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My Cycling Log

2005-04-21 06:40:02 521

It has been a busy week. Last weekend I went home for the first time since Christmas. It was fun like always. Since Thanksgiving I had not quite broken 3000 miles. That included the ~250 back after Thanksgiving, the ~500 round trip at Christmas, and another ~250 down this past weekend. So in five months, I barely put 2000 miles on my car riding around Starkville. I got my A/C recharged so I have cold air again.

Last night I clear coated Emily's bike and got started putting it together since the parts I ordered got in yesterday. I might get it finished tonight if I remember to go get another tube from the bike store.

This weekend is formal. Matt Lehman has done a great job putting it together in Greenwood, a town that has even less entertainment value than Starkvegas. It is going to be loads of fun. The lovely Erin Smith is getting married at 2PM in Jackson, just late enough to make the logistics complicated in getting back to Greenwood, so I am not going to make it. I swear there is so much stuff going on. Poor Beef is going to spend the whole day driving to and from Mendenhall (south of Jackson) and back to Greenwood. Lucky him.

2005-04-14 08:15:03 520

Last night Emily and I went to the Union ballroom and got to see Dr. Edith Eva Eger. I would imagine that this is the only time I would ever get to hear someone speak who was at Auschwitz. The turnout was extremely good as the whole place was pretty packed. Apparently MSMS's entire student body came. Alan Jensen gave Dr. Eger's introduction, and I spoke to Dr. Katz but he did not recognize me.

When we made it back to my apartment, I noticed that the dome light was on in my car from the night before. So I left Emily's car running in case I needed to jump mine off. The Camry cranked just fine, so Emily took her keys out of the ignition and opened the back door to get something out. In the meantime I turned her headlights off and locked all four doors from the driver's door. She came in and watched TV for a while and when she decided to leave, the keys were nowhere to be found. We looked for a while, then used a flashlight to look in the car. Somehow she had laid them down on the back seat. The spare key that I used to carry is in the center console. Luckily she has a spare at home, so I made the long trip out to Mathiston and back last night to take her home. Her mom is going to bring her back to Starkville today on the way to class so she will be able to get her car.

People on bikes are coming out of the woodwork in Starkville. I passed a couple who were on the sidewalk instead of the road. It is freaking dangerous to ride on the sidewalk, at least when you ride in the road drivers can see you. This might not seem significant, but imagine the situation where a bike is trying to cross an intersection at the sidewalk. Drivers going the same direction taking a right at the intersection are not looking for somebody going 15mph on a bike crossing their path.

2006-06-28 10:34:17 519

Made a new longest ride on Monday, almost 43 miles. No way I am going to be ready for the swimming and running of my triathlon next Saturday. I can do all of the distances separately, but of course I am most confident about the bike leg, a mere 21 miles. I am hoping to do the half mile swim in less than 20 minutes, the bike in a little over an hour, and the 5 mile run in a little less than an hour. It is a big jump from the 53 minutes total of my first tri, but at least this is the longest one I will do this year.

2005-04-13 16:54:38 518

So the Starkville Daily News has an article about Monday night's Starkville alderman debate for ward four between Lee Beck and Richard Corey. He thinks that a convention center is good for Starkville. No sir, a convention center is not even that good for a place like Natchez, and Natchez does not have an enormous university to draw resources from. There are more facilities already in Starkville for free or little money than any other city in northeast Mississippi. But Tupelo has Elvis, so they can charge a lot. So my advice to ward four, vote for Lee Beck.

Machine wash warm, except sleeves.

2005-04-09 02:44:33 517

Are you registered to vote in Starkville? Yes
Are you a resident of Ward 4? No
How long have you lived in Starkville? 5yrs
Do you consider Starkville your home? Yes
Are you a student? Yes
What age range do you fall under? 18-25
Please list three things you like most about Starkville: MSU. Infrastructure. Sorority girls.
Please list three things you like least about Starkville: Inflated property values.
Please list three things Starkville needs most: Fewer wiccans (damned Union step monkeys). Lower school district taxes. 82 bypass bypass.
What do you think is the best way for citizens to improve their communities: To register as Republicans in their precinct and vote for their ticket.
Did you vote in the 2001 municipal election? Yes

2005-04-09 02:29:45 516

Richard Corey is not a good choice for Starkville Ward 4 Alderman. One of his main issues is the construction of bike paths to campus. I am seriously anti bike path, and I have used my bike as my main conveyance to campus since Jan 05. Four months of travelling to campus on my bike, and the most dangerous stretch is the bike path that is on campus. It has at least five cross intersections where cars blindly turn across it, whereas the main road, University, has one main intersection at the four way stop at the stadium. Yes the bike path makes it feel safer for the wusses who should not be on the road anyway on a bike, but once you are going 25 on a bike in a 20MPH zone where all of the cars are travelling at 30+, the cars should be ticketed. But the MSU police are a bunch of lazy people who ticket speeding very very infrequently. Terrible when you have to speed on a bike to miss the cars who are grossly infracting the speed limit.

2005-04-08 21:17:08 515

The day has come. It is nearly impossible to put together a computer from parts and beat Dell's prices. At work, nearly every machine purchased is a Dell with a 2GHz+ processor and 2gig of RAM. I just put together a sweet OptiPlex GX280n with a 3GHz P4 and .5GB RAM for $505 with no OS. Later in the year RAM should come down and I just might have to get one. Poor Bill is a mere Athlon 900 w/768MB RAM and was a beast in late 2000 when I built him. Just imagine a 3 node Mosix cluster of GX280n's, that is a whole $1515 for 9GHz of sweet sweet clickety goodness.

I rode a nice six mile loop after work today. Got home and got a shower and a nap. Emerged from the apartment and got KFC's three strip meal for $4. Yay grease! Most of the kids were at the baseball game so maybe something will be kicking off soon...

2005-04-06 21:45:13 514

What is good about rainy days? I did not get any grease on my pants from the freaking chain on the bike. Oh well, yesterday I broke the 300 mile barrier on the odometer. I filled my car up on Monday, got a whole half of a tank of gas. It took me from the 14th of March to go through that half tank, and it was still freaking expensive.

2005-04-03 21:41:59 513

Emily and I watched Sin City yesterday afternoon and it was great. I could go watch it five more times.

2005-04-01 19:15:33 512

I just saw Roger interviewing Dr Leslie on a commercial on UPN...

A letter that I should send...
Dear Dr Lee,
I heard that the university is facing a budget shortfall in the order of many millions. Please freeze spending instead of cutting jobs. Departments could easily get away with buying $2000 laptops instead of blowing $4500+ on a single laptop. Since we are approaching the end of the fiscal year, everyone is blowing tons of money on things that they really do not need, only so that they can get the same amount of money next year. I am not totally afraid of losing my position that I only started two weeks ago but one of my coworkers is transfering to another department leaving an empty position. Hopefully as a worst case, this empty position will be downsized instead of myself.
Jim Sesser

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