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My Cycling Log

2004-07-12 12:32:27 371

At least there are pics of Emily and I in New Orleans here. The few beach pics that exist are on a yet to be used up disposable camera.

W Ketchup!!! F the Kerry supporing Heinz empire and their foreign produced condomints!

2004-07-09 19:11:30 370

In the most local reference yet, Fark hatches yet another classic headline: In a sure sign of the Apocalypse, Mississippi now has one of the nation's highest performance supercomputer. I imagine Hawkins should be happy from all of the hits this generated for the Starkville Daily.

The best part is some of the comments:

1. Woo, high speed NASCAR video downloads are up 20%.
2. Yeah, but the trick is keeping the moonshine reservoir topped off and the bellows pumping to keep up with the steam engine.
3. The real problem is keeping the 1's segregated from all the 0's.
4. How do you know there's a funeral going on in Starkville?
The lead tractor has its lights on.
5. South Carolina State Department of Education Motto: Thank God for Mississippi!
Mississippi State Department of Education Motto: Lets make Puerto Rico a state!

2004-07-05 22:11:29 369

Panorama of the Z (Click on Virtual Tour). It is prettier when all the chicks in little dresses are there.

2004-07-05 21:59:43 368

Emily's birthday trip went pretty well. We left Starkvegas early Thursday morning and I drove to Abita Spring to go to the Abita Brewpub. The food there is awesome. It was the best meal by far that I had on the trip. That was right north of the causeway, so we decided to take it across to New Orleans. Of course the rain came down as soon as we got on the bridge. Luckily it stopped before we got to New Orleans. It was hard to find the hotel because it was on a side street off of Bourbon. The directions included a U turn and two "veer" instructions. The hotel was super nice. After we got our stuff to the room we walked to the Riverwalk and shopped a bit. Of course it was pouring when we came out. So we got ponchos and managed to make it the half mile back to the hotel. After a while we went down Bourbon street to find someplace to eat. Finally found a place and they put us out on the balcony so I got rained on a little. My food was not very good but Emily enjoyed hers. I got crawfish etouffee and she got chicken quesadillas. We went across the street to a bar that had a good band and stayed for a while. It was the Tricou House at 711 Bourbon.

The next day we checked out of the hotel, ate at the Riverwalk, and went to the Aquarium. There should be a bunch of pictures from there of Emily playing with the fishies. We left there and headed to Biloxi at around 2:00. As soon as we got back in MS, it started raining terribly. I actually got off the road at a rest stop in Waveland until the rain stopped. As soon as I got back on the interstate, it poured down again. We made it to the Imperial Palace and met up with Jimmy. Kathy met us and we all went to Boomtown to eat the buffet. We watched Kathy gamble for a while and Stefan and Cathy finally showed up.

We let the girls sleep Saturday morning and we went and found a Winn-Dixie to get some breakfast and food for the island. We caught the 12:00 boat and Kathy met us there. There was barely two good hours of sun, but it started raining and we caught the 3:30 boat back. Emily was sad because even the hotel pool was closed. We ate at the Mexican themed resturaunt in the casino and it was not very good either. Actually it sucked pretty bad. The waiter was really nice though and brought us a free appetizer and did not charge for our margaritas because the kitchen took forever to get our food done. That night we went to the Palace casino to go to some place that Kathy had heard about that had opened the night before. It was midnight before we got there because the girls took forever to get ready and the parking garage was absolutly full. The casino was giving a car away at midnight so the place was packed. We stood in line for an hour for the Z Club before Kathy saw someone she knew who had "VIP status" and could get us in at the front of the line. It was a really neat place, ike something in the movies. Emily had a really good time. I was almost too tired to have a lot of fun. Matt and his girlfriend got really drunk and were silly all of the way back to our hotel.

We got up and checked out the next morning and waited until 12 to eat the buffet at our hotel. We all left and Emily and I went to the outlets in Gulfport. The drive back was not too bad except for the rain. We learned to avoid the McDonald's in H'Burg because they were all morons. So basically, other than the never ending rain, the trip turned out pretty good, and Emily had a wonderful time which was what I had been mainly concerned with.

2004-07-05 21:31:17 367

(21:02:37) The Mighty Tommy Henry: hopefully I can help her adjust her indefference curves

2004-07-02 13:59:53 366

Dept. of Homeland Security Says to Stop Using IE -- Best Slashdot headline ever!

As of July 1, I am at $16.

2004-06-30 20:04:23 365

To be loved, be lovable. In bed.

2004-06-30 18:22:47 364

"Yes," I say, muting the phone. "I made some quick changes to the Squid and Mozilla source allowing me to pick a client IP on the proxy and basically get the same content as them."
"Smooth," the PFY responds, nodding. "What if they're using IE?"
"I've dumbed Mozilla down to cope with it."

2004-06-29 11:01:09 363

The weekend was wonderful. Except for the rain. And it is still raining every day in Starkvegas too. Please let it stop.

2004-06-22 20:56:46 362

Only on Thursdays. -- Andrew Sesti

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