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My Cycling Log

2005-01-04 12:28:38 471

The bell tower is playing Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" right now.

2005-01-04 10:35:27 470

I rode my bike to and from work yesterday and rode it back again today. The traffic was a whole lot worse this morning because the Starkville schools being back in session.

Emily and I ate at the Veranda for New Year's Eve. We got their lobster and steak special, it was the first time I have ever eaten lobster so I am not sure if it was that good or not, anyway I was not impressed.

Blog reading is up 58% just from Muncie refreshing this page.

2004-12-31 20:47:29 469

Last post of 2004! Is it interesting? I don't think so!

2004-12-30 23:39:13 468

Hey Kids! Remember, laser beams don't kill people, guided weapons that follow laser beams kill people!

2004-12-30 10:10:00 467

I actually got out and rode my bike two days in a row. I have this nice little loop starting from my apartment, going down Jackson to University, going through campus, and coming out on Blackjack and back down Locksley Way. Today I went across 82 and made the ERC loop too.

2004-12-28 08:46:55 466

Christmas was fun. I drove down to Natchez a week ago. Mother had a ton of food cooked and it was great. Then Brumfield, David, and I went to New Orleans for Wed/Thur to go shopping and stuff. It was a blast. Got to go back to Abita Springs so I am happy. On Friday I got new tires for my car. Turned out that my spare was totally shot so I am glad I never had a flat. For lunch my parents, David, and I went to the Castle and it was pretty good. Later we all went and watched Meet the Fockers. It was funny in a goofy way. I got everything I asked for for Christmas and a few surprises. Some of the stuff I got is the Wizard of Oz on DVD, a retro iron, cufflinks, a pump for my bike, and Paper Mario 2. Paper Mario is like crack, I have played it almost six hours so far and am just in chapter two. Sunday at church was strange because everybody my age is getting married, already married, or popping out kids. My Dad and I spent the afternoon under David's car replacing his leaky gas tank. It was all pretty much straightforward until we started putting stuff back together and the hardened nuts/bolts tack welded to the muffler would not come off. A little chiseling and it was all good. I got up pretty early Monday to drive back up to Starkvegas. My Mom had to cook me pancakes and bacon before I could leave and it was good. I made pretty good time coming back and avoided the perils of Lakeland Drive by going up to Canton and over on 16. When I stopped to get gas at the identity confused BP/Kangaroo gas station, the pump stopped by itself on exactly $17.00 and the tank was full. When I got back in the car my odometer was on 151000 and the trip odo was on 170.0. Something else that was nice, my 15 y/o car made 30mpg back from Canton even loaded down with all of my stuff.

2004-12-14 18:10:43 465

Wiki board edit of the month goes to Jimmy:

Members of Unknown Status because Elva K Lance won't e-mail them back

Jimmy Rapier - Trumpet

2004-12-13 18:24:24 464

Search for cheese burger on google's image search...

2004-12-13 17:33:03 463

Minnesota elector casts vote for John Edwards who was not even running for president. That is for all of the people who are certain that the "smart" states voted for Kerry!

2004-12-11 01:39:59 462

So the face book is the wiki board on crack as according to Muncie. Anyway, best quote ever, from the group description of "Who Else Thinks Hotty Toddy Is the Gayest Chant In History?":

"Yeah...Hotty Toddy definitely sucks. Any school that has "flim-flam bim-bam, Ole Miss by D@mn," man they suck. Find a chant with some real words you homos. Ole Miss....what a gay school."

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