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My Cycling Log

2003-12-02 15:28:41 291

So the website has been down for a week or so. Poor Bill was having this problem with locking up and I had not had a chance to check him out. I was blaming the lockups on the hard drive locking up based on the kernel error messages being generated. However after some experimentation today, I have determined that it was the IDE-66 cable that I have had since '99 or so. Replaced it with a normal IDE cable and Bill has been running just peachy for a couple hours now and hopefully will keep it up.

Last weekend was the Arkansas trip. Left Friday morning and stopped in Southaven for lunch. Chris and I realized that Wilson was going to be going all of the way in his car, so we rode with him the rest of the way up. Someone in their great wisdom had arranged for three rooms on the first floor of the hotel, one for Mr Aarhus, one for the bus driver, and one for Chris, Wilson, and me. Eventually we met up with some people and went to the Wal-Mart in Bentonville because we assumed it would be super awesome because it is the home of Wal-Mart. Well it was kinda big, but other than that it was normal. So Chris had the great idea of trying to find his house. We went into some neighborhood and did not find it. Back on the main road we decided to go to Oklahoma so we stopped at a gas station and asked if we were going the right way. The woman there said we just needed to go straight on the highway we were on through Decatur. So we did, and got stopped by a train in Decatur. That is where things got messy. We kept going straight and ended up on some bad curvy county roads. I kept encouraging Wilson to go because since we were headed west, we were sure to hit Oklahoma eventually. Anyway we finally made it to the "Welcome to Oklahoma" sign and took pictures. So we figured we would go up to Missouri. Made it there on some curvy assed roads and thats where things got really strange. I swear the roads were corkscrewing around hills in both directions. At some point we were driving on the side of a mountain with this neato looking rock ledge hanging above us. Anyway we made it back to the hotel after a while.

The game on Saturday sucked. The stadium was really pretty though, and they had a Jumbotron the width of the endzone. The fans were all nice because they knew they were going to kick our asses.

Sometime during the week poor poor Emily had a small wreck in her car. Scratched the other cars bumper while buckling her hood. It sure looked pretty for her to drive from Birminham home with it like that. Her dad messed with it until it is pretty much straightened out again and looks ok except for the scraped off paint.

Thanksgiving was loads of fun. Started off Wednesday night by taking Emily to the annual pre-Thanksgiving feast at Hawkin's. Then on Thanksgiving day, we had band practice and then ate more food at the Perry. I got to meet Tony's parents and his dad is an interesting guy. He blamed all of us for Tony's grades. It was raining when it was time to march into the stadium so we had the raincoats on. But it stopped before pregame so we took them off. Of course when we marched on the field, the monsoon came down and about blew us off of the field. It never really slacked off until the very end of the game by the time we were completely soaked. I was really proud of Emily because she managed to make it until halftime even though she was freezing. She was awesome, came to every home game this year, stayed to the end in all but two, and sat close to me at almost every one.

Yesterday was the Starkville Christmas parade. It was colder than I expected so it was not completely fun. Afterward I went with the pep band to the MSU/McNeese State game that was kinda boring because we beat them so bad.

2003-11-17 13:40:58 290

We can't stop here, this is bat country!

2003-11-13 14:37:52 289

One of the best Onion article ever.

2003-11-12 16:46:55 288

I work too much.

2003-11-01 14:49:08 287

Worked at the package store last night. Was pretty interesting with Halloween going on. Several things in the store completely ran out because the ABC has not shipped in weeks and even got mentioned on fark.

2003-10-29 10:56:48 286

Students and Staff of Simrall Hall:

The fire alarm system in our building is being upgraded today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday 10/29 and 10/30). There will be periods of time when the alarms are not connected. This means you will need to be more vigilant than usual. If you spot a fire in our building in these two days, do the following.

1. pull the fire alarm (it may ring bells; it may not)
2. call 9-1-1 and report it
3. notify everyone in the building (go to every floor, knock on every door, and announce the fire and ask them to evacuate the building)
4. get to safety, but wait for emergency vehicles to arrive
5. inform emergency personnel of the location of the fire

Thank you for sharing the burden of safety,
Bill Chapman

Step 3 seems like it would result in too much death.

2003-10-29 00:50:46 285

Birmingham was fun. The Sloss Fright Furnace was awesome. They scared poor Emily so much especially with all of the chainsaws. There were so many little steel walkways and stuff that was really disorienting. The thing I liked best was these two places where a catwalk ran about 25 feet though an enormous rotating drum. About halfway though you felt like the world was spinning and would be leaning hard into the side of the catwalk.

Wrote a perl script to size up my Gaim logs, here is my top 11:

total is 3356 kB

egmo26 12.395%
andrewsesti 9.058%
birdyos 8.462%
dragenfly26 7.866%
kpasa84 6.078%
rbware77 4.529% 3.575%
thsbugs4u 2.979%
mississippi173 2.741%
onesweetsf 2.502%
jtryanks02 2.383%

2003-10-23 15:06:35 284

Yay, Birmingham in 24 hours!

Today's phrase is "cathodic worship."

2003-10-22 14:29:44 283

Yay, since things are fixed I can write again.

This past weekend I made the trip to Natchez to go to the balloon races. I met Emily in Meridian and took the scenic route home down the Trace. We got downtown just in time to meet David and Misty to see the fireworks. Saturday morning I got my required haircut and then we went to the flea market in Vidalia. After a while we made it to Rosalie and it was freaking $15 to get in. Cowboy Mouth was worth it though to get to see them for the fourth time. Later we went and ate Mexican of course. Emily and I went shopping at Northpark on the way back through Jackson on Sunday. It was so much fun. At least this weekend I get to go to B'ham and see her there.

2003-10-22 14:02:24 282

It was not my fault anyway. Seems that since PHP 4.2.0 register_globals was set to off. Turning it on fixed the navigation links at least. One line in one file. Wheeee.

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