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My Cycling Log

2004-11-02 10:22:32 426

Go vote! But only if your are going to vote for Bush. Everybody knows Kerry has already won because the Redskins lost.

2004-11-01 09:13:28 425

Save the world! Save your ass!
Vote for Bush tomorrow!

2004-10-31 09:38:12 424

According to the SEC standings on EPSN, Mississippi State has won more conference games than Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Arkansas! Even better is the notion that those three schools only have two conference wins between them all. When was the last time we were not last in the west? 2000? Being tied with Ole Miss at this point makes the Egg Bowl look even more promising.

2004-10-31 07:48:30 423

The time freaking changed. Here I am getting up at "8:30" to get ready for Sunday School, get out of the shower and it turns out it is only 7:45. Wah.

2004-10-28 00:29:34 422

News that matters for people who matter and stumble across

British are a bunch of "flaming fags" as the British say in true Anglo in voting Bush to be supreme villian of they year.

Drawn Together is the best new animated series to date, a close first ahead of Sealab 2021. I mean, whose girlfriend loves Betty Boop? Mine! There were many many great quotes from that first episode, let us just hope that someone has got a .torrent for the first episode or nerds like Wes have it Tivoed.

Tim 0 - Lambda Phi 3

If Tommy Henry was a big toad, would his children enjoy yellowjackets?

I had my mighty audition for spring bands yesterday. I felt ok about it playing for the enlightened Elva K Lance. Sadly I cannot get a basketball scholarship because I did not march this fall. I wish I had marched because the show with the Batman theme was freaking awesome.

I guess that is all for now, since Tony cannot think of anything interesting to say.

2004-10-25 09:55:52 421

Seems like is down right now because he was fired. is the site of the day.

2004-10-24 02:51:59 420

The index numbers are fixed. This is the now just the most recent problem I have found in hosing /etc by running etc-update with the "don't ask any questions, just break all of my stuff and write whatever you want to over my files, I just am lazy and do not care." Not good I say. Not good at all.

2004-10-24 02:28:13 419

My database is hosed. The index numbers are all wrong. How could it be?

2004-10-23 15:30:12 418

So the game started going well and Bryan and I decided to go. Near the end of the first half we made it. The game was freaking awesome. The Tommyites picked on me for being late to the game. I had figured like everyone else that the spread was going to be beat by Florida AND it was going to rain. Thankfully neither happened. This is the second best MSU football game ever, the first was the Snow Bowl. I was prodded into going onto the field by the trumpets. I was at the goal post when it came down. I got to carry it across the field with the rest of the frat rats. Near the far endzone, I was less than 10 feet from Croom with a freaking goal post on my shoulder. Life is sweet. We crossed out at the corner near the M Club, the post was passed ahead over the fence. I managed to get over the fence and got to my car quickly. It is the fastest I have ever gotten off campus after a game. So I rushed home and got a shower, got to close the liquor store tonight. Note to self: do not wear flip flops when we play Florida.

2004-10-22 02:20:40 417

wish we were playing SAI
-ryar the SAI destroyar

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