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My Cycling Log

2005-03-13 21:38:04 501

Yay, post number 500! My first incarnation of blog material was way back on 12/8/1999 and it was posted from the drafting classroom in the votech in Natchez. So according to the date calculator it has been five years, three months, and five days to get to five hundred posts. That comes out to be 0.26 posts per day. Most of these posts, about 370, have been since January 2003 and assuming that, I have posted 0.625 posts per day since then.

This was the best week ever. After applying for a job in ITS last December, I was finally offered the job Wednesday morning. I had to think long and hard about taking it, but I finally decided it was in my best interest to go for it. Actually I snatched a pen off the desk as soon as I saw the offer and signed it. So I was not good for anything as a student worker for the rest of the day. I got to get my staff ID and parking decal so that took a while. I went up the foodchain from my advisor to try to see if I could selectively drop some classes but it looks like I am going to have to withdraw for this semester.

Atlanta was great. We got there pretty late Wednesday night. Stefan and I went to Hooter's which was not too far from the hotel. It closed at midnight and we went walking around and found the rest of the kids at the downtown Atlanta equivalent of a Waffle House. We kept walking around looking for something to do but everything closes early on weekdays apparently. The next morning Stefan and I got out of the hotel around 8:30 and went looking for something to do. We walked to the Underground from the hotel which was about two miles. Nothing opened until 11AM so we had to go back to the hotel. Stefan, Tommy, and I went and ate lunch at Dailey's when it opened at 11. It ended up being freaking gourmet. Tommy got the catch of the day that was some kind of trout and Stefan and I got the roasted stuffed chicken which according to the menu is "large breast of chicken stuffed with cheese, spinach, onions, and pine nuts, roasted and served over oven roasted new potatoes and green beans." It was so good. Then there was a basketball game. We got into our seats at halftime during the Ole Miss / South Carolina game. We were behind the South Carolina cheerleaders; they have a cheer like our Maroon and White except that theirs is Game and Cocks. Our great MSU pep band glady picked up the Cocks part of the cheer with glee. The game was pretty close and South Carolia got freaking robbed of a three point shot in the last few seconds and lost the game. Watching replays later, it really looks like the shot should have counted as a three instead of a two. So then we played Georgia. At least the first half was interesting, but Stans pretty much put in our high school recruits in the second half. According to JP Sports, we upset Georgia. They were only the lowest seed in the east and we were the third in the west. Must be that crazy JP financial math. After the game about ten of us went and ate at Steak and Ale. It looked like they had to kill a medium sized cow, a pig, and a half a dozen lobsters to feed us all. Afterward we went back to the hotel and had more milk and cookies. Kentucky's pep band showed up on the floor below so we went to meet them. After a while several of us made the long trek back out to the Underground. It was dead and not that much fun so we did not spend too long there. Seems like we spent more time walking there. The next day, now knowing that nothing opened until 11, we got up later and ate at that great establishment known as McDonalds. Afterward on the way back to the hotel, Stefan and I went to the downstairs martini bar part of Dailey's for some more refreshment. Made it to the game and it ended up being a Florida shootout. Wah, at least our favorite search engine knows that Walsh sucks. He sat behind us before the game with his faggoty earrings on. Matt Walsh is so gay. We at at good ole Hooter's again that night. We were as castaways in the middle of retarded blue wearing Kentucky fans who were at Hooter's while the Kentucky game was going on. Freaking idiots. We did not go out anywhere that night, just bitched about JP and how we went from a seven seed to a bubble team losing to a team seeded higher than us. The lebian Kentucky fans down a couple rooms from us had a cardboard cutout of Tubby in the window of their room. One of the percussion guys had a video camera and him and Tommy interviewed Tubby. At one point Tommy fed Tubby pizza through the glass. It takes engineers to feed someone through glass, especially when they are made of cardboard. Needless to say, our lesbian Kentucky friends took Tubby down a few minutes later. Loaded the bus at the crack of Eastern timezone dawn and headed back to Starkvegas. The sweetest thing about riding an official MSU bus is that we have this wonderful 1998 technology now installed called the DVD player. We watched the Water Boy and was about four episodes into Family Guy when we got back. All in all it was a great trip. There was a lot more fun to be had in Orlando last year so this trip gets a distant second place finish in the grand scheme of things. Sadly it will most likely be my last MSU band trip ever unless I take vacation next year and go to the tourney...

2005-03-11 10:02:51 500

"What is a four letter word for the state bird of Minnesota?" - Mike

"Whip-poor-will." - the official Maroon Band wildlife guru wannabe Jim Muncie

2005-03-11 09:43:21 499

"I just want to walk down the street with it in my mouth and suck it."
"I just like the bone..." - Tommy Henry

Atlanta rules. As of yet there have been no casualties in the band, even having lightweights like TJ around makes that surprising. Apparently there was a shooting this morning at the courthouse, a guy killed two people and got away on foot.

The Kentucky pep band is in our hotel, one floor down. They are a bunch of cool people, even have several Sinfonians with them. Three tequila shots later, we had a pretty good night at the Atlanta Underground. The best thing is that they hate Matt Walsh too and all of the KY fans should be cheering for us against Florida.

2005-03-05 11:26:22 498

My new most favorite google search term: weather 39759

So apparently a french horn cannot make the SEC tourney. I went and worked on Mrs Ferrow's computer and Mrs Lance told me that I could go to the SEC and NCAA tournaments now. Thank you Wilson...

Apparently I have not been eating enough for as much as I have been riding my bike. Not eating lunch has been killing me. I ate a whole bunch last night because I felt so bad yesterday afternnon. Gotta cut the weight loss back to a pound a week, not a pound a day. I imagine the beer diet coming up on the tournament trips will help out a bunch.

2005-03-04 00:14:20 497

So I was sitting in my room watching the women's game, and I heard this big whoosh like an air hose had exploded. Turns out it was my back tire which somehow blew out a pin sized hole just sitting there. I took it off and patched it. Well at least tried to patch it. The patches keep coming off, so I read that you should cut them down and that is what is on there now. In the meantime I wanted to see if I could take my freewheel sprocket off. Did not manage that either, I just kept taking things apart until a couple bearings fell out. That was scary so I cleaned the old grease out, put new in, and put it all back together. I just hope the patch holds when I air up in the morning. If not I guess I will just have to use my only new tube.

2005-03-03 20:21:41 496

Yay, just heard the women's pep band go into long Hail State followed by Hail State at the tourney on TV. I would imagine that during the commercial break it will go into MSU 2K followed by 4&4 back into Go State topped off by Hail State played through three times with singing during the middle.

2005-02-27 23:02:27 495

Q: Who is Lance Armstrong?

A: Lance Armstrong was the first guy to land on the Moon! He was also a good trumpet player.

2005-02-26 21:26:54 494

it's like an orgy, just not as much fun

2005-02-26 10:39:12 493

So as I was cruising down University on my bike yesterday morning on the way to class, I heard the nice little ping of a piece of metal hitting the road. I thought I had ran over a scrap of metal in the road so I continued pedaling. A couple seconds later my rear derailleur went crazy, grinding and shifting up and down. Then I looked down and saw that the lower pulley gear on the derailleur was completely gone. I locked the bike to a light pole and went back to find the pulley. The gear was about a hundred feet back up the road, but I could not find the screw that holds it on. It was time for class so I walked the half mile to Butler. After class, I had work to do in Hunter Henry so I walked almost back off campus, and then the walk to the office from Hunter Henry is another mile. Seriously, it is one entire mile from Hunter Henry to our office behind Rice. After a while I got Sesti broken away from dowloading every sound ever composed on Napster and we went and got my bike. The screw was nowhere to be found. After a while I went to the bike shop to see if I could find a replacement. The guy there did not have anything that would work because my derailleur is just old enough that he did not have any spare parts. I ended up buying from handlebar tape from him anyway. The derailleur on my Raleigh is an even older Shimano. The screws on it are the right length and thread, but the heads are a bolt pattern instead of Allen and they are not beveled. One of them *would* work, but I would run the danger of it unscrewing itself again. So I put the older derailleur on my Trek not thinking that it would work. At first it completely put the chain in a bind until I adjusted it, and now it shifts even better than the broken one because its index adjustment is in good shape. The only thing though is that it is a six speed derailleur where I have a seven speed sprocket. I cannot shift into the biggest sprocket on the rear, but it is a granny gear anyway so I do not really need it. After all of that I took my pseudo aero bars off and retaped the handlebars. It makes the whole bike look so much prettier.

This morning I went for a ride with my old derailleur. I went out downtown to Reed Road, and then down Garrard to Montgomery. Stopped at the AmSouth ATM to get my new ATM card activated, then I looped through campus and the vet school and came home on Locksley Way. So in 49 minutes, I went 11.49 miles averaging 13.8 mph. My max speed was 32 and I hit that coming down the hill on Locksley. So far since Monday when I got my cyclocomputer up and running, I have been 38.9 miles, but that does not include when I rode a couple miles in the rain and a time or two when I forgot to put it back on my bike on campus. So maybe next week I can log 50+ miles.

2005-02-24 22:45:18 492

106 lines of code and Lab 1 for Algorithms is somewhere approaching 33% completion. Luckily that is not completely right as all I really have left is to implement functions for merge and quick sorts and get my output file writing up and running. C++ is hard to write when you have been writing PHP. I keep wanting to put $'s everywhere. It is freaking complicated to return an array from a function in C++. I swear PHP lets any object be set to any other object with no complaints.

It rained yesterday afternoon. I rode home in it. My bike got washed off. I have ridden about 25 miles so far this week just to and from campus and what little riding I do at work.

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