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My Cycling Log

2005-02-06 21:05:53 486

"I am the second best crab!"
"I could take SARS. And West Nile, just not at the same time."
"I can't do it on demand damnit!"
"I am not speaking anymore, after this. Have you ever seen that Sienfeld where he says I am not speaking anymore."
"They just happen."

-- TheRapist (Jimmy Rapier at the only Super Bowl party with a 106.5" screen)

"I don't lose the connection in my bedroom." -- Stefan

2005-02-03 07:37:29 485

Now the story of the guy peeing his way out of snow is being determined to be an urban ledgend. At least the GI Joe one is still true.

2005-02-02 08:36:22 484

So there is this picture that the AP is circulating as a soldier taken into hostage. It sounds so very sad in their article. But wait a minute! Doesn't that soldier look kinda stiff? His face, vest, kneepads, and even that gun are very similar to this boxed GI Joe action figure.

When MSU sports get you down after a Maine game, just remember Savannah State and know that 0-24 in men's basketball is far worse than anything we could achieve. Near the end of the article other sports are mentioned such as the Savannah State women's basketball setting a NCAA record last year for the fewest points scored in a half. 3. That's right, 3.

2005-02-01 23:18:31 483

"Matt Walsh is a faggot!" That is the best cheer that the student section has come up with narrowly beating "Walsh sucks" and "You still suck" after he made a 3. Florida just has not made it out too well in lovely Starkvegas in basketball or football in a couple years.

Today was so freaking long. I rode my bike and made it to work at 8:30. Russ called me with a high priority ticket to check out so I did for an hour before class. After class we both went over and worked on it until 4:30 so that the transportation department could get their invoices out for last month. It turned out to be one of those fixes that seem like you should have thought of it first and you feel dumb when it finally works. I met Emily at the union and ate. Then there was that little ole MSU/Florida basketball that I had to toot my horn at, and then the boys had to go to Tipico afterward. So here I am at 11:00 and tomorrow class starts at 9 and I will not get off campus until 5. Yay!

2005-01-31 17:58:19 482

First there was the guy's forehead, then the fat ladies boobs, and now you can buy advertising space on a pregnant ladies stomach.

2005-01-30 16:45:32 481

Just call me "Jim the Terrible, Conqueror of the Mighty Frisbee" as I broke Sesti's other one today. Two weeks ago I scored a goal and spiked his white one (not even very hard!) and it shattered. Well it helped that it was only about 30 that day. Today I just threw a really long pass that arced gracefully across the field into a crossbar of a soccer goal. There was a nice "chinging" sound and that was that of our poor friend the frisbee. This just means that we will have to find another before next Sunday. And one will not cut it with my record, I am going to buy a couple extras just in case I get happy with another. At least the turnout was pretty good today, it was kinda hard to play last week with only five people.

Amanda Worshum is off in London and is blogging abou it. Lucky her.

2005-01-29 09:47:34 480

Real men drink beer and pee their way out of an avalanche.

2005-01-22 09:47:05 479

Most of Wes's MLK pictures are here.

2005-01-20 10:38:32 478

Rode to work this morning. It was kinda cold.

Wes gave me a big zip of the pictures from Little Berryhill's MLK Bash 2005 (tm) but something got currupted along the way.

Steve called Parking Services because of a ghetto fabulous car out front of the office expecting to get a ticket on it. When they got here they ended up ticketing four cars and putting a wheel lock on one in service parking.

2005-01-15 12:17:44 477

Garden State is a great movie even if the DVD will not play on the mighty PS2 and I have to watch it on my 13" screen. It has one of the best soundtracks ever with the Shins and loads of other good people.

So today we are going to beat the crap out of Arkansas! I know the Henderson crowd will be cheering us on because they hate pigs too!

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