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My Cycling Log

2004-05-04 20:53:17 341

"Treat em like you'd treat a bug. HIT IT WITH A TRUCK!" -- Ryan Beets

2004-05-04 12:05:36 340

Exams suck.

The following is from the happiest ebay listing ever for an IBM laptop older than mine:

Some of the many features of this model include:
  • A brilliant COLOR active matrix display- It is crisp and clear and easy on the eyes!
  • TrackPoint III mouse- The built in mouse allows for pointing, selecting, and dragging without lifting your hands from the keyboard!
  • An Intel Pentium 100 MHZ processor- Pentium technology is a must for optimum performance and reliability!
  • Built in EDO memory- Enhances performance with fast memory access!
  • Built in microphone and speaker, and a headphone or external speakers jack.
  • Power management system- Sets the computer to different modes to save battery power when you are not using the full power of the computer!
  • 2 PCMCIA slots- You can plug in modems, network cards, cdrom, external drives, etc.!

    The best part is: This laptop comes with an upgraded 40 megs of ram and a large 775 meg hard drive!

    I'm a nerd. But it's funny.

  • 2004-05-04 00:23:15 339

    Eli Manning's webpage

    2004-04-29 19:53:19 338

    Turns out that it is very possible to bike from campus to Avalon without too much time on major roads. My car is back at the music building, so I came all of the way across campus. Rode the bike path from the chapel to University. Rode down University until it turns into that other road and eventually hit Reed and crossed to the other side of 82. Went the back way from Emily's apartment to the new 25 and made it here. Next time I am going to use the "Emergency Vehicles Only" entrance from the Green Oaks neighborhood onto Stark and cut a few out of the way miles. The worse part was the new 25 stretch because it was so freaking windy that I had to pedal to go downhill.

    2004-04-29 19:17:16 337

    "Quick! Somebody drill a hole in that tree if I can't catch the dog!"

    2004-04-28 10:36:45 336

    It was a week. The fun really started Wednesday night / Thursday morning was the Relay for Life and Lambda Phi actually made a rather large showing. Then Friday I had to work hard at Brewski's to supply Starville with crawfish and beer. After work we had a nice time out at Anthony's. On Saturday I had the bright idea of riding my bike early in the morning. After exausting myself, I got to sit around until about 3 when Emily got off from Old Venice. Then she made a mad dash to get ready for formal while I loaded the car. The original plan was to leave from Stephanie's at 4:30 and follow Tony down. At 4:35 I told Emily that we were leaving without them. Of course by then she remembered something that she had left so we were on the way for real at about 4:50. After getting into Philadelphia, I called Stefan and they were still waiting on the girls before they could leave. Emily and I ate at Hard Rock and we had the most fried waiter ever. He was still a good server somehow. We had to hurry and leave to make it to the casino to meet Tommy. Lovely Emily gave me front door service so I did not even have to park the car. The room we had was smaller than I had imagined but it was still plenty big enough for us. Everyone posed for the photographer and got that taken care of but the DJ was still not there. The DJ finally showed up more than an hour late and then took a while to get set up, but after he started playing everything was nice. At 11 we were supposed to be out of the room, but we actually made it out at around 11:30 or so. Most everyone who was still there went across the street to the Golden Moon. I got to see firsthand the kind of indecisiveness put on by Stefan's dates that kept wasting time as we spent nearly 30 minutes just trying to figure out what everyone was going to do. I was a lucky enough boy to turn a couple dollars into $100 on a slot machine and then used that to play blackjack for a while. Stefan sat in the same seat at a blackjack table for more than three hours without moving. We had loads of fun with these drunk guys from Arkansas who were blowing tons of money. Of course when we decided to leave, the girls were not where they should have been and it took almost another hour to get them out to the car. So it ended up being a good formal, but back in Starkville on Sunday we had even more responsibilities. Had to meet to practice, then we went to Starkville Manor and sang to the people. Some of them enjoyed it a lot where I really doubt most of them knew we were even there. After that we made a trip to Ruby Tuesday's which was shortly followed by the EC meeting and then a whole night of Phi Mu Alpha fun. So all in all it was a wonderful week/end.

    But of course there are pictures. However Emily's laptop was forgotten at her apartment so those are not here now, and Muncie finally decides to make me a cd of pictures and the thing is almost completely corrupted.

    "Apart from Hello World in Pascal at school, I've never written a single program in my life or contributed to an open source project, yet staring at endless streams of GCC output whizzing by somehow helps me contribute to international freedom." -- irix, on Slashdot

    2004-04-19 08:15:20 335

    Kill Bill Vol. 2 is awesome. Compared to the first it is way funnier and the gross violence is not quite as extreme.

    2004-04-16 11:25:22 334

    The poor Camry died last Wednesday. Luckily it turned out that my distributor cap had an enormous crack in it that had possibly set up some sort of backlash of current and fried the ignition coil too. So Emily's dad helped me fix it all, and luckily we were able to find a replacement coil at a junkyard on Easter Sunday.

    Super Bulldog Weekend is upon us. Brewski's sucked yesterday with everyone in town buying a keg and a ton of crawfish. Poor Brian had to move 4000 pounds of crawfish off of the truck by himself. As fast as he could cook it, people were buying it. Both keg guys brought in more kegs. Lucky for me, some guys brought in a Bud Light keg a week late that was still half full. So it is setting at Sesti's waiting on Saturday. Last night Emily and I went down on University where a couple bands were playing. It did not seem to be quite as packed as it was at Bulldog Bash. Poor me has to close Brewski's tonight so I'll get my fill of beligerent drunks wanting crawfish. But for Saturday, there is no work, so it's on.

    2004-04-10 12:54:43 333


    2004-04-07 23:49:16 332

    Earthlink is retarded in their new commercial. In it a bumbling "handyman husband" is failing at some basic yard work. One of the things he tries to do is kill what is obviously a hornets nest by spraying it with water. Of course it does no good and the hornets swarm him. Luckily his wife (who is inside enjoying the sweet sweet air conditioning) has enrolled them in Earthlink Accelerator and can look up treatment of bee stings. Bee stings! He was being chased by hornets! Of course any good Boy Scout knows that the treatment is basically the same except for one big important issue; bee stingers are barbed and remain in the wound while hornets have smooth stingers and can sting multiple times. This may sound like a minor detail, but imagine this enlightened wife starting to perform surgery on her poor poor husband trying to locate a stinger that doest not exist.

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