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My Cycling Log

2005-02-22 00:19:00 491

Bill is stable. I have proof:
00:15:22 up 71 days, 12:02, 4 users, load average: 0.00, 0.09, 0.16
last -1 reboot
reboot system boot 2.6.9Y Sun Dec 12 12:26

The crackhouse is open.

2005-02-15 23:37:53 490

Welcome to the Duke Sucks Center!

Ok, guess that needs a little explanation, look here.

2005-02-08 21:59:07 489

I love my favorite search engine. Plus the other ones are cool too because these are the leading search terms in order here as of today in Feb.

inces incest ncest -- no idea
lisa crissey -- old boss
radiohead bear -- I like Radiohead, and had a bear pic somewhere around
sesser -- that is my name, imagine that
creep -- a Radiohead song
little cheerleaders -- took pictures of cheerleaders in Albuquerque
penny arcade comic -- linked to some comics
brewski's starkville -- I worked there, it sucked, their crawfish kills people
crissey empire -- old bosses, they are terrible to their employees
ellen fleiss -- chick who switched to a Mac
falter starkville band -- Falter completely sucks
im000312.jpg filetype:jpg -- no idea
monica guitar -- there was a party with Monica and some dude playing guitar
/usr/lib/apache2/extramodules/ -- I had this error in gentoo's portage
apache2 has detected a syntax error in your configuration files -- had a problem with this too
auburn phi mu -- no idea except it is getting confused with Phi Mu Alpha and Auburn Sucks!
bannana republic -- bought some clothes there one time
window display -- wtf mate ?
bear radiohead -- once again, have a pic somewhere
cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/extramodules/ into serve -- that crazy error
college amatures -- wtf again?
disney 50 -- Disney makes sense, but 50?
dissipated eight creep acapella -- a sweet vocal group sings Creep, wrote about it long ago.
friend finders for oral sex in mainewomen -- WTF?
gentoo apache2 has detected a syntax error in your configuratio -- yet another problem I had
girl make out -- I hooked up with a load of girls a while ago... -- no idea -- another no idea
im000430.jpg filetype:jpg -- yet another no idea
isip where to stay starkville -- I used to work at ISIP and they had conferences, maybe?
mako's orlando -- Mako's in Orlando was so sweet! Just ask Stefan or Muncie.
matt walsh sucks -- yeah he sucks, we beat the hell out of Florida!
muncie mardi gras -- Muncie had fun in New Orleans a couple years ago.
opengl tls data -- had an error dealing with this
our cheerleaders -- MSU has nice cheerleaders?
patty plenty pin up -- what?
rent-a-cop -- security in Albuquerque?
sealab 2021 episode 42 torrent -- I love Sealab!!!
senior prom -- I took a college chick, Erin Smith, to my senior prom. Did you?
sesser elementary school website -- There is this place called Sesser up north.
sesti -- Andrew's last name.
swampy bridge -- the Noxubee forest is swampy?
take hologram off of georgia license -- fake license's are cool!
taller sister -- Nicole's sister is sooooooo tall!!
too friendly -- I am too friendly?
trees sky -- I can take pictures of the sky and like them
why walsh sucks florida basketball -- Just because he sucks! Matt Walsh sucks!

2005-02-08 21:04:14 488

Taxes! I actually have to pay the Fed $10 this year. I have always got a couple hundred dollar refund but not this time. My interview is in 13 hours so I will hope to not worry about this for too long...

2005-02-07 18:22:14 487

So I won this sweet sweet Trek 1400 road bike on ebay for practically nothing because the guy selling it had a terrible listing. It ended when I was going to be in class so thank you Sesti for bidding on it for me at the last minute. It is enormous, sized just right for me. I spent most of Friday evening cleaning it up. The only thing majorly wrong with it is that the crank has a hairline fracture in it. Luckily I have a nearly brand new identical replacement on its way from ebayland for $10.

I put my Raleigh's seat down low and it fits Emily pretty well so we went on a loop through downtown and campus on Saturday. Afterward, I rode west and made the loop around Avalon. This morning I rode to school in the light light rain. After I got out of class there was no rain and I rode across campus to work. On my way back to George Hall to look at a computer, the cable from my front derailer came completely off. I had been messing with it trying to get the derailer set right and the cable was not happy from the pliers I had been pulling it with. There were no Allen wrenches that I could get to so I just moved the adjusting screws so that the the derailer is stuck out on the big sprocket. So I went to work on the computer, and a couple hours Russ came to help me because it was not happy. By the time we got ready to leave it was pouring outside. Decided it would be fun to ride back across campus so we went for it. Around the back side of Allen, he got ahead of me because I had to go to a ramp to get off of the sidewalk. I ended up having to try to stop for a car on the little slope into the road in front of McComas. My brakes did not like being wet and neither did my slick tires. The bike went sideways and I let it go and hopped off. The handlebar had a nice bang on the ground and that was it. I made it back to the office and got Emily to come to campus and pick me up. So my bike is there but it is supposed to rain tomorrow morning so I would not be able to ride anyway.

My other good news of the semester is that I have finally gotten an interview for a full time ITS position and it will be on Wednesday.

2005-02-06 21:05:53 486

"I am the second best crab!"
"I could take SARS. And West Nile, just not at the same time."
"I can't do it on demand damnit!"
"I am not speaking anymore, after this. Have you ever seen that Sienfeld where he says I am not speaking anymore."
"They just happen."

-- TheRapist (Jimmy Rapier at the only Super Bowl party with a 106.5" screen)

"I don't lose the connection in my bedroom." -- Stefan

2005-02-03 07:37:29 485

Now the story of the guy peeing his way out of snow is being determined to be an urban ledgend. At least the GI Joe one is still true.

2005-02-02 08:36:22 484

So there is this picture that the AP is circulating as a soldier taken into hostage. It sounds so very sad in their article. But wait a minute! Doesn't that soldier look kinda stiff? His face, vest, kneepads, and even that gun are very similar to this boxed GI Joe action figure.

When MSU sports get you down after a Maine game, just remember Savannah State and know that 0-24 in men's basketball is far worse than anything we could achieve. Near the end of the article other sports are mentioned such as the Savannah State women's basketball setting a NCAA record last year for the fewest points scored in a half. 3. That's right, 3.

2005-02-01 23:18:31 483

"Matt Walsh is a faggot!" That is the best cheer that the student section has come up with narrowly beating "Walsh sucks" and "You still suck" after he made a 3. Florida just has not made it out too well in lovely Starkvegas in basketball or football in a couple years.

Today was so freaking long. I rode my bike and made it to work at 8:30. Russ called me with a high priority ticket to check out so I did for an hour before class. After class we both went over and worked on it until 4:30 so that the transportation department could get their invoices out for last month. It turned out to be one of those fixes that seem like you should have thought of it first and you feel dumb when it finally works. I met Emily at the union and ate. Then there was that little ole MSU/Florida basketball that I had to toot my horn at, and then the boys had to go to Tipico afterward. So here I am at 11:00 and tomorrow class starts at 9 and I will not get off campus until 5. Yay!

2005-01-31 17:58:19 482

First there was the guy's forehead, then the fat ladies boobs, and now you can buy advertising space on a pregnant ladies stomach.

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