally crossed the street where we would have a better chance flagging one down and finally managed to get one. We were so happy to be getting out of there because it was starting to get a little scary. Then the cabbie says he is from the Holy Land, and I am like "Israel, oh that's cool." Nope, I am wrong, he is from Palestine, of all of the cabs in Birmingham... So the whole conversation on the way back to the hotel is just creepy. Really creepy. But we survived.
Sunday morning we went to the zoo. It was actually pretty fun. We saw everything even though we were exhausted. We went back downtown for City Stages and I parked in the same garage because my pass had not expired yet. Citizen Cope was ok, the songs I knew were really good but the others just drug on forever. I finally got to see the North Mississippi Allstars after years of things preventing me from seeing them at Rick's. They were awesome. I will go see them again as soon as possible. First time I have ever seen someone play an electric washboard. We did not stick around for any of the other bands and headed home. I think Emily should be a little happier turning 24 getting a present like that...

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