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My Cycling Log

2004-12-11 01:04:35 461

Had the best birthday ever. Up there with like the fourth grade where I got to have a bowling party. I played with my bike a good bit of the afternoon. It has been out in the rain far too long and was needing a good greasing. Emily came over and brought Mexican cheese dip and presents. She got me some Nivea stuff I had wanted and a neato shirt from Bannana Republic. My surprise was reservations to the Japanese place. We got our own room and I got to eat all kinds of raw stuff so it was wonderful. After a while we went to Old Venice to get something to quench our thirst. We went to watch Ocean's Twelve and it was freaking sold out more than 20 minutes before the show. So we sprung for I (heart) Huckabees. It started out with a nice Tourette Syndrom inspired monologue from Jason Schwartzman and went uphill from there. This movie had the hottest 50y/o redheaded French woman ever. I can say that because I am 23. After the movie we went to Kroger's for some stuff for Emily's mom. The most surreal place in the universe is a Kroger's at a quarter to midnight when you and your girlfriend are the only two customers in the store. You get to ponder why the red line on the floor is unbroken in front of the meat coolers, but its twin in front of the aisles randomly ends under a display across from the bacon...

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2004-12-10 01:10:16 460

The title says it all: "Hairy toes give away N.C. shower peeper"

2004-12-10 00:56:48 459

Right now I have figured out that in all five years I have been doing these silly entries, I have never done one on December 10 which just happens to be the day on which I was born. So here it is. I have been the mighty 23 for less than an hour as of now and it feels just like 19 did, woo woo. Best thing is that I am one year closer to 25 and the almighty lowering of insurance rates that happens then. Even though my current insurance rates are like less than 40% of Emily's...

Yeah I was mean and got what my birthday surprise is out of Emily. It is awesome and completely unexpected so I think I will have fun. Way better than a freaking mint chocolate ice cream cake.

2004-12-06 23:06:09 458

Turducken '04 was great Saturday night. I could not believe how much food was there and how little of it was left when we got done.

David is so lucky. He turned 21. On a Sunday. In a dry county. In Arkansas. Oh how we all feel envy for the mighty legal David!

Watched Christmas With the Kranks for free for WMSV's movie night. The jokes were way better than I expected so I recommend taking the lady out and watching it once for brownie points. Anything to avoid Bridget Jones. Emily and I rented Love Me If You Dare otherwise known as Jeux d'enfants. It was the first foreign language film that I have ever watched all of the way through. It had sweet visuals, but I feel like I missed a lot because I cannot speak French and had to spend the whole time reading. We rented 21 Grams too. Here is a summary: take a twisted murder mystery, divide it into 60 2-minute chunks, order them by a random number generator, and you are done. Anyway it is a pretty good story and it is neat to figure out little things as it goes along. The great thing is that even that this film is in English with mostly American actors, it was written and directed by two different Mexican men.

2004-12-04 13:35:12 457

"I hate old people."
"Antichrist Rules." -- HC 12/03/04

2004-12-01 17:38:33 456

Lambda Chi Alpha's are not evil because they are too stupid.

Quote of the time period: "My understanding is they were having some type of activity that involved grain alcohol," police Capt. Mark Sizemore said.

And parents, PLEASE do not name a kid William Flynn Miller IV!

2004-12-01 17:27:33 455

Emily managed to have a wreck in front of Subway on Highway 12. Somebody stopped in front of her and she did not make it to the right lane in time to miss them. Of course they were driving a minivan and their plastic bumper was scratched. Her left front is pushed back kinda bad and the bumper is ready to fall off. Luckily the air bag did not go off and hurt her. She is fine of course. I drove it out of the road into Barnhill's parking lot. The tow truck guy wanted money for coming out even though he never hooked up to her car, but eventually he got stuff sorted out with the police and determined that Emily never asked for or authorized a tow. Emily's dad got here and we drove the poor Accord to my apartment. All of Emily's coolant is on Highway 12 and since she stopped at the turn light on Montgomery instead of going through on yellow, her car was a little steamy as it came into my complex. I rode with her dad back out to Mathiston to pick up a trailer and we came back and I drove the car up on it. The great thing is that the doors could not open once on the trailer so I had to pull a Dukes of Hazzard and get out of the passenger window.

2004-11-30 12:30:24 454

My girlfriend Anya...HEY, STOP DROOLING GUYS!!!

2004-11-29 23:39:07 453

If Microsoft had written nmap.

2004-11-29 23:34:58 452

Turkey day was good. Emily and I drove down to Natchez on Wednesday. Mother cooked Wednesday night, and again for Thanksgiving lunch and it was wonderful. Natchez was the same ole place. Friday morning we got up early to go partake of the Wal-Mart specials. First time I have been in a Wal-Mart since early September. On the way back to Starkvegas we had to stop in the hell that was Northpark on the day after Thanksgiving on the way through Jackson so that Princess Emily could shop. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but the lot was still pretty much full.

I got to go to my first away football game ever on Saturday to not be in the band and it sucked. It was terrible. It was cold and raining. I am so glad that I did not have to stay so we left at halftime. Before the game, I made another apperance at Wal-Mart and randomly ran into Chad Johnson. He was always in my class from the 3rd to the 8th grade when he left for the greener pastures of the Franklin County school district.

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