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My Cycling Log

2005-06-13 15:49:28 538

Jurors reach verdict in Michael Jackson trial and he is guilty! OK, I am not 100% on that one, but he just has to be...

2005-06-11 11:26:46 537

The rest of us have an example to live up too. One bourbon, one lawn mower, twelve beers, and blowing a .32 on the way to the gas station.

Week two of anti-batchelorhood summer 2005 season and we are less than four hours from David Garraway going into bondage... Hopefully the Muncies will surface soon and let us know that they survived the first tropical storm of the season on a boat in the middle of it.

2005-06-08 09:33:11 536

It is finally possible to hail a cab in Cuba and ride it to the US.

2005-06-05 17:25:19 535

Muncie's wedding was awesome! More on that later...

I just got back from riding a whole 20 miles on the bike. Went north of 82 on Montgomery, found this little county road that went over to Old West Point, came back into town, went to the office to get more water, looped back through downtown, and then back to the apartment. It is a whole 91 degrees now too! The odometer stands at about 620ish since late Feb. I am not spending anymore money on the bike until I break 1000.

2005-06-01 09:32:18 534

Muncie's bachelor bash was last night. The location decided on was the Grill in Columbus just because of the Striped Baboon's Asses. The Berryhill's, Sesti, and I made it first and held down the fort. The man of honor showed up a little late but that was ok. Tommy tried to order a Striped Baboon's Ass and found that they do not serve them anymore for some reason. So we made do with Liquid Cocaine, Kryptonite, and a special special Sperm Bank for Muncie. At some point Tommy had grovelled enough to our waitress and she managed to get a single Striped Baboon's Ass for the married man. It was a beautiful drink, however google does not seem to know about it, and we were not told how it was made. After a bit there was a trip to everyone's favorite store on Hwy 69. After that our carload headed back to Starkvegas and the others went to watch the Longest Yard.

Liquid Cocaine
1/4 shot Grand Marnier orange liqueur
1/4 shot Southern Comfort
1/4 shot vodka
1/4 shot amaretto
1 splash pineapple juice

3/4 oz Captain Morgan rum
3/4 oz Malibu coconut rum
3/4 oz Midori melon liqueur
3/4 oz pineapple juice
1 splash 151 rum

Sperm Bank (Muncie's Favorite!)
1/2 shot tequila
1/2 shot vodka
1 drop cream

Striped Baboon's Ass
1 shot ???
1 shot ???
1 shot ???
Layer them in a martini glass and drink with a straw.

2005-05-28 12:20:23 533

Shirley Manson makes a hot hot nurse.

2005-05-26 22:22:51 532

Dave Chapelle: "Tell the customer they have the wrong disk. If they use Apple, tell them we use PC. If they use PC, tell them we use Apple. If they have both, tell them we use Linux. And if they have that, tell them the computers are down."

My brother is visiting Ole Miss for a graduate program. Josh Berryhill is dating the Ole Miss band's drum major. Is the sky falling, or are we just infiltrating them?

Nine days and Jim Muncie is a married man. Eight more days and I rent a tux. A tux with round toe shoes. Boo for round toe tux shoes because of the pain they cause. I will just step on his mom's feet as I escort her...

2005-05-21 21:21:05 531

The cruise was so great. I am so exhausted, and gained a whole ten pounds from all of the ship food. Emily got almost 100 pics on her digital camera and there are a bunch more on our two disposables that I will take care of tomorrow...

2005-05-13 00:19:08 530

Chrysler sucks! Those socialist bastards are at it again, good enough to let the US government bail them out, but not so good as to not trample the rights of their workers to drive non crappy cars.

Good job for the Mississippi State University's Faculty Senate in making a statement about the parking issue a few weeks back. May I now bring up my alternative to the proposed parking plan instead of flat out rejecting it as the illustrious faculty did. All central campus parking will be metered at a rate proportional to the distance a space is from the center of campus. Spaces near Allen, Lee, or any other central location should be upwards of $3 per 12 hours. Any vehicle with an expired meter shall immediately be issued a $100 ticket. This revenue in itself will pay for the installation of the meters in a semester. Near dorm parking for students living on campus will be eliminated. Each dorm will be assigned a small number of loading parking spaces with 30 minute limits. There will be a massive parking lot built south of campus for all on campus students to park with a 24 hour shuttle service back to the dorms. The freed dorm parking shall be reserved for commuters (day students) at the rate of $1 per twelve hours. Commuters will also have the option of parking in the dorm lot and riding the shuttle into campus for free.

2005-05-08 22:30:27 529

So I got the formal pictures up right here.

961  951  941  931  921  911  901  891  881  871  861  851  841  831  821  811  801  791  781  771  761  751  741  731  721  711  701  691  681  671  661  651  641  631  621  611  601  591  581  571  561  551  541  531  521  511  501  491  481  471  461  451  441  431  421  411  401  391  381  371  361  351  341  331  321  311  301  291  281  271  261  251  241  231  221  211  201  191  181  171  161  151  141  131  121  111  101  91  81  71  61  51  41  31  21  11  1