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My Cycling Log

2005-05-21 21:21:05 531

The cruise was so great. I am so exhausted, and gained a whole ten pounds from all of the ship food. Emily got almost 100 pics on her digital camera and there are a bunch more on our two disposables that I will take care of tomorrow...

2005-05-13 00:19:08 530

Chrysler sucks! Those socialist bastards are at it again, good enough to let the US government bail them out, but not so good as to not trample the rights of their workers to drive non crappy cars.

Good job for the Mississippi State University's Faculty Senate in making a statement about the parking issue a few weeks back. May I now bring up my alternative to the proposed parking plan instead of flat out rejecting it as the illustrious faculty did. All central campus parking will be metered at a rate proportional to the distance a space is from the center of campus. Spaces near Allen, Lee, or any other central location should be upwards of $3 per 12 hours. Any vehicle with an expired meter shall immediately be issued a $100 ticket. This revenue in itself will pay for the installation of the meters in a semester. Near dorm parking for students living on campus will be eliminated. Each dorm will be assigned a small number of loading parking spaces with 30 minute limits. There will be a massive parking lot built south of campus for all on campus students to park with a 24 hour shuttle service back to the dorms. The freed dorm parking shall be reserved for commuters (day students) at the rate of $1 per twelve hours. Commuters will also have the option of parking in the dorm lot and riding the shuttle into campus for free.

2005-05-08 22:30:27 529

So I got the formal pictures up right here.

2005-05-07 00:25:52 528

So apparently having a Centrino chipset anywhere in the vicinity of a Netgear MR814v2 makes it freak out. Badly. As in no one can connect to it at all. Thankfully I found a firmware upgrade and now it is happy and I can connect. Was fun finally figuring out that the firmware upgrade did not work in Firefox on Gentoo, but finally did work in IE on Windows.

2005-05-06 19:13:57 527

A week and days and I will be on a big boat in the Gulf. Just called Cingular and got my international roaming turned on, just in case I need my phone for an emergency. Today Teresa told me about the excursion she is going on during her cruise in the fall. I looked it up and it is great. Get to ride four wheelers across Cozumel and then snorkle/kayak/look at ruins for a while. It is independant from the cruise so I went ahead and booked it. Yay.

All the Spanish I need to know: cerveza por favor

At work we got our new bikes, Trek 4300 mountain bikes. I did not get to ride mine a whole lot, just across campus, because I actually had to work this afternoon.

2005-05-05 13:53:06 526

Yeah, but with Gentoo you can build your own lightsaber with 'emerge lightsaber'.

2005-05-01 23:11:42 525

Robot Chicken is a wonderful show.

So I have not gimped up the pictures for formal as of yet, but I better write about it before I forget. Emily and I got out of Starkville early so that she could go home and pack. We met up with Sesti and Jeremy at the four way stop in Mathiston. Sesti was running the radar detector so we made great time over to Greenwood. To get to the Alluvian, we had to drive through an area that seemed worse than north Natchez. It was so nice and new. David brought his lady Deb over so that her and Emily could help each other out with hair. Turns out that she has the same good taste in ties as Emily as David and I were both wearing Jones New York ties from TJ Maxx. At least we are thrifty too. David and I met up with Jeremy and Sesti plus dates downstairs at Giardina's. The food was pretty good. The calamari was not as good as Old Venice's but the steaks were nice pieces of cow. After dinner we went to the hotel bar next to the ballroom for a bit. Everything was set up very nice and it turned out being the best formal I have ever attended, either Phi Mu Alpha or Zeta Tau Alpha. At some point everyone migrated out of the ballroom and to the baby grand piano near the bar. We tried out some slightly intoxicated versions of Sinfonian songs with some success. The choir boys started singing and one of the drunken ladies watching them expressed her interest in having intercourse with one of them pretty loud. It was loads of fun and worth all of the effort Lehman put into it.

Watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Friday night and it was pretty good.

Saturday we went to Tupelo so that Sesti and I could get sized for tuxes for Muncie's wedding. Of course we had to go to TJ Maxx just because it is there. And then on to the mall where we were brave enough to try out a Mexican buffet. I am still alive so it must have actually been pretty good. Cheese dip on a buffet is a bad thing. I have determined that Aeropostale had the best music in the mall, they were playing Weezer and Elliot Smith. American Eagle is geared completely toward 14y/o's now with the hip hop crap they were playing. The quality of their clothes has gone downhill from the few things I had from years ago. Gap was doing the normal Gap thing and playing Donovan, otherwise known in certain circles as music to smoke by. Certain older circles.

I made my laptop sing when I added the bling!

2005-04-27 22:07:47 524

So the formal was the best ever. David wants the pictures up asap, but I have not had the time for it yet. Within a week or two.

Gentoo is for ricers!

I got a new work laptop. There were four ordered, two really good ones and two that are still pretty good. I got one of the lower ones. Today I spent a while in the office taking care of business over the phone and IM while I troubleshooted fun Gentoo stuff. Of course my laptop has the non-Intel chipset wireless card but I managed to make it work with a wrapper over the Windows driver. Even better is the fact that the current version of xorg does not support the video card. But if you run this BIOS hack and hand compile these crazy extensions, it will finally work. So that is where I am on it, Windows XP set up pretty much the way I want, and I have everything up to Gnome and Firefox installed on the Gentoo side.

Broke 400 miles on the bike odometer last week. Approaching 450 now. One day I was on campus for a meeting and decided to have some fun on the road that loops in front of the president's house from Blackjack Road. I really got up some speed and by the time I made it near the health center I had broke 39MPH. When I go for 40 I have gotta wear a helmet. Friday when I was riding home it was super windy. I really pushed it on the last downhill on Jackson Street to make the light on 12. As I was crossing 12, I was actually leaning a good bit to the right into the wind to stay upright. Later my odometer told me that I had hit 34MPH somewhere down the hill.

Emily wants me to talk about her now. We are at the Starkville Cafe right now and she is studying with some other nursing girls. I have already burned through the battery on my laptop, and now I am on her's. It is amazing that such a place has wireless internet. Actually I can hit at least 3 AP's here. At my apt, the G card in my laptop gets a better connection off of another apartment. She is studying all of these testicular problems right now and I am not enjoying the conversation. Most of it sounds painful. Really painful. They use a lot of big words and sound important. Testicular torsion, cannot be a good thing.

2005-04-25 12:43:05 523

From Muncie:

"Today we salute you, Trendy Ole Miss girl, In your pointed-stilettos, you understand that having blisters and cramped pinky toes is a small price to pay for the approval of your peers. Sure, your Louis Vuitton bag and oversized pearls may appear to have been stolen from your grandmother, but we rest assured that your Daddy bought them for you fair and square.

And yes, you may be snobby to every guy that approaches you, but we know that you're only doing them a favor by helping them understand that they are in fact gay.

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light (and put it in a Solo cup), Trendy Ole Miss Girl, because everyone knows that behind your dyed blonde hair and falsely-tanned skin that real a pale brunette."

2005-04-21 06:54:08 522

Joshua Blevins you are a tool. I like my website, but I do not spam people and say "Hey everybody! I live it Suttle! I am cool!" No one cares about RHA week except for the poor freshman dorm rats without cars. And after advertising your stupid "I can make a better MSU event calendar than CAB because it is like cool and a blog dudez!!", you has the nerve to tell people how to not get mass messages, even though now you have already wasted my time. I feel that my participation in "Maroon...the Only Color That Matters" is not worth getting useless messages from you so I have another way to opt out. Remove from My Groups. So if anyone else has any questions for the enlightened Joshua Blevins, give him a ring at 662.325.6261 and let him know that his mass messages are appreciated to the highest extent.

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