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My Cycling Log

2003-09-10 22:22:10 271

So Lambda Phi of Phi Mu Alpha had the first win that I have witnessed in an intramural game tonight. We beat Theta Tau in kickball. Yay. Even though we are in the loser's bracket from losing Monday night, it is a good thing. Appropriately Jeremy's away message is "so begins phi mu alphas domination of intermural sports."

The almighty Tweeter and all of his manly charm has managed to woo one of the sweethearts from Alpha Sigma Tau at South East. No, I am not being sarcastic. Not at all.

2003-09-07 22:37:50 270

The Natchez trip was awesome. The lesson learned is that Chris needs more time to plan bachelor parties. The after party turned out being pretty good though. I wish Emily had been able to make it because she would have had so much fun.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
--Albert Einstein

2003-09-05 10:01:44 269

Wedding in Natchez this weekend. Loads of fun.

2003-09-05 00:14:06 268

Yay. "Gave" out bids today after a formal interest meeting last night at Hawkins's. The way I hear things, having more than ten probational members puts us at having a better class than most of the row. Ha, and they pay 15 times more dues.

Rodger's dad

Bad Day

2003-09-01 21:13:05 267

This holiday weekend has been a most interesting experience. Friday after class several of us went to a Japanese place in Columbus and I had sushi for the first time. I got the "sushi lunch" and Wes and I split two smelt roes. I did not really like the smelt roe that much because it was just basically a damn lot of tiny bright orange fish eggs. On the lunch the California rolls were really good but the thing I liked the best was the white fish because it was a bit spicy. Jeremy gave me a crunch roll to try and it was really good too. Got back to band practice then had to go work at Coconut's until 1AM. It was crazy busy even with two registers open. Saturday I worked as an extra in the package store for five hours and I was so freaking bored because it was busy enough that I could not come down from upstairs.

Sesti and I rode with Emily to the game. The traffic was not bad at all getting on campus. Overall the game was pretty fun even though MSU was losing the whole time. Emily managed to get into the game with my student ticket and ID. She stayed for the entire game which makes her so completely special in that she stayed for the *entire* game and is the only girl who has ever done that for me. So we ended up losing the game but thankfully it did not end up nearly as bad as it looked like it was going to be after the first quarter. Tommy, Steffan, and I counted everytime we played a version of Hail State from warmup until the end of the game and I think the final count was 71 times. After the game we were stuck in traffic and did not make it to Avalon until nearly 1AM. Then there was a get together at Academy so that kept me up for a little while longer.

I got up early Sunday and went to church with Emily. Then province workshop started Sunday afternoon and went really well. At some point it started raining so dinner had to be moved from an outdoor venue to our apartment. After we were done with the official Phi Mu Alpha activites of the day, most everyone came to Avalon again for the ice cream social. It was a great time. Another one of those, "hey let's go to the pool at 3:30AM" kinda nights. Several people never went to sleep so this morning at 9AM some people looked like they were just barely functional. The workshop ended about noon and Chris, Josh, and I came home to clean up. Claude was still here. After a while Emily and I went to a birthday gathering for one of her friends from church. We got back to the apartment and she left for Birmingham. I was sad. Still am because it will be three weeks before I see her again if everything goes to plan. Yay, I am so tired so I am going to go to that sleepy place until my 8:00 class tomorrow.

2003-08-28 23:01:35 266

My trip home went well. Everything was good at my grandfather's service.

I forgot my band shoes. In Natchez. That is bad. Really bad because there is a game this Saturday. Saturday my shoes should be on their way here by way of Brandon Jones. If they make it everything will be ok.

2003-08-24 10:06:27 265

It got better.

2003-08-24 00:21:45 264

Tonight has completely sucked. Then I have to drive to Natchez in the morning to go to my grandfather's funeral. Maybe it is just that time of the month for me or something but nothing has gone my way in a while.

2003-08-22 12:54:02 263

Colorado University band members ticketed for drinking. Only in Colorado could a marching band, the symbol of spirit of an entire university, promote such despicable conduct as underage drinking. Those terrible people. They should come to MSU where drinking is what bad people do.

2003-08-22 08:15:12 262

Some people are retarded. A group of Egyptians in Switzerland are suing "all the Jews of the world" for loses during the Jews exodus from Egypt. By using their special Egyptian math, one ton of gold 1000 years ago is worth 1,125 trillion tons of gold now. However the "crime" took place 5,758 years ago and 300 tons of gold were "stolen," so these Egyptians pretty much want to be compensated for the weight of the Earth in gold. What makes it better is that there is barely 100,000 tons of gold in existance that was ever mined. Maybe if the Jews sue for slavery reparations everything will work out.

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