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My Cycling Log

2003-08-28 23:01:35 266

My trip home went well. Everything was good at my grandfather's service.

I forgot my band shoes. In Natchez. That is bad. Really bad because there is a game this Saturday. Saturday my shoes should be on their way here by way of Brandon Jones. If they make it everything will be ok.

2003-08-24 10:06:27 265

It got better.

2003-08-24 00:21:45 264

Tonight has completely sucked. Then I have to drive to Natchez in the morning to go to my grandfather's funeral. Maybe it is just that time of the month for me or something but nothing has gone my way in a while.

2003-08-22 12:54:02 263

Colorado University band members ticketed for drinking. Only in Colorado could a marching band, the symbol of spirit of an entire university, promote such despicable conduct as underage drinking. Those terrible people. They should come to MSU where drinking is what bad people do.

2003-08-22 08:15:12 262

Some people are retarded. A group of Egyptians in Switzerland are suing "all the Jews of the world" for loses during the Jews exodus from Egypt. By using their special Egyptian math, one ton of gold 1000 years ago is worth 1,125 trillion tons of gold now. However the "crime" took place 5,758 years ago and 300 tons of gold were "stolen," so these Egyptians pretty much want to be compensated for the weight of the Earth in gold. What makes it better is that there is barely 100,000 tons of gold in existance that was ever mined. Maybe if the Jews sue for slavery reparations everything will work out.

2003-08-19 16:15:38 261

I had to work last night at the most wonderful package store. For a Monday night it was crazy busy in the terms of being much more like a Thursday night. The strange thing was that instead of students buying a bunch of stuff like would be expected, most of the customers were old. After work I got to meet Emily's friend Cathy, then we all went over to Stefan's (which from this point onward will be deemed the Den of Debauchery) and had a wonderful time throwing sharp pointy things at wood.

Emily is moving to Birmingham today. Sad sad me. At least she will be back this weekend so I only have to go a whole three days without seeing her. Then hopefully she will be back the next to go to the football game. Yay. She is getting her hair cut today before she leaves, but I will not get to see it until she comes back so I am in some state of wonder on how nice it looks.

2003-08-18 01:50:12 260

Finally put up some kinda old pictures of my trip to Natchez with Emily and the wonderful trip to the coast.

2003-08-15 23:13:06 259

Last night's party pictures are here so Mrs Lance can see why we played so well Friday morning.

Sometime later I will put the fullsize images somewhere people can get to the.

2003-08-15 01:02:21 258

The band camp party ended up being crazy good. The pictures will be up soon. Just see if I make it to practice in the morning.....

2003-08-13 12:39:41 257

Vodka Melon III tonight. Milk and cookies tomorrow. We might even play pin the tail on the donkey. Just have to see if Dr Min will announce it or not.

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