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My Cycling Log

2004-04-03 11:20:08 331

Parking posts Number One and Number Two.

An anti Rosey Baby GP thread with the best quote ever, "If someone from coconuts asks me again if I want a freakin burrito I'm going to sue them for harrassment. Nobody want's your freaking burrito's!!!"

2004-04-01 13:40:54 330

Gay Student Parking?

2004-03-29 09:49:35 329

Damien Rice covering Creep.

2004-03-29 09:38:29 328

Lambda Phi won a softball game as the ambient temperature of Hell drops another few degrees.

PINE has spam filters!!

2004-03-27 15:57:31 327

Search for campaign donations from your neighbors.

2004-03-25 18:46:08 326

So the pictures from Atlanta and Orlando are up. Sad to say that they are not the usual super quality that I normal have, but at least they will load faster.

Friday afternoon: The game was wonderful. Of course winning is generally fun.

Friday night: Stefan and I ate at Gino's, a pizza place down the block from the hotel. It would not be surprising to know that it is a front for the Mafia, but the pizza was so good it made up for it. After a while we went to Mako's down the other street and stayed until...

Saturday morning: Got back to the room and everyone went to sleep for a long time. For lunch Tim, Stefan, and I went to Kate O'Brians that was a wannabe Irish pub. The main deciding factor on that one was that they have an enormous TV that had basketball on.

Saturday afternoon: Played a pep rally for alumni at another place a couple blocks from the hotel. No one was happy about it until they told us that there was an open tab for the band and cheerleaders to get soft drinks and food. Red Bull's taste so good when they are free and so does cheesecake.

Saturday night: The band ran a bus to Downtown Disney so I went back down there. Was nice to just walk around for a while. I got a load of pictures then too. Picked up a magnet for Emily and a cd from the Virgin Megastore. The bus left at 8:30 back to the hotel. When we got back we all went to Friday's and the single boys hit on the waitress. Muncie and I got Tommy and Wilson to go with us to Mako's for a while. Muncie had a wonderful time. We got out of there after a while and went back toward the hotel but stopped at the grassy knoll and called the girls back home. Bill threw rocks from across the way and nearly killed us.

Sunday morning: Got up ready to see us beat the crap out of Xavier. Loaded the bus and was at the arena almost two hours before the game. Was not much to do but taunt the players. Most of the first half ended up being ok but then it started to suck. And then the second have was even worse. So we got back on the bus and to the hotel. Brad, Bill, and I ate at Gino's one more time for the experience and then went on a walking tour. Walked to Lake Eola and most of the way around it. Sad sad that I did not carry my camera. We found the most yuppie grocery store ever and I bought a designer bottle of water from Norway. Emily and I cracked that one open the other night and it really is the cleanest tasting water I have ever tried. Even better than Kingston water. So we killed a few more hours in the hotel, loaded the bus for the airport, got ran through security again, caught the train to the other end of the airport, boarded the plane, and rode our merry selves back to Starvegas. Of course it would be 80 in Orlando and 40 here when we got off of the plane. After a shuttle ride back to the band hall, we still had to wait almost an hour for our luggage to make it. And to top it all off, Stefan and I had an interesting ride home. All in all it was a good trip. Downtown Orlando is like a clean version of New Orleans as if the little Disney fairies come out every morning and pressure was everything so it is pure for the next day.

2004-03-19 15:00:23 325

So what am I going to do, hold onto her scalp?

2004-03-19 14:29:59 324

Actually I had a great time with Bill last week in Atlanta.

2004-03-19 01:04:10 323

Last night: Green beer. That Muncie puked. In front of two random girls who went "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

This morning: Ate pizza with Tim at 10. Ate pizza and drank beer with everyone else at 11:30. Caught the bus to Downtown Disney.

This afternoon: Bought tickets for Grandaddy and Saves the Who? Checked out a big Virgin mega store. Walked around aimlessly. Decided that the ESPN zone would be more fun to be at so we spent another 30 minutes on a bus getting there.

Later this afternoon: Stefan tried to pick up girls who would be considered underage even in Arkansas. We ate five pounds of chicken wings and drank a gallon of non-alcoholic beer while watching basketball. Duke sucks. Dook does too. Then we rode a bus back to the House of Blues.

Early evening: Stefan, B-rad, and I made it to the concert and diverged of our metal possessions before we entered the venue. It rocked. One of the opening bands played a cover of the Pixie's "Where is My Mind." Grandaddy rocked hard. Saves the Day was awesome according to Stefan but I was not impressed by their girly Hanson act. Turns out that the whole time we were there, we were sitting next to Beth from MSMS, and some other MSU chick who's name is currently unknown. Poor Stefan for being forgetful of names.

Late evening: We left the House of Blues and caught the Disney bus back to the ticket place that is usually bus central. Turns out that our bus had stopped running two hours before. So luckily there was a cab and we caught it. It cost a ton but we made it back without being molested by any homeless people.

Random thoughts:
Where is your wristband at? -- Tommy
Smiley made big poo. -- Muncie
Saves the Day is awesome. -- Stefan
The old guy dancing at TGI Friday's was funny. -- Muncie (seconded by Jim)
Saves the Who? -- Everyone
Ewwwwwwwwwwww. -- two random girls on Orange Ave
Cow and horse on a date. I don't know how the rest of it goes but your mother is a whore. -- Tommy Henry (Ghengis)
Why am I holding my ankles again? -- Tommy's sister

2004-03-18 08:25:23 322

Orlando is great so far. We are staying in the Westin Grand Bohemian and everything is super nice. Yesterday was St. Patrick's and all of these people think they are Irish so a block away from the hotel it was like Mardi Gras but in green.

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