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My Cycling Log

2005-01-30 16:45:32 481

Just call me "Jim the Terrible, Conqueror of the Mighty Frisbee" as I broke Sesti's other one today. Two weeks ago I scored a goal and spiked his white one (not even very hard!) and it shattered. Well it helped that it was only about 30 that day. Today I just threw a really long pass that arced gracefully across the field into a crossbar of a soccer goal. There was a nice "chinging" sound and that was that of our poor friend the frisbee. This just means that we will have to find another before next Sunday. And one will not cut it with my record, I am going to buy a couple extras just in case I get happy with another. At least the turnout was pretty good today, it was kinda hard to play last week with only five people.

Amanda Worshum is off in London and is blogging abou it. Lucky her.

2005-01-29 09:47:34 480

Real men drink beer and pee their way out of an avalanche.

2005-01-22 09:47:05 479

Most of Wes's MLK pictures are here.

2005-01-20 10:38:32 478

Rode to work this morning. It was kinda cold.

Wes gave me a big zip of the pictures from Little Berryhill's MLK Bash 2005 (tm) but something got currupted along the way.

Steve called Parking Services because of a ghetto fabulous car out front of the office expecting to get a ticket on it. When they got here they ended up ticketing four cars and putting a wheel lock on one in service parking.

2005-01-15 12:17:44 477

Garden State is a great movie even if the DVD will not play on the mighty PS2 and I have to watch it on my 13" screen. It has one of the best soundtracks ever with the Shins and loads of other good people.

So today we are going to beat the crap out of Arkansas! I know the Henderson crowd will be cheering us on because they hate pigs too!

2005-01-11 21:32:04 476

Sesti helped me fix my caliper today. Since the wheel was going to be off and the outer CV boot is right there, I decided to replace it with a "quick boot" that just slips on. It turned out not being so quick. First of all the steel bands around the original would not break with anything we could do to them. Ended up going to Lowe's and I got some mighty metal cutting pliers and knocked them out. Then you have to put eight tiny screws through eight tiny holes and screw on eight freaking little nuts. Under the car. While the boot is full of grease. After that there are two metal bands to clamp around the front and back of the boot. The big one went on pretty good, but the little one kept slipping off. We ended up just leaving it off and I am going to find another clamp to put on it.

Go to TRL's vote site and write in Devo's Whip It in the write in section. The fark told me to do it.

2005-01-10 23:31:45 475

My car ate another brake caliper just like it did three years ago. I was on campus stopping at the four way stop close to the Sanderson and there was a popping noise and it was hard to stop. I made it back to the apartment with the parking brake. Of course no one has the part in stock, but I will get it tomorrow.

2005-01-08 17:17:23 474

I had to leave my bike at work because it was raining pretty good yesterday afternoon. So I got up this morning and walked back to campus and got it. I rode through downtown, crossed Stark Road, made the loop around Avalon, and came back home. Then I took my bike apart and cleaned my drivetrain with brake cleaner so it is a lot happier now and not so gunky.

So my goal is to someday run at least a half ironman triathlon but I am going to start out small. I am going to work for going and visiting David and trying out the DeGray Lake Sprint Tri.

2005-01-07 00:23:14 473

Hopefully forever, Northland Cable in Starkvegas now has MTV2 on channel 54 and CMT on 55. As of yet neither show up on or zaptoit on channel 25.

Apparently Stephanie Forman is leaving Starkville once again for her "dream job" in Texas. Wah wah, maybe I would have gone to her "going away celebration" if she had not been a person that rhymed with itch many times in the past year.

2005-01-04 23:22:11 472

So are they the Sooners or the Suckers? The commentators (washed up ex football flunkies) are determined that this is USC's way of proving their dominance where all that is really being proved is that Oklahoma sucks and Auburn should be there.

Traffic was scary coming back home today and it was getting dark. The fun thing is that I can keep up with the cars on Jackson Street because of the lights.

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