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My Cycling Log

2003-06-25 16:23:33 241

Made a new cd for Emily:
  1. Dynamite Hack - Boyz In The Hood
  2. Eels - Last Stop this Town
  3. Eels - Saturday Morning
  4. Eels - Somebody Loves You
  5. Eels - Teenage Witch
  6. Fountains of Wayne - Sink to the Bottom
  7. Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom
  8. Goldfinger - More Today Than Yesterday
  9. Ben Harper - Burn One Down
  10. Jude - Brad and Susie
  11. Nickel Creek & John Mayer - Tori Came By
  12. REM - Beat A Drum
  13. REM - What's the Frequency, Kenneth
  14. Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
  15. The Ataris - The Boys Of Summer
  16. White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl
  17. Kenna - Freetime
  18. White Stripes - You're Pretty Good Looking

2003-06-25 01:57:11 240

Of course Brewski's was not much fun tonight. I tried so hard to sell the freaking crawfish but no one wanted to buy it. Somehow I managed to sell about eight pounds right before closing. I got to train a new guy who turns out to be yet another MSMS grad; this time from '02. He is a survivor of the Commons's fire and strangly enough is living in the house that Chris and I were really serious about buying last year.

Of course Jewel sold out with her new crap. But Liz Phair? It just cannot be.

Emily and I went out to the great wilderness of Noxubee to eat and play on the woodpecker trail. Took a few pictures and threw them with the pics from last last Saturday.

The new song is Jude with Brad and Susie.

2003-06-23 14:49:42 239

I am working at the package store tonight. Happy happy because I get off at a decent hour.

Berryhill came by for a bit yesterday and of course we made grand plans for stuff we will most likely never do.

I found Chris's long lost cd collection at Coconut's. How they got there will never be explained. On the last night we saw them, the night before Chris went home, we did not go anywhere near Coconut's.

I put together a Dell laptop for Emily today. Started out trying the "educational" route to get a cheaper rate and and I ended up with a pretty decent one for $2G. Then I went the "home" route and did *way* better for about $1600. A $25 off code from techbargains helps some too. It is kinda hard to fathom a laptop that is a factor of 10 faster than the one I am currently on. At least it will not have 10 times the RAM.

WMSV is completely awesome. Today I heard The Dead Milkmen playing Punk Rock Girl which is something I never expected to hear on the radio.

2003-06-21 15:16:39 238

Coconut's was so freaking busy yesterday. At least I did not have time to be bored.

After work I followed Hannah to Emily's where there was a happy little birthday gathering going on for Emily's birthday. Met more new people. Seems like they all like me, or at least they are super great actors. The little kids running around were pretty entertaining. Came back to Starkvegas and saw Finding Nemo. Yes, I compromised my own standards in actually paying to see a Disney movie. Chris is sure to make fun of me for it but he should really be too happy that I found his cd's. Eventually I made it over to Sesti's where a little party was going on.

2003-06-19 12:11:20 237

Work was so boring last night. Garraway came by twice because of his terrible addiction to alcohol. I am kidding of course. At some point Ben, who was at Brewski's, and I "cleaned the parking lot" for a while because there were no customers at all. Poor me because I have to close Coconut's tonight.

I am watching My Fair Lady because Emily thinks it is such a "must see classic." Just wait until I make her watch Apocalypse Now, A Clockwork Orange, and 2001.

2003-06-15 23:22:03 236

Yesterday was fun. The almighty Trae was here with his new minion Chris. So we made with tradition and grilled big pieces of pig and chicken like the cavemen we are. Jeremy made some special sauce that was pretty good, Lisa made some interesting potato salad, and I made my magical beans. Everything ended up being great along with a nice white merlot (pronounced MER - LOT of course). Eventually the crazy kids left for good times in the refuge and Emily and I had fun talking to the enlightened David Garraway. The only bad thing was that it seemed like Lisa was pissed at me for something but I could not get whatever it is out of her. Maybe I just make things out of nothing. At least Hannah likes me again.

Church this morning, then lunch at Oby's for my first time ever with Emily + parents, then Bruce Almighty, cleaned apartment, church again, then ate with people at Bulldog Deli and Emily's parents coincidentally being there. Fun day.

The song of the measurable time period is Pete Yorn's Strange Condition.

2003-06-14 15:06:24 235

Now that I have some Kremlyovskaya chocolate vodka, whatever will I do with it?

2003-06-14 12:58:59 234

Survived Friday 13th with a full moon at the Nut. It was pretty busy all night until about midnight. The *only* customers I had in more than an hour was Chris and Co. coming to buy beer. At least I do not have to work until Monday.

I fixed a bug with my php so the last number of the "jump to page" thingy at the bottom works right. I also added a "next" link to make things a little more user stupid.

2003-06-13 16:02:15 233

Wheee, the Olsen twins are 17. One more year....

I have to close the Nut again. Except tonight it is open until 1. Poor me. Chris and Trae are supposed to get in sometime tonight so there might be something going on when I get off. At least I do not have to work again until Monday night.

2003-06-11 01:12:41 232

Went with people to Hamilton AL to a Ramp service. It was interesting and like nothing I have ever seen. In the process I learned that Emily's Church of God is *way* different than mine. Turns out mine is associated with Anderson University in Indiana and her's is with the CoG of Cleveland, Tennessee. So what I would say now is that if you put Baptist on the right of the scale and Pentecostal on the left, my church is near the right and her's is near the left. Yep, makes sense to me.

I have to close the Nut tonight. Poor me. Just hope there are not too many crazies about.

Even fark knows that they suck: Linkin Park singer released from hospital. Turns out hamsters are now classified as "parasites".

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