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2004-11-14 00:22:33 441

The dinner Lambda Phi had at Harvey's turned out being really nice. It was a load of fun, especially being the only fraternity at MSU that can have a couple guys break into song and it is really really good.

2004-11-11 00:59:08 440

(00:57:40) The Mighty Tommy Henry: i dont want any spooning in my sisters vehicle

2004-11-10 16:47:20 439

Madonna calls for US troops to exit Iraq. In other news, troops have apparently been shipped back to the US after telling provisional Iraqi government, "Good luck!"

2004-11-10 15:58:49 438

Hey kids, go play on the wiki!!

2004-11-09 09:08:09 437

So the tag board is going to die right now forever...

Here is the full text of it:

Dub=> i think the reason ya couldn't find the link is because it's in our members only section
jim=> I was wondering who older nasty was
titties aka Older nasty=> yes it is dub
Dub=> Is this the all famous deal that older nasty and pigeon slayer have been talkin 'bout?
titties=> That's good Berryhill. Now isn't there something you want to tell us.
berryhill=> I'd rather be black than gay because when you're black you don't have to tell your mother.
muncie=> i love jim
therapist=> one of my favorite quotes of the summer - "FUCK U" - tommy's toes
Jim=> titties is a boobie tool
titties=> I like to oat oat oat opples and bononos
titties=> I like to oat oat oat opples and bononos
therapist=> one more thing, so what if they re-instate the draft we're at war, with people who hate us, why should we be asked to fight them
therapist=> i hate liberals, fuck john kerry, he doesn't even know what he believes in
Booger=> What's up Jim?
vas deferens=> what a dirty skanky slut
asshole=> at least you dont have to swallow that thing, it hurts like hell
balls=> yea, that ass is the nastiest ass we have ever been slapped over and over agains, and whats the vibrating all about? that shit tickles
penis head=> hell yea, i knew the other parts of the penis noticed thing, i get the worst end of the situation, you should see that going in head first
penis vein=> i second that penis wrinkle
penis wrinkle=> Berryhill, seen your girlfriend lately?
Berryhill=> SAI is the fat, skanky bitch clan
kim=> he wasn't gay last night!!
tony=> I wish I could date Karen.
Buddy=> I need a keg
random guy=> so i was reading the bottom tony gay?
penis wrinkle=> silly titties, everyone knows only pussies have lips!!
titties=> penis wrinkle? what about floppy penis lips?
penis wrinkle=> SAI's are cows but I sure love Karen!
Stefan=> Tommy, trees are better!
SAI hata=> yep.
titties=> thats a funny name. is it ryan?
SAI hata=> trees n dogs are bad m'kay
titties=> dont listen to stefan. dogs getting away! gotta run.
Stefan=> When are you going to put pictures up from formal?
Jim=> it is a retarded cd
Muncie=> what is wrong with the cd i gave you jim?
titties=> does anyone have a dog i can borrow. if not a tree will do.
titties=> hey jim, i thought i would see how this contraption works.
Baller=> What is up my nigga
Baller=> What is up my nigga
Baller=> What is up my nigga
RonL=> What up Jim
precious=> Muncie has a sexy wang wang
Wilson Farrell=> two random girls said "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
Jim=> I am the almighty lizard king!!!!
Sesti=> That's funny Muncie, cause I didn't know how to spell her name, hmm, wonder who wrote that....
Muncie=> Damn Sesti, that's not cool
Sesti => boy, i want a piece of anya's hot poon-tang
=> tony loves kim
tony=> i think that that is gay either way
michael=> thats sick dude
Sesti=> That isn't even right Muncie, unless you are talking about yourself, then the decision has been decided that it isn't gay
Muncie=> I love Jim, he has a nice cock...
Muncie=> guess no
Muncie=> jim, you there?
Name=> jim needs new pics
Muncie=> Hey Jim
Muncie=> Hey Jim
Muncie=> Hey Jim
Name=> message
Muncie=> Hey jim
Muncie=> Hey jim
Sesti=> You and me both Brother
Muncie=> i hate school...
Sesti=> I have 100% attendence to all class that I was registered in at time of class!! ;)
conjero=> jim that black star away message is getting annoying, you should change it to something else
cross=> can't say the same for women who are crazy as hell ;)
cross=> when beer f*cks you over, you still somehow want more the next day
cross=> girls are way too much trouble, i prefer beer
someone=> whoever wrote message as there message is dumb
Jim=> yay, it works again
Jim=> test
Name=> message
ewdfasd=> dfsdfasdf sdafsad d dd df df fd sdfs d
Name=> message
Muncie=> Hi Jim
jaco=> yes
randomAction=> Anyone here?
Jim=> she don't use jelly
Jim=> ummm, cd's good, work bad
Emily=> Stay here and make a cd jim
randomBlack guy=> can't we all juz get along....bling bling
malibu=> why you hatin?
Jim=> you mean those Linkin fags?
Sesti=> No, we just want to make sure you aren't talking bad about my favorite band...
Jim=> yeah, some people must be more bored than I am
Garraway=> People actually read about your life? Geez...
Jim=> one more test...
Jim=> just testing out a change to the file....
Sesti=> Since I just had one, does that count?
Hannah=> On your birthday
Sesti=> So when will you get with me?
Hannah=> sorry tony your not gay your eminim and sesti i'll get with you later
Jim=> poor Sesti, must be jealous or something.
Sesti=> But Berryhill doesn't have Blonde hair?
Hannah=> Berryhill looks sexy with his blonde hair.
Jim=> get a job you loser.
Michael=> oh yea and josh you are now know as a good example of a failure im not supposed to become
Michael=> somebody give me a good reason not to run away from home and hope to never see my asshole hateful parents again?
Jim=> I'm going to delete all of the losers who forget their name.
michael=> tony puffs the peter
Hannah=> mary w/ the cherry
Hannah=> piss off jim
Hannah=> why? is drew gay like tony too?
Jim=> yeah, that's what I heard Drew was saying last night
Berryhill=> Oh... Oh... Oh... :-O
Jim=> yeah you will.
Hannah=> I could burn the building down.
Michael=> and im talking to a girl who has her clit pierced
Michael=> I lost the V when i was 12
Jim=> that's not a word!!
Coffee Talk=> I feeling a little veclepmt......
Sesti=> I am 21!
Coffee Talk=> The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Discuss
phi552=> ps- i will be visiting in 2
phi552=> weeks and allow me to say this: being italian and all that shit, he's my little bro and i am the only one allowed to call him gay
phi552=> we have problems.. so as my bro said fuck off
phi552=> anyone there this is tonys older brother
phi552=> hey
:-)=> hehe
========> ~~~~
berryhill=> I think it might be im gettin out of lab
Someone=> I am just wondering what berryhill mean by he was feeling good, was that a sign that he was getting some sausage?
Jim=> I am the almighty lizard king.
·´¨`·.¸.=> ·´¨`·.¸.·
berryhill=> feelin good
dude => yeah...
=> cuz yeah he does
=> are you tlaking about jim?
berryhill=> I may like sausage but you looooooooooove da cock
Sesti=> Good question Stringer, I don't we are having one I think we are just going to see how many we can hit over the weekend...
Jim=> I don't know, won't be here :)
TLS1=> So where is the super bulldog party at???
Jim=> yeah, but I know you are not gay
tony=> seriously guys, fuck off and die
tony=> actually jim kissed me, go to hell
butt turds=> turdy
=> i saw hiim kiss a guy
=> tony is to a fag
=> just leave it alone
=> screw all of you, tony is not a fag
Jim=> yeah, Berryhill, just the way you like it
Name=> message
Berryhill=> Sure is a lot of sausage in here
Matt=> because you get the credit for going to class but you get to play on the computer instead of listening to the teacher
Sesti=> But Class sucks, why would you want to go?

2004-11-07 17:14:57 436

So some jackass leeched one of my Ellen Fleiss pics and apparently posted it a couple times on So I changed it to something not nearly as pretty AND a much smaller image size. So if you want, the place where he leeched it is here. Steel your stomach and search for the name SherKhan. At this point, it has been many hours and the fark moderaters have done nothing to edit this terrible sight to the eyes. Anyway for the squemish, here is the text of some users responding about SherKhan's hot gay post:

2004-11-07 01:44:01 AM TheDepotDespot: Where the hell are the mods? SherKhan's entry? Hello?

It always amazes me how they can be so anal about minimal entrys then let crap like that slide.

/All puns intended

2004-11-07 01:46:33 AM grunthos: Yeah! MODS!!! Ban SherKhan !!

2004-11-07 01:50:54 AM Nentuaby : SherKhan- hello? Bannination? WTF Were you thinking, and why did it take so long for anybody else to notice? Almost three hours.

2004-11-07 01:54:05 AM grunthos : my guess is that somehow the picture got changed between the time he posted and three hours later.

I sent an email to Drew/Mike, how else can we get attention brought on this?

2004-11-07 02:02:02 AM chakalakasp: MY EYES! THE CHLOROX DOES NOTHING!

2004-11-07 03:24:15 AM Lapin: I'll bet SherKhan was leeching the image from somewhere... and the hoster switched it.

2004-11-07 12:13:55 PM d00fus:


That is hot! Post more plz.

2004-11-07 15:33:46 435

States I have visited:

create your own personalized map of the USA

2004-11-05 00:01:54 434

Ok, added Stefan too....

Next feature to implement is you kids being able to do your own profiles :)

2004-11-04 23:55:56 433

Anybody know how how to forward to two different domains hidden behind the same NAT (on a Netgear MR814v2)?

Added Rapier and Garraway tonight...

2004-11-04 15:21:18 432

Go out and celebrate Heterosexual Appreciation Day!

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