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My Cycling Log

2005-04-09 02:29:45 516

Richard Corey is not a good choice for Starkville Ward 4 Alderman. One of his main issues is the construction of bike paths to campus. I am seriously anti bike path, and I have used my bike as my main conveyance to campus since Jan 05. Four months of travelling to campus on my bike, and the most dangerous stretch is the bike path that is on campus. It has at least five cross intersections where cars blindly turn across it, whereas the main road, University, has one main intersection at the four way stop at the stadium. Yes the bike path makes it feel safer for the wusses who should not be on the road anyway on a bike, but once you are going 25 on a bike in a 20MPH zone where all of the cars are travelling at 30+, the cars should be ticketed. But the MSU police are a bunch of lazy people who ticket speeding very very infrequently. Terrible when you have to speed on a bike to miss the cars who are grossly infracting the speed limit.

2005-04-08 21:17:08 515

The day has come. It is nearly impossible to put together a computer from parts and beat Dell's prices. At work, nearly every machine purchased is a Dell with a 2GHz+ processor and 2gig of RAM. I just put together a sweet OptiPlex GX280n with a 3GHz P4 and .5GB RAM for $505 with no OS. Later in the year RAM should come down and I just might have to get one. Poor Bill is a mere Athlon 900 w/768MB RAM and was a beast in late 2000 when I built him. Just imagine a 3 node Mosix cluster of GX280n's, that is a whole $1515 for 9GHz of sweet sweet clickety goodness.

I rode a nice six mile loop after work today. Got home and got a shower and a nap. Emerged from the apartment and got KFC's three strip meal for $4. Yay grease! Most of the kids were at the baseball game so maybe something will be kicking off soon...

2005-04-06 21:45:13 514

What is good about rainy days? I did not get any grease on my pants from the freaking chain on the bike. Oh well, yesterday I broke the 300 mile barrier on the odometer. I filled my car up on Monday, got a whole half of a tank of gas. It took me from the 14th of March to go through that half tank, and it was still freaking expensive.

2005-04-03 21:41:59 513

Emily and I watched Sin City yesterday afternoon and it was great. I could go watch it five more times.

2005-04-01 19:15:33 512

I just saw Roger interviewing Dr Leslie on a commercial on UPN...

A letter that I should send...
Dear Dr Lee,
I heard that the university is facing a budget shortfall in the order of many millions. Please freeze spending instead of cutting jobs. Departments could easily get away with buying $2000 laptops instead of blowing $4500+ on a single laptop. Since we are approaching the end of the fiscal year, everyone is blowing tons of money on things that they really do not need, only so that they can get the same amount of money next year. I am not totally afraid of losing my position that I only started two weeks ago but one of my coworkers is transfering to another department leaving an empty position. Hopefully as a worst case, this empty position will be downsized instead of myself.
Jim Sesser

2005-03-29 23:23:14 511

FMA won a softball game, lost an ultimate game. But at least the other ultimate team had girls on it. Wait, that's bad. They could run. I am putting 50/50 on if I can walk in 6 hours, when I will be hopping on my bike to go down the road for age old tradition...

2005-03-27 00:43:11 510

So when I am bored and searching Ebay for terms like Natchez in the middle of the night, I come across things that I did not know still existed. I found a "Follow me to Nellie's" shirt, and backtracked a bit to find out that the Under the Hill Saloon sells them. The guy on Ebay is using UPS to ship a freaking shirt and that would be $8+ to go from Natchez to Starkville. I guess I will just have to get one next time I go home. David would appreciate this, especially since over there they wear "Follow me to my sister's" shirts.

2005-03-26 22:47:25 509

Things are strange. It is like I had two Saturdays in a row. At least it was a fun week. My job is still awesome. It was still tons of fun even though the traffic sucked from all of the students being back. David came up Thursday morning. He was only using me because his computer is broken. I am kidding, but the last time he came up here was with Brumfield in 2002. He had XP Home on his HP and it was not happy at all. I took his hard drive and put in another machine. Symantec freaked out but I was still able to get all of his 50+ page history papers off. I put XP Pro back on it with all of the updates and it seems to be pretty happy now. Thursday night we went to Lucky's and then to Muncie's. Muncie's was loads of fun. My mom sent me a whole ham and a lot of other food and it is all wonderful. David forgot his third of her pound cake so I have it all.

I was a good brother and traded my Raleigh for his pre-1980 French bike. I spent most of Friday afternoon taking it apart. I got everything off of the frame except for the crank. My crank removal tool (Park Tool CWP-6) was just a little too small for them. Apparently 99% of all threaded cranks use 22mm thread and I end up with the one oddball Stronglight crank that uses 23.15mm thread. After beating and prying with everything I had, my elegant solution is to plastic wrap the crank and hope for the best. Emily helped me sand it down to the metal and I primed it. Today I got Emily to pick a color for it and she picked this nice teal blueish color. So now it needs a couple more touch ups of paint, would have gotten it except for the rain, and then I am going to put on a couple coats of clear coat. It was a frankenbike to begin with, Shimano Centeron stem mounted shifters, Stronglight crankset, Mafac Racer brakes (apparently these French brakes were state of the art in the '60s), Suntour Sprint front derailleur (first made in 1986), and a Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur (last made in 1985). I am planning on updating the brakes and brake levers to something newer in a Shimano flavor, and keeping everything else. Emily has already purchased some handlebar tape in a color she likes so I don't have to worry about that. If this all turns out good I might just have to ebay some more rusty hulks of bikes and do it again.

I filled the Camry up on March 14th. I still have right under 3/4 of a tank and have only had to drive about 100 miles. That is what I get by just not driving to campus.

2005-03-20 18:44:01 508

So in the week ending yesterday, I managed to travel 70.7 miles on the Trek. My count is going to be from Sunday to Saturday as my odometer at this point reads 170.7 and I have yet to make a mile today because my chin and legs have just said no. Maybe in a few weeks I can break 100 in a week, or even 25 in a day.

2005-03-20 18:31:42 507

Duke sucks! Duke sucks! Duke sucks!
At least I do not need Prozac now that I am not missing a Sweet 16 pep band trip... Just wait on Monta Ellis and I will have vacation time built up to go on the NCAA trip next year. Sadly now I will be cheering for Kentucky because they are the lone SEC team left in the NCAA. Yeah, go Duke since you beat MSU.

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